Tueday Update On True Love Colors Tv Show


Tueday Update On True Love Colors Tv Show



Oct 09th,

Veer get angry at Mai for going off on Ichcha, Taps intervenes and pretends to empathize with Ichcha and tries reasoning with Mai, who leaves irritated. When Ichcha tells Veer that she’ll get him breakfast to the room, Tapu jumps in and gets ichcha to help her take her bags upstairs instead. Seeing this Veer leaves frustrated’ and he gets even more suspicious when Tapu explains to Ichcha how she is now in the room upstairs, on Mai’s insistence.

Later Veer is in his room getting dressed for work, waiting for his breakfast. Ichcha is in Tapu’s room being her slave while Tapu keeps her busy on purpose making sure she doesn’t leave to go to Veer, who keeps calling out to Ichcha. Ichcha (for the door-mat she is…) can’t say no to Tapu, who is glad to see Ichcha dancing to her tunes. Finally Veer calls out to ichcha that he is leaving for work. Worried that Veer is leaving without having breakfast, Ichcha excuses herself from Tapu and rushes after him.

Tapu sneaks after her to watch them, hoping that Veer’ll be mad at Ichcha; but is disappointed when she sees Veer charmed by ichcha’s sweetness and innocence. She watches them romancing, and fumes. Veer tells Ichcha how he loves her innocence and that she looks even more beautiful when she cares so much for others. Tapu watches them hug and is super mad… (a must-watch scene!!)

Tapu goes to her room, switches on the TV and sits there irritated. On TV she watches a scene in a show, where a lady is pregnant and her husband is pampering her when the baby kicks. Tapu daydreams abt her and Veer in the exact similar scene, when Chanda comes to take her to Mai.

They go to the living room where mai offers her some fruits and advises her on prenatal-care. Tapu decides to use the baby-kicking idea to stir Mai’s emotions. When she screams out that the baby is kicking, Mai and Chanda are left confused and wonder how it’s possible when she’s only in her 3rdmonth. When Mai decides that they should check this out, Tapu is left with her mouth open… (realizing the blunder she just did…!)

 Tappu falling in her own trap by making that idiotic statement of baby kicking in third month of pregnency;Hearing this both Mai and Chanda feels something is wrong because its not possible and so Mai decides to call up the doctor when Tappu once agian acts as if she has some digestion problem and so Mai guesses that its acidity;So Mai cancels the idea of calling the doctor and Tappu is saved once again

Tappu then calls up Nani from her room and tells Nani about the blunder she did in front of Mai after watching some stupid TV Serial on which Nani advices her to call up her Nani first before doing any such drama;Hearing this Tappu tells Nani to try and come here in Bundela house but Nani tells Tappu that if she goes in that house then they will make a big blunder and so she cannot go and stay there but she will try to visit her in few days time

At Jogi’s house,Damini is packing some woolen clothes to send them to Bundela house for Tappu when Masoom comes up to Damini and tries to brainwash her against Bundela family and how injustice has been done to Ichha but Damini tells Masoom not to think about all this since the elders of this family has taken a wise decision in everyone’s interest…

At night Pushkar and Masoom come face to face near the corridor when Pushkar shows his frustation over Masoom for becoming so over confident on which Masoom too answers him back and reminds him not to forget that how he got back to this house;Hearing this Pushkar tells to himself that now he needs to cut the feather of this over confident bird soon

Next morning at Bundela house,Mai as usual pampers Tappu in the breakfast table by feeding her parathas and giving her tips during pregnency period when Tappu sees this as a good opportunity to tell Mai that she will call Nani in this house so that Nani can take care of her but Mai tells Tappu that no need to call Nani here since she can take care of her because after all even she gave birth to two sons and has got the experience;So Tappu’s mission to call Nani fails here;While hving her breakfast ,Tappu overhears Ichha talking to the servant about gas getting over and she will hv to cook in microwave oven till the new gas cylinder is arrange;Hearing this Tappu gets another evil plan to harass Ichha..

At Jogi’s house,Damini is still busy packing woolen clothes for Tappu when Rohini and Nani come to the room and deliberately gossip about couples who were separated for some reason but once the wife got pregnent,the husband had to come back to her;Nani deliberately makes taunting statements in front of Damini about how a man has to come back to his woman if she is pregnent with his child;Hearing all this Damini’s face is again drowned in worries for Ichha.


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