Thursday Update on Young Love 7th January 2021


Thursday Update on Young Love 7th January 2021

Abhayram asking where is Krish? Triveni says he went out just now. Karuna says for their honeymoon. She says we are his parents and have some responsibility towards him. Abhayram is shocked. He asks where do they went? I would have made the arrangements. Triveni asks Karuna not to tell Abhayram where they went and gives her promise. She says she don’t want third person to come between them. She asks him to come and help her in making achaar. Abhayram thinks they can’t unite and he has to find out about the place. Krish and Nandini come to the haveli. Nandini smiles and says she likes the place and loves rain. Nandini hugs him hearing thunderstorm. Krish thanks God and says I think these two days will be wonderful. Servant keeps the candles and asks them to tell what kind of
food they want? He tells about the haveli. Krish gets irritated with him, and asks to go. Krish holds Nandini closer. Nandini asks him to bring her purse from car. Krish says okay, I will bring it. Nandini looks on.

Shankar/ Shivam changes his look and gets clean shaven. Someone employs him in the garage and says Abhayram asked me to hire you. Shivam thanks him and goes. Abhayram thinks I will make your brother, as a thief. HE will become a big thief. I have to take advantage of his memory loss for my gain. He thinks I have to find out where is Krish? He says I can’t let you both unite. He says I won’t let you move ahead in life….Nandini and throws the vase. Karuna comes and asks what happened? Abhayram looks angrily.

Premal comes home and tells Sudha that someone died. Sudha is shocked. Premal says it is a good thing for Rudaali work (Professional and paid mourning woman hired by rich families). Sudha says it is raining now. Premal’s mum says you will get much money for this. Sudha checks the address and says it is very far. Premal and his mum asks her to go by walk or accept that Nandini is better than her. Sudha says okay, I will go. Premal’s mum asks her to wear some clothes. Abhayram says it is very hot here and asks where do they go? Karuna says the place is good and says since they left, you are tensed. Abhayram says I am worried about them and this weather is increasing my worry. Karuna says they have reached the place and talked me also. Abhayram checks her phone and prays to God to give him info about them. He reads the message and says mount abu. He says I am coming to drown you and your brother Nandini. Shivam looks at Nandini’s pic and says he will find her soon. Just then he gets Vikram’s call. Shivam says I will do work. Shivam thinks I need money to search my sister and I am ready to do anything.

Sudha wears Rudaali’s clothes and accessories. She comes out and says Premal. She asks Premal to drop her as it is late night. Premal says you have proved that you can’t compete with Nandini and asks her to do her work by herself. Sudha falls in his trap.

Krish comes back and sees the bed decorated with flowers. Nandini sings Bolo naa song. Krish gets romantic and sings with her. They dance sensually……Krish lifts her in his arms and take her to bed. He gets romantic and is about to kiss her, when Nandini gets scared hearing the window opening. She tells Krish that there is someone in the balcony. Krish checks and tells Nandini that there is nobody there. Nandini says I saw someone here. Krish says there is nobody, and says you have spoiled my mood. Nandini thinks why do I feel that someone was there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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