Tuesday Update on A Magical Love Story 14th September 2021


Tuesday Update on A Magical Love Story 14th September 2021

Aman and Roshni coming to the jungle and calling the Kaala jinn. She chants Markab markab. Kaala jinn appears. Aman gives the lamp to Roshni. He shouts Baazigar and gets his stick. He does the magic. Roshni holds the lamp. He tries once again. She says Aman and Roshni can lose, but not this baby’s parents, we can cage him, you have to win for the sake of our baby. Aman recalls his baby and does the magic once again. He tries hard to capture the black jinn into the lamp. Kaala jinn turns into smoke and enters the lamp. She asks Aman to hurry up. Aman gets his sword. He hits the ground and sees the illusion well. He cries shouting Abbu. Roshni asks him to hurry up. Aman takes the lamp and throws it into the well. He seals the well back by his magic. They cry and hug. She says we did it. He says we defeated kaala jinn, now we don’t need to be afraid of anyone, come.

Shayari comes for her rasam. Everyone dances. Aman asks Rehan to come, the rasam is just to show people. Mahira says Rehan will know that your engagement ring isn’t there. Shayari says Rehan will not leave me, I will run away, don’t worry. Roshni comes and says I m so happy to have you in family. Salma compliments Shayari. Aman says I have called the media to cover the event. Rehan says I can just see one person, tell the truth, what’s the real rasam behind juti ceremony. Aman says Chudi ceremony, you think Roshni and I find you and Shayari perfect and want to unite you guys, you think this.

Roshni compliments Shayari and hugs her. Rehan says yes. Aman says don’t know when will you both understand. He signs Roshni. She asks Rehan to go to Shayari. Rehan and Shayari take pics. Wind blows. Roshni goes to the window. She gets shocked seeing the black clouds. She shuts the window. Phupi gets the bangles and asks Rehan to make Shayari wear it. Rehan holds Shayari’s hand angrily and makes her wear the bangles. Dadi asks him to be careful. She tells about the rasam. She says don’t hurt her. Rehan sees Shayari crying. He feels sad. Janiya….plays…. He makes her wear many bangles while staring at her. Phupi asks will you make her wear bangles in same hand. Aman jokes. Roshni says I will help you. Aman sees Baazigar and goes to him.

He asks what happened. Baazigar signs him and flies. Aman goes after him. Roshni asks Rehan to make Shayari wear the bangles. Shayari recalls losing the ring. Aman asks what happened. Baazigar takes him to the well. Aman sees the empty lamp fallen outside the well. He gets shocked and says it means kaala jinn got free, how can this happen, where did a mistake happen. Roshni recalls Kaala jinn getting her to his cave for a talk. He says Aman is going to cage me, if I get caged, then the lives I have returned will end, Aman’s life will also end. She says no. She leaves her clips into the well before leaving the jungle. She thinks where is Aman, sorry to lie to you and ruin your hardwork.

Rehan asks Shayari to give her hand. Shayari makes tea fall over her. Phupi asks her to show her hand. Shayari says I will go. She does the aid to her hand and foot. Rehan says I will go. She gets away and says no, Mahira will do. He says Mahira isn’t here, what’s your problem. She says nothing. He asks why are you doing this, what are you hiding. She denies. Mahira comes to them. Roshni says where did Aman go. She calls him.

Shayari saying I will just go to Rubina’s house. Rehan says private investigator said Farhan’s location is tracked, his phone got on for some time. Shayari hides from him. She says I will hide before he sees me. She sees the car. Rehan says there is two hour drive, I can’t wait. Dadi asks him not to use his powers, Jinn shikari may target him, just take the car. Mahira asks him to get Farhan. He leaves. Roshni says I didn’t get Aman, I m worried Tabeezi. She sees Aman and says I found him. She goes to him and asks where did you go suddenly. He asks why, did anything happen, I m fine. He is pulled inside the well. Roshni gets shocked and cries.

She gets angered and uses her powers to get the well out. She looks for Aman. She stands under the rain and shouts aman says I m here. She smiles seeing him and asks are you fine. He says you have freed Kaala jinn. She worries. Shayari thinks I got trapped, but where is Rehan going. Rehan thinks I can reach there in a second, but I can’t expose my powers, if Farhan is close, then why isn’t he coming home, I will get him back. He drives in high speed. Shayari worries. She recalls the police and screams. Rehan sees her and says you…. Aman asks why such a big cheat. He shows her clips. He recalls getting her clips at the well’s exterior side. He says Roshni’s clips, how did it come here, she doesn’t have her Ayana powers. He thinks. FB ends.

He says I read Ayana’s book again, its written that if Ayana loses her powers, then she isn’t Ayana, how did you call first Ayana. She says it means you did this drama. He says yes, I wanted to believe your lie. She says you lied to me. He asks can’ t you understand your lie, I had one chance to save my family and this child, we lost that chance, why did you do this, Roshni. She cries. He asks her to say.

She says I had no way, I had to do it. He shouts lie, you don’t know what you did, everything got fine, I saved my family from Kaala jinn, what deal did you do, tell me, did you free him to get your powers back. She asks do you think I can do this. He says it means you never gave your powers, then what was the deal, what price did you pay for my life. He asks her again. She says I promised him to give my first child. He gets shocked.

Police stops Rehan. Rehan says I m in a hurry. Constable taunts him and asks where are you going after kidnapping this girl. Rehan says what, she is my fiancee, you can check on net, our pic is on every news portal, net isn’t working, try and understand, let me go. He asks Shayari to tell them that she is his fiancee and show the engagement ring as proof. Rehan asks them to see. He asks where is the ring. He says at least, tell them you are my fiancee. She sees inspector and recalls the past. Rehan says tell them that we are engaged. Shayari faints. Rehan holds her.

Aman says you have made deal for our child. She says I m sorry, I thought I will lose you, I didn’t know I m pregnant, I thought we will never have a baby. He recalls her getting away from him. She says sorry, when I got to know I m pregnant, I couldn’t break the deal, I found a way, I learnt that I can hide the baby in someone’s womb, but I couldn’t give baby to anyone else, I don’t know, you found the way to trap the Kaala jinn, but Kaala jinn told that your life will end if he gets caged, so I had to free him, I can lose anything, but not you. He asks can you give our baby to him. She says I also love our baby the same way like you. He says you would have not done this.

She says I had no way. He gets angry and says I would not regret if he took my baby, you paid a bigger price by giving away my baby, who gave you this right. She says really sorry, I made a big mistake. He says its a sin, you did the same sin as my dad, I have tolerated everything, now my child will tolerate it, difference is, he did the deal for money, you did it for husband, I could never think that you can do such a bad thing, you can give away your child, what type of mum are you, you don’t deserve to be called a mum, you broke my heart, pride, trust and relation also. She cries. He cries and goes away.