Thursday Update on Young Love 25th June 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 25th June 2020

Harki notices kumkum feet marks and gets suspicious. She thinks it is new bride’s feet steps and gets tensed. He thinks this person is going outside the house and tries to take out the meaning. She wonders about the person leaving the foot marks and come to Disa’s room following it. Harki gets tensed and opens the door and sees Disa sleeping. She checks her feet and thinks it is clear now that she is someone else. She closes the door and leaves. Disa opens her eyes and looks on. Harki thinks to ask Chagani to clear the marks before anybody else sees it. Chagani enters Disa’s room and tells that she has woken up Urmila. She might be coming here.

Urmila comes there and sees the marks shockingly. She hears Disa getting in Devi avatar and is shocked and scared. Disa is seen sitting infront of Devimaa with her hairs open. Urmila comes inside. Chagani looks on. She gets shocked seeing Disa’s face. Disa holds her legs. Urmila shouts asking her to leave her feet. She gathers everyone there. Akhiraj and Harki come to her room and are shocked.

Urmila asks them to leave her. Disa apologizes to Urmila and asks her not to give pain. Kundan enters. Urmila asks Kundan to save her from Disa. Kundan stands still. Disa asks her not to seek help from her rapist. She says I couldn’t save you from your rapist husband. Akhiraj scolds Kundan and asks to apologize to Devi.

Kundan holds her feet and apologizes for the big mistake. He says he will not do anything in future and seeks apology. Urmila asks her to let her leave. Disa shakes her body and says I was about to leave this house, but ancient people stopped me from leaving. She asks Kundan to be firm on his saying. She shakes her hairs and falls down unconscious. Urmila runs to her room. Akhiraj scolds Kundan and says Devi maa forgave them. He asks him to be good with Urmila. Kundan nods.

Kamli serves breakfast to Pushkar and his family. Pushkar’s dad gives her ghagra choli as a gift and asks her to accept it. Kamli happily accepts it and thanks him. Pushkar’s dad says a father is giving this gift to his daughter and asks her not to thank him. Kamli recalls Akhiraj Singh’s tortures and scoldings. Pushkar asks what you are thinking? I will not take your gift. Everyone laugh.

Akhiraj comes to promote himself for the sarpanch post and is tensed about Devi issue. He thinks he have to win this election and goes to Dhani ram house first. Dhani Ram calls him and refuses him not to say anything against the sarpanch. Akhiraj calls him and greets them. He advices him to stay silent for now and shakes hand with him. Dhani Ram refuses to obey him and says very soon the things will turn over.

Pushkar praises Kamli’s attire. She smiles. Some road side goons tease Kamli and asks Pushkar to leave her for them. Pushkar starts crying. Kamli picks the stick and asks Pushkar to teach them a lesson. The goons laugh on him. Pushkar gets angry and fights with them. Kamli asks him to calm down as the goons escape. She assures him that the goons won’t trouble them again. Pushkar’s dad watches everything and is happy seeing Kamli supporting Pushkar.

Nimboli asks Urmila to drink turmeric milk. Urmila hesitantly drinks it. Nimboli tells you will be alright soon. Disa comes there. Urmila asks her not to come closer to her. Disa sits on bed and tells her that Devi never do anything wrong. She made Kundan apologize to you. She tells a man is very weak, and wants to hide their weakness by supressing woman under them. She tells Devi showed you a way and you have to decide how to walk on that way.

Kundan bringing googles for Urmila. She tries it happily. Kundan praises her. He then gets Madhav’s call. Urmila asks where are you going? Kundan asks her not to question him again and tells that he is her husband. Nimboli comes there and tries to hold the googles, but Urmila stops her saying it is brought by her husband. Nimboli tells that Kundan never brought anything for her and says she is his wife too. Urmila reminds Nimboli that Harki told that Kundan has only one wife and that’s her. Nimboli looks on sadly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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