Tuesday Update 1st May on True Love Glow Tv

Tuesday Update on True Love Glow Tv

1st May Episode

Mai and Umed are in their room worrying where Veer and Vansh are at this time esp since its raining so heavily. Umed expresses his concern over Veer’s upset state and Mai agrees w/ him, and she hopes that Tapasya-Veer can patch up soon. Umed tells Mai not to keep hope.

Ichcha is in her room thinking abt what happened when Tapasya walks in. Tapasya asks forgiveness for what she did and Ichcha tells her that its not her fault, and Vansh’s nature is just like that. She tells Tapasya that she wonders when she can make Vansh believe in her. Tapasya tells her that with her truth and honesty, she will win him back. She walks over to the window, and on seeing Vansh standing out in the rain, she angrily closes the curtains and tells Ichcha to go to sleep.

Vansh is standing out in the rain, and he says that he won’t leave till Ichcha forgives him and he earns back her love. Ichcha in her room is still awake and goes towards the window to close it. Seeing Vansh down there, she goes outside with an umbrella and screams at him to come inside. He tells her that he wants to know that she loves him and that she forgives him. She says yes and takes him in. In the Bundela house Veer is waiting for Vansh when he walks in drenched. Veer bombards him with questions asking where he was. Vansh excitedly tells him that he won Ichcha’s love and she forgave him. Veer looks at Vansh’s hysterical state and wonders that if doubts in Vansh’s mind cud make him react this way, what will happen when he realizes the truth. He tells Vansh to keep faith in Ichcha and never to react in this manner again. Vansh tells Veer that even Ichcha asked him the same thing and now he will only listen to Veer-Ichcha since he loves them both the most.

Tapasya is in her room thinking abt Vansh saying he can do anything to prove his love. Nani walks in and seeing Tapasya frozen stare asks if she’s ok. Tapasya tells her that even if anything happens to her, no one would care in this house, since they all only think about Ichcha. Nani assures her that when the marriage happens, Ichcha will spend all her time with Vansh and Veer will have no one to love except Tapasya. Tapasya laughs, saying that when this marriage happens, Veer will go as far away as possible from her. She tells Nani she’s tired of everyone doting over Ichcha. Tapasya tells her that even if Veer loves her or not, she is now going to make sure no one can ever love Ichcha. She says that she will put so much fire in Vansh’s path, more than even the stars in the sky.


Vansh and Ichha standing in the living room of the old Haveli, with Vansh narrating the story of Kesar-Hardev-Shamsher Singh (SS). Vansh states that as news of Kesar and Hardev’s love story started to spread, neither confessed their truth to SS, who began doubting Kesar for he thought she was betraying his love for his brother, Hardev. Vansh says that the seeds of suspension once sown never die easily, in fact, with time only grow stronger, until they drove SS crazy with envy. SS wrestled with his thoughts and wondered whether to unite Kesar and Hardev? Then, he thought no, for if they truly loved each other they would not hide their true feelings from him? As time passed, SS’s doubts changed into convictions and he began distrusting every act of Kesar-Hardev as it reminded him of their betrayal and unfaithfulness. Personifying SS, Vansh aggressively jolted Ichha, and asked her how could Kesar betray SS? Ichha enquires if Kesar ever loved Hardev? Vansh replied no one knew. Continuing with the story, Vansh says that as things got intolerable, SS finally decided to poison Hardev’s food and kill his brother.  As SS sat with the body of his slain brother in his arms he came to know that Kesar too has ended her life.  Vansh asks a horrified Ichha, why Kesar killed herself? Why did she not prove her innocence and love to SS?  Vansh alleges that Kesar died for she wanted to unite with her Hardev, and tells Ichha, every time he thinks about Kesar’s betrayal, it pains him so.  SS waited all his life for his Kesar, and legend has it, that whosoever, calls out Kesar’s name in this old Haveli and it echo’s, it means that the person’s love is true. And then, Vansh loudly calls out Kesar’s name and hears it reverberating throughout the Haveli. He asks a frightened Ichha to do the same. Overcome with fear, Ichha manages a soft squeal, which of course, creates no echo.  Vansh is now madly shouting out Ichha’s name over and over again, with a sacred Ichha helplessly looking around at her haunted surroundings.

Outside, Veer and Tapu hear Vansh’s shouts, and Veer decides to go in and investigate, with a disgusted Tapu sitting in the car.  Inside, we are shown Vansh still calling out Ichha’s name. As he turns around he finds Ichha missing from the room. Vansh desperately starts to run, from room to room, searching for Ichha in the Haveli. A frightened Ichha is shown calling out for Vansh as she tries to find her way back to him. Inside the Haveli, Veer hears Ichha’s calls for Vansh.  A cat and mouse search then ensues in the Haveli, with Vansh screaming for Ichha, Ichha calling out for Vansh, and Veer shouting for Ichha. Finally, Ichha and Veer stumble into each other on the landing of a winding staircase.  Ichha immediately grabs Veer’s coat and rests her head on his chest, as if seeking his strength and comfort. Veer stops himself from putting his arms around a distressed Ichha. At that very moment, Vansh arrives and becomes angry when he sees Ichha so close to Veer. He quickly rushes up the staircase and pulls Ichha into his arms and gazes suspiciously at Veer with anger.  A saddened Veer looks powerlessly at Ichha, as he sees Vansh take her away.

It is night time. Ammo is sleeping and a worried Ichha is grappling with her thoughts.  She is thinking about how angry and jealous Vansh had become while narrating the betrayal of Kesar and Hardev.  Remembering Hardev’s ill fate, Ichha says to herself, that she will not hide her truth anymore. She wakes up her Ammo and asks her a hypothetical question, whether it is okay to tell a person a truth, even if he cannot handle it? Ammo advices Ichha that falsehoods and lies only bring short lived happiness, to lead a happy life, one has to bite the bullet and confront the truth.  Ichha agrees with Ammo and then recalls Thakur sahib instructing the same.

Leaving a sleeping Ammo on the bed, Ichha walks to her table and starts writing a letter to Vansh. She writes that her Ammo has raised her to say and face the truth, and with that courage, she is now telling him about a bitter truth in her life, one that she has always wanted to share with him. She writes that much before they had met or even before they knew he existed; Veer had come to Thakur sahib’s house to seek Tapu’s hand in marriage, and how he fell in love with her, and she with him. She closes her letter stating that this her past, and that, all her life, she has lived on Tapu’s uttaran. She asks Vansh if he still wants her in his life, and tells him that she will respect his decision whatever it might be. The episode ends with an upset Ichha proofreading her letter.

Tuesday Update 1st May on True Love Glow Tv