Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 13th April 2021


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 13th April 2021

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Pari cries in the room thinking about Rohan’s rejection. Mishti comes to the room door. Pari opens her necklace with Nandini and Kunal’s photo and kiss it. Mishti was heartbroken. Pari says she might never be able to love again, she was afraid of heartbreak and always refrain from commitment; and here she stands shattered. She wish Nandini was there along, she miss her and needs her. Rohan loves someone else.

Rohan holds Mishti’s hand while she was at the door and drags her to his room. He questions if she wants to be superior, he won’t let her be. Mishti says Rohan always claimed he can do anything for her, then what now. Rohan argues he won’t be able to keep Pari happy at all, he isn’t a toy that they can exchange between themselves. Mishti asserts he must marry Pari, but Rohan wasn’t convinced. He can’t always abide by her. Mishti replies she is used to things being her way. She was confused earlier, but now she isn’t ready to take up their relationship anymore. She walks out of Rohan’s room.

The next morning, Pari was tensed in the room. Mishti comes inside. Pari locks the door and questions Mishti why she is marrying Veer. She tells Mishti that she has spoken to Rohan, he claims to love a girl who left her. Veer also claims that Mishti and Rohan are in love. Mishti denies loving Rohan, but Pari shouts at her not to lie. Mishti had known that she loved Rohan and left him. Mishti asks if Rohan took her name. Pari says Rohan said Mishti needed financial stability. Mishti asks if Pari thinks she would take any relationship decision because of financial purpose, doesn’t she trust her sister at all. Pari hugs Mishti while crying, and says I am sorry.

Mishti speaks to Radhika about taking Pari’s proposal to Rohan. Excited, both go to Rohan’s room. Radhika speaks to Rohan that she knows how much Pari and Rohan love each other, he takes care of Pari. She wish their proposal is fixed, is he ready to marry Pari. Before Rohan objects, Mishti says she has clarified she won’t marry till he and Pari are married. Rohan confirms Veer? Mishti replies off course, Veer. Rohan says one must not hurry in marriage decisions. Mishti replies when one loves someone, they can give life as well, marriage is a little issue.

Radhika says she believes one must only marry someone when the other person loves you more. Mishti at once qualifies like Veer loves her, and Pari loves Rohan. Rohan agrees that it’s time to stake his life. He agrees. Radhika was excited. Rohan place a condition, that since there is love in the air why not marry both sisters together, at the same time and in the same Mandap. Radhika happily agrees the condition. Rohan couldn’t stop staring Mishti. Radhika hugs him.

In the hall, Radhika was excited about fixing the wedding date. Mishti says she and Veer aren’t going anywhere, why hurry. Rohan says Dadi cares for both of them sisters. He suggests about calling Veer here for celebration. Mishti was ready and tells Dadi she would call Veer.

The next day, Pari and Arnav were in the café together. Mishti comes to cheerfully congratulate Pari that her marriage with Rohan has been fixed. Rohan showed the wish herself. She and Dadi went to Rohan, and Rohan at once said yes. Arnav congratulates Pari, then takes a leave for a while. Pari was excited and wished to meet Rohan. Mishti tells Pari to forget about the past, get her mind freed from everything that happened in the past. She must also not inquire Rohan about his past as well. Pari wonders if Rohan took the decision under Dadi’s pressure.

Mishti tells Pari that Rohan’s decision is a thoughtful one. She is extremely happy, and whatever happened must be for the greater good. Pari also leaves the café to meet Rohan. Mishti at once loses her balance and was about to collapse. Arnav comes to support her. Mishti makes up that she didn’t sleep well last night. Arnav takes Mishti, he was also going to their place as Sukhmani had gone to Muscat.

Pari comes to Rohan’s room and hugs her. She asks if he really wants to marry her, it’s important for her to know he is also happy. Rohan replies he is, anything for Dadi and a person can do anything for love. Pari hugs him again and was sure one day Rohan will also fell in love with her.

Everyone was sitting in the hall. Radhika says Pandit ji said three days is the best Mohrat of the year. Mishti objects it’s too early, who would look after all the arrangements. She suggest about marrying Pari and Rohan in three days only and she will take charge of the arrangements. Then after a year, Rohan and Pari would come out of honeymoon phase and look after their wedding preparations. Rohan wasn’t ready at all, he argues that love is in the air. The wedding will take place in one Mandap, and they will all help in the arrangements. Pari seconds Rohan. Mishti nods curtly. Radhika brings sweet and does tillak of Rohan, Pari, Veer and Mishti.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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