Thursday Update On Young Love Sept 20

Thursday Update On Young Love

Sept 20 Episode

Jaitsar haveli
Meenu tells sanchi that jagdish is related to dadisa and not here for now,irra too changes the topic in haste saying that they should leave since its getting late.Dadisa gives sanchi aq returning gift which she accepts after much refusal when dadaji assk her to accept it from her.They leave the haveli while anandi and a reluctant to go shiv are left behind.Anandi motions him to go,he negates saying he doesnt want to.Finally he gives in and goes out with her.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar and jaitsar haveli.
Shiv is continuously trying anandi’s phone to fix up meeting with her but he’s not getting tthrough.Mahi is amused at this.Their amusement all the more increases when meenu asks shiv to take her to the mandir and he is reluctant.Mahi tells her tht he’s trying to fix up meetng with anandi.She too smiles and they both pull his leg about his impatience and restlessness for anandi.Finally mahi agrees to take her to the mandir.

Anandi on the phone tells ira that they have gifted sanchi a lehenga choli,on dadisa’s instructions but the way she talked yesterday,she wont like it.And proposs to buy her a gift again.Ira tries to convince her saying that she loves the designs and colour,but is interrupted by sanchi who comes in and reprimands ira for lying when she doesnt like it at all and that she even suggested to give this to their sevant.Anandi on the receiver hearing evrything is hurt. She puts down the phone while ira too knowing that she must have heard everything motions sanchi to be quiet.

After putting down the phone,ira scolds sanchi for being so indifferent to anandi’s and her family’s feelings and though she didnt like the gift she shouldnt have said it aloud to her.Sanchi defends herself saying that she didnt do anything wrong and that if she was face to face with anandi then also she would have done the same because they didnt bother about what she likes and just gave a gift for the heck of it.Their arguement is interrupted with meenu coming in to announce that she’s going to the mandir.Sanchi sarcastically says she would go along as that’s better than being bored in the house all day.Meenu ask ira whats the matter.she tells her to visit the mandir and come back,then she would talk.Meenu leaves.

Anandi sitting in her chair,remembering sanchi’s words is interrupted with shiv’s call.She picks up to find shiv cribbing about her phone being busy for so long.she says she was talking to ira.When he asks her what they were talking about,she teases him saying its private and confidential between the two ladies.Shiv shows to be fake hurt and says he too has something imp to discuss with her and asks her the time to pick her up.Anandi says that she would not fall prey to his trick and that this imp work he would have to do alone,and puts down the phoen saying that she has to go to the mandir with dadisa and is getting late.Shiv on the other end nagging to himslf,that already she doesnt have time for him but has the time to talk to his mother.All of a suddn,it strikes him that she was going to the mandir.He immediately rushes outside and proposes meenu to take her to the mandir,mahi is curious to know his change of heart,he tells him that anandi is coming there.Mahi backs out citing an imp work and tells shiv to take sanchi and meenu to the mandir.They drive off.

Location: In the temple.
Shiv reaches the temple.Meenu and sanchi get down to go inside.Shiv says them to move long while he would follow later.Meenu takes a pooja thali and walks inside with sanchi.They are all praying with closed eyes,while sanchi is looking restless and figeting and looking around.

Shvi spots anandi’s jeep and asks the driver about dadisa.He is told that she went inside to pray with anandi.He happily enters and finds dadisa on a bench,praying with her eyes closed.His gaze wanders around and fixes on anandi who too is worshipping with her eyes closed around a tulsi plant.She opens her eyes to find shiv staring at her and looks at dadisa praying with her eyes closed. Sensing his oppurtunity,shiv runs to anandi and says that he had warned her not to challenge him,as he did find a way to meet her.Anandi is concerned as dadisa had opened her eyes and seeing shiv was walking towards them.She tries to warn shiv,but he assumes its her trick to fool him and doesnt pay heed only to be confronted to dadisa when she pats him on the back.He nervously wishes dadisa and she reminds him that he was not supposed to meet her till marriage and that it being a ritual has to be followed.At a loss of words,shiv apologizes and says that he would take care in the future.Sensing his dilemms,anandi i smiling to herself.Sanchi sees anandi smiling at shiv getting scolded by dadisa and is irritated.

Dadisa enters the mandir and meets meenu and sanchi,who excuses herself for some work and goes straight at anandi and accuses her of deliberately trying to get shiv a scolding from dadisa when he had gone through so much trouble to meet her once.She could have been a little supportive instead of enjoying his discomfort.Anandi tries to calm her down saying that dadisa didnt scold him,just made him understand.She retaliates to that too saying that anandi must have been disappointed that shiv didnt get a scolding.dadisa interrupts their conversationa nd asks what they were talking baout.Anandi changes the topic andtouches meenu’s feet to take her blessings.They then take each other’s leave.

While approaching the jeep,meenu finds shiv with a broad grin and drumming his fingers on the steering tells sanchi that the reason he ‘s so happy is because of anandi.She may not be what sanchi had thought for in her sister in law but she has everything tht shiv wishes for in his wife and she makes him happy.Saying so,meenu walks ahead,leaving behind sanchi remebering anandi laughing when shiv was talking to dadisa and comments that everybody including shiv is so blindly in love with her that they cant see the conniving scheming lady behind this garb of innocence that she has seen.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar and jaitsar haveli.
Late night,ira calls up dadisa to ask for her permission to take anandi tomorrow to their house as their family jeweller is coming from udaipur to show them jewellery and they want anandi to be present so that she can choose to her liking.Earlier dadisa refuses and tries to make up an excuse of not being able to send anandi as lots of work to do in their household only.But finally she gives in but reminds her that shiv should keep his promise to her and not meet anandi.Ira agrees to that and cuts the phone.Anandi and gehna smiling away.Ira and meenu talking on the other end,with meenu making ira understand that maybe the time that they spent together,would bring sanchi and anandi closer like friends.Ira is tensed to hear this.She says she hopes that happens,just like she won meenu over.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
mahi brings anandi to their house and gives a horn to indicate shiv her arrival,and he comes running towards the window to catch a glimpse of her.When asked by anandi,why the horn,he replies some people are desperately waitng for her.Just then daddu comes in and tells anandi to come inside with him as their jeweller has arrived.She goes inside with him.

Everybody is seated in the drawing room waiting for anandi to have a look at the jewellery,sanchi too sitting with a sullen face.They start looking at the jewellery.Ira asks anandi to look for modern designs that suit her as she has no fashion sense,she replies saying that she too likes old jewellery.Shiv watching her from behind the curtain and wondering that dadisa couldnt have found a better time to make him promise and the whole family is enjoying except him.The jeweller takes leave after showing them his collection.

Anandi says that dadisa has given prasad and gives it to everyone,with mahi requesting her to feed him.When she reaches a sulken sanchi,she extends a spoonful of prasad,but she doesnt accept it.Everybody is upset and assk her to take it,she avoids the spoon and takes it herself from the bowl instead.Alok loses his temper and asks her to behave and not take advantage of nobody stopping her misbehaviour.She sarcastically turns to anandi and tells her that she has the whole family under her spell and not just shiv,who’s blindly in love and they are so much impressed with her in such a short span of time.She says that all this while she has been thinking,what did her family see in her after all.And realises that she’s the only ignorant one who couldnt see her nobility and her special qualities and actually feels very small in position and inadequate in front of her.

Unable to control any longer,daddu asks sanchi to shut up and says that in the garb of praises,she is actually insulting anandi and asks her to apologize to her but anandi intervenes and tells daddu not to do that as sanchi is not at fault.After all,she herself finds many faults in her that she constantly complains about and thereis indeed nothing special in her.And as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,she is honoured by people like shiv and his family who see good in her and have accepted her with such warmth and love otherwise she too doesnt consider herself worthy of shiv.Anandi says that she knows sanchi doesnt like her and its natural since sanchi had an image in mind about her would be bhabhi that she couldnt fulfill,like that of a modern,today’s generation,extremely beautiful and someone that sanchi could talk to.And even if unintentionally,she disappointed her,she is sorry for that.In fact she gives an example that had she been in sanchi’s shoes,her reactions would probably have been the same.But she is what she is in front of sanchi and she cannot change according to her fantasy as that would mean betraying sanchi and herself too.But yes she would make every possible effort to be a good bhabhi.They have accpeted her with an open heart,she would take care of the fact that she never disappoints them.With this faith,she would enter as their daughter in law that with the course of time,she too would accept her as her bhabhi and a friend too and she would wait for that time and hopes that sanchi would wait for it too.

Sanchi again retaliates back saying that with such sweet talks,she might have won over her family’s heart but they would have no influence on her and before anybody can stop her she goes inside.Ira apologizes on sanchi’s behalf to anandi but she says not to do it since sanchi is not at fault and she has no complaints against her and has just one request which is not to force her to accept anandi as everything would happen with time.Forcing her would all the more aggravate the anger.Daddu praises her saying that she nurtures and kepps the relations just like small plants and flowers that need growth and he is certain that when he comes to their house,every relation would prosper in her presence.Meenu too comments that they are fortunate to have a bahu like her and hopes sanchi too would understand that sooner.Anandi wishes to take leave,daddu instructs mahi to leave her.When she’s gone,everybody is sitting with a tensed face, including shiv behind the curtains.