Thursday Update on Young Love 22nd October 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 22nd October 2020

Mangla coming to Harki’s room and sees Harki in bridal clothes, and many jewellery items on the dressing table. She calls Harki. Harki stands in shock. Mangla says what you have done? I can’t believe on my eyes. She says you loved your husband and son truly, and have fought with me to perform your husband barsi. Harki says I haven’t done any thing wrong and says he was not a stranger, but my husband. He says Kundan’s dad came to meet me, and he is alive. Mangla says this can’t be possible. Harki says Akhiraj is alive. Mangla asks where is he? Harki refuses to tell his whereabouts. Mangla says I will tell Kamli and the villagers. Harki says I will refuse infront of everyone and will act. Mangla says yes you said right, but Police will believe me. Harki threatens Mangla and says if you went outside of the house then I will tell Nimboli that Anandi is her real mum, and will also tell Anandi about your game plan. She asks Mangla to go to Police station. Mangla asks how did you know this? Mangla tells her that she will not inform anyone, and asks her not to let anything to Nimboli and Anandi. Harki says I won’t until you tell this truth to anyone including Kamli. Mangla goes.

Later Harki comes to meet Akhiraj at his place. She sees Deenu busy with the arrangements and goes to Akhiraj’s hut. He asks why did you come here? Harki says I came to give you bad news. He says I told Mangla that you are alive? Akhiraj gets angry and is about to slap her. He then sees Deenu and takes Harki inside the hut. He holds her neck and says he will kill her. He asks how did Mangla know about him. Harki tells everything. Akhiraj says what is more dear to her, her respect or his life. He says you would have accepted to slept with a stranger rather than naming me. Harki says I have handled her and tells that I gave her a warning that I will tell everything to Anandi. Akhiraj leaves her neck and shares his game plan. Mangla recalls Jagya’s words, and thinks Kamli also said the same that Akhiraj’s body was brought in wrapped clothes. She thinks if Harki said right? She says Akhiraj is alive and have eloped? He will not return easily. She thinks to find out about Akhiraj and weaken Harki.

Nimboli makes round roti and says Maa will be happy. Harki stops her and asks her to give food. Nimboli says I have made this roti for Mangla. Harki says I am also your mum naa, and asks her to give roti. She tries to snatch the plate, while Nimboli refuses to give her plate. Mangla comes and asks what happened? Harki says I was asking roti from her, but she didn’t give me roti and refused. She cries. Mangla asks Nimboli to give roti to Harki.

Nimboli says I want you to eat this roti. Mangla asks her to give that roti. Nimboli gives it. Harki takes the roti and blesses her. Mangla sees Harki eating it. Mangla thinks Harki will trouble me more and that’s why I have to find Akhiraj. She comes to the bus stand and thinks why no one is identifying Akhiraj. She sees villager women and thinks to find out from them. She goes to them and says that someone said that he saw Akhiraj. The woman asks her to talk good. Mangla says may be someone joked about it. She thinks these women will find out Akhiraj now.

Mangla teaches stitching to Nimboli. Harki comes and sit down. Nimboli asks where did you go? Harki says I went to hear the pravachan. Mangla thinks Harki is visiting him often. Harki gives prasad to Nimboli and asks her to go out and play. She says I want to talk to Mangla. Mangla asks what do you want to talk? Harki asks her to massage her feet. Mangla asks have you gone mad? Don’t have any respect for me? Harki says I should inform Nimboli that Anandi is your real mum. Mangla keeps hand on her mouth and looks on shockingly.

Harki telling Mangla that her feet is paining and that’s why she sent Nimboli out so that she can press her feet. Mangla asks have you gone mad? Harki says I should have told Nimboli that Anandi is her mum. Mangla feels helpless and presses her feet. Harki says I am enjoying. Mangla looks shocked. Kamli comes there and sees Mangla pressing/massaging her legs and gets shocked. Harki asks Mangla what you are doing? Kamli asks Harki why she is making Mangla massaging her legs. Harki says Mangla insisted to press my legs when I told her that I am having pain in my legs. She asks Mangla to let her press her legs. Mangla refuses, and says Harki was in pain so I massaged her legs. She asks Kamli to do her work. She continues to massage Harki’s feet. Later Harki is going to meet Akhiraj and thinks he will laugh hearing Mangla obeying her commands. Mangla follows her. Harki sees Mangla in the mirror of the truck. Mangla thinks where she has gone?  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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