Tuesday Update on A Magical Love Story 7th September 2021


Tuesday Update on A Magical Love Story 7th September 2021

Roshni doing the pregnancy test and waiting for the result. The smoke reaches Aman and Rehan. Aman asks Rehan to take care. The moonlight smoke gets divided and follows them. Roshni checks the positive result. She gets happy and smiles. She says I m pregnant, my baby is fine, Aman has saved the baby. She runs to tell Aman. Roshni comes to Aman and says everything is fine. Aman asks her to say it. The smoke catches him and holds him against the wall. She gets shocked. Rehan turns. He is also caught by the smoke. Aman asks Roshni to do something, use her powers. Roshni tries. Aman says you have no powers, do something else. Roshni thinks if I use my powers, then I will lose Aman’s trust, what shall I do. She cries. Rehan tries to do magic. He drops the stick. Roshni says what shall I do. Aman says call Tabeezi. Roshni says yes. She runs and calls Tabeezi. She shouts to everyone.

Tabeezi comes and gets shocked seeing Aman. She asks Roshni to throw water at Aman. Roshni gets the water and throws at him. The smoke disappears. Aman falls down. Roshni hugs him. Shayari comes home and gets shocked seeing the lavish house. She enters. She goes to see Rehan. She sees the library. She thinks where is Rehan. She slips in the pool. The water splash falls over Rehan. The smoke disappears. He falls down. Aman says I m fine. Roshni thinks his life was in danger, I was just worried to hide my lie. He says I m fine, don’t cry. They hug.

Tabeezi asks where is Rehan, he is also in danger. Rehan opens eyes and gets up. He goes. Shayari comes out of the pool. She turns and sees him removing his shift. Tere mast mast…..plays… He sees her and asks what did you see. She says everything. He asks why didn’t you do anything. She says I m not that type of girl. He asks her to say what did he see. She says I didn’t take your permission, I saw you doing that. He asks her to come out of the pool. She says help me, no, fine, I will come. He asks why did you come here. She does poetry. She says you were changing here and asking me what did I see. He asks did you just see this.

Shayari says its too much for a decent cute girl like me. Roshni comes and says Rehan… She sees Shayari and asks her how did she get drenched, go and change. She asks Rehan is he fine, was he attacked. Rehan asks who did the attack. She says we have to go to Tabeezi.

Tabeezi says jinn shikari did the attack, they target the jinnat, they are like humans but have powers, he didn’t try to kill you but tried to identity you, the smoke leaves a mark on the jinn’s body. Aman and Rehan check themselves. Aman sees the mark on Rehan’s neck. Rehan says thank God, you didn’t get the mark. Tabeezi says Roshni’s powers saved you again. Aman says Roshni isn’t Ayana, she doesn’t have her powers. Roshni says yes, I m not Ayana now. Tabeezi says maybe this happened as you are Jinnat king, but Rehan is at target of Jinn shikhari, his life is in danger. Rehan says I do the hunt, I don’t fall prey. Aman says none can harm Rehan until I m here. Roshni asks who is this jinn shikari. Tabeezi says find out if anyone new has come in your life. Rehan recalls Shayari. Tabeezi says jinn shikari is clever, they act innocent and foolish, they attack when they get a chance. Rehan sees Shayari.

Dadi says thank God you are fine. Sara says Aman won’t get harmed by jinn shikhari. Saima says you would be getting late to visit the doctor. Roshni sees the crown. She says Aman doesn’t know that I m pregnant, I want to tell him, how shall I say that I have to give first child to the jinn for his life, I have promised the jinn. Aman comes and asks her to come, they are getting late. She thinks to hide it from him. She goes. He asks is everything fine. Roshni says yes. She stumbles. Aman asks are you fine. She says I got a foot sprain. He says we will cancel the appointment, come. He makes her rest. Rehan hears a sound. He goes and sees Shayari drying out the papers on the strings. He asks what are you doing. She doesn’t hear him and says I m doing it so well. He asks for the files. He asks can’t you hear me. He holds her hands. She looks at him. Aman asks Roshni to take rest. She thinks I don’t deserve your trust, so sorry to hide this big truth. She gets sad.

Roshni saying I was going to take water. Aman says I will get it. He gets water for her. He asks did you eat anything. She says no, I m feeling so hungry, I want to eat a lot. He says you won’t eat junk food, just healthy food, have the papaya. She thinks how will I eat papaya, I m pregnant. She imagines everyone scolding her. She asks for mineral water and sends him. She dumps the papaya. He goes to get water. He sees her finishing the papaya. She drinks water. He asks did you eat it all. She says yes, you know I eat quickly.

Rehan asks what are you doing. Shayari asks why do you always scold a cute innocent girl, I have dried all the papers, you should praise me. He asks did you know the papers were so imp. She says I will dry them at high speed. He shouts stop it. Rehan gets angry. He takes the dryers from her and throws away. She says sorry, are you and your moustache fine. He shouts get out. She holds ears and runs away. Rehan thinks of Tabeezi’s words. He meets Tabeezi. She asks do you know if someone can keep something to carry a weapon. He recalls Shayari and says I have a doubt on someone. She says don’t use magic around that person. He says don’t worry, she won’t be able to understand. She asks what do you mean, jinn shikari is a girl, I also read that mostly they are women.

Shayari works in the office. Jinn shikari is seen coming in the car and doing make up. Rehan comes to office. He doesn’t see Shayari at her desk. Shayari goes. Rehan sees her purse and thinks its a chance. Aman checks for papers. He sees the papaya in the drawer. Rehan checks Shayari’s bag. He gets dumbbells. He starts removing plenty of uncommon things. He gets a cactus plant as well. He gets a black pouch inside. He gets the samosas and chutney in it. It gets on his hand.

Aman asks why did you keep the papaya there. Roshni says Papita/papaya reminded me of my friend Ajita, I got emotional and didn’t eat. She makes excuses. She asks is there a problem. He says no, you have to eat the papaya, keep it anywhere, but eat it. He goes. Rehan asks how does this weapon work against, who keeps half samosa left. Shayari comes and asks are you stealing my savings, I had saved the samosa for future. He says I have no interest in samosa, I was finding the papers. He goes. Aman gets a doctor. He says Roshni, I got the doctor home, we don’t need any appointment now. He asks doctor to do complete check up. Roshni gets up. He asks is your foot fine. She says I m fine. He asks doctor to do the check up. He goes out. Roshni thinks what to do, doctor will know that I m pregnant. Rehan says Tabeezi said right, jinn shikari are clever, I will catch her. He is after the wrong girl. The shikari marks Rehan and plans the attack.

Doctor says Aman told me that you recently had a miscarriage, lie down. Roshni thinks door is closed, I can do magic. She does magic and fools the doctor. Roshni says your glasses are here. Doctor wears the glasses. She says I will check your bp and go. Roshni says you just checked it, what happened, you are behaving strange. Doctor says don’t know, maybe hallucination. Roshni fools her. She says you did my check up, I m fit and fine. Doctor says yes. Roshni puts a chocolate in her bag and says sorry to do this with you.

Rehan recalls Tabeezi’s words. She says if you doubt someone, then check the girl’s neck, if she is wearing Zangemarmar. Rehan goes to Shayari. He takes the hanger metal stick to get Shayari’s locket. Her dupatta falls down. Shayari gets shocked and scolds him. He goes to other side. She says I m noticing that you are noticing me, you called me home and removed shirt, you stood in wet look and now you are snatching my dupatta, aren’t you ashamed, what do you want to do. The staff looks on. Rehan sees them. Roshni says how long will I hide this from Aman.

Aman says thank God you are fine, it means we can make a new start and have a family, we will have a baby, we can forget our sorrow now. Shayari says he always shouts on me, I don’t do such cheap things, think how will you feel if I snatch your dupatta, you can understand the emotion, how can you do this. Rehan says you are mistaken. Shayari says I know why you are doing this, I m a poor girl, there is no respect for a poor girl. Khanna shows the honey bee.

Rehan recalls getting the bee. Khanna says Rehan saved you, else the bee would have bitten you, you should have seen once why he did that, you have no right to work here, I will type her suspension order. Rehan thinks if she goes, I won’t know her truth, I have to stop her. Shayari says my motive to do this job can’t get fulfilled if I go. She says sorry Sir. Rehan thinks she wants to fulfill her motive, she doesn’t know me, I know her every move. Khanna asks her to go.

Rehan says think its the final warning, such mistake shouldn’t happen again. He goes. She says Rehan didn’t fire me. Roshni hears the birds chirping. She enters the room and sees flying toys. She smiles. Aman comes. Roshni says Aman might know it. She shuts the door and hides from Aman. She sees the flying milk bottles. She uses magic and throws it aside. Aman stops. Jinn shikari comes to Rehan’s office. He says Natasha…. She hugs him.