Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 10th August 2021


Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 10th August 2021

Scene 1
Guru says to Samrat Bindu that Sushim did a great work by beating that beast, it is proved that Maurya dynasty has great future, Bindu says to Sushim that i am proud of you, Charu whispers in Sushim’s ears that who beat you? Sushim says that i have to find, Ashok smirks.
Ashok and Bal comes in stable, Bal thanks him for returning his confidence, Ashok is tensed and goes from there.

Acharaya says to Radhagupt that i cant believe Sushim beat that beast, truth is something else, he must have got beaten up, AShok comes there and says Acharaya i came here to tell you that i am not going anywhere, till i dont make beast run away from there, i will stay here, Acharaya says but Sushim said that me made that beast run away, Ashok says i am above all so my thinking is above them too, Acharaya ask Ashok till how much time you will stay here? AShok says till i dont catch beast, i am not going anywhere, AShok leaves, Acharaya says Ashok will leave soon from here, Helena comes there and says i have understood your politics, years back you brought a kid with you, you made the king of that time lose to that kid and made that kid (chandragupta) the samrat, now you have again brought a kid (Ashok), your idea is to snatch throne from Bindu and give it to that kid but you wont be successful this time,

Acharaya smiles and says i am understanding your point but have you got any proof to prove this theory? even i felt that you and Justin Attacked Bindu so you can make Justin king but i had no proofs against you that time so couldnt do anything, in this war, the one who have proofs and have mind can win only, you know that very well, you are playing this game from years and i am winning over you in your game from years, and the game you are playing this time, i will make you lose by following your set of rules only, i will clean sweep you, he gives cool smile to her and leaves from there, Helena fumes.

Scene 2
Justin says to Helena that what was the need to talk to Acharaya about Ashok, Guru says now Acharaya will be careful and will take steps carefully, Helena says thats my plan only, i want Acharaya to concentrate on Ashok’s safety, she writes something on paper and makes Justin read it, he ask what is this for? Helena says you dont understand anything, she ask Guru to send this letter to her father.
A solider is taking horse Gul from stable, a dasi sees that soldier.
One friend of Sushim ask that if you had beaten beast then why did you let him run away? Sushim ask them to leave, friend says that tomorrow take us to place where you had beaten that beast, they leave, Sushim recalls how was beaten by kids, he gets angry, Charu comes there. Sushim says to Charu that i have to find who is the one who beat me, who want his death from my hands, Charu says he cant be from this state, Sushim thinks and recalls how Ashok answered him back many times, he says no i dont think Ashok has that much courage.

In stable, Sushim comes to Ashok and says i didnt know you are so much afraid of you, i know what you did last day, Ashok says i did many things last day, what you are talking about? Sushim says if you were from a decent family then you would have accepted what you had done last day, Ashok gets angry but recalls how he promised Dharma to not use violence, Sushim ask Bal to tell who beat me? else i will kill you, Ashok says i am alone, enough for you, yes it was me who beat you, and i think you need some more dose so you have come here to get beaten again. Sushim gets angry on him, he brings out his hunter, Sushim says i didnt know you will be a fool to accept this, Ashok says what will you do? will beat me, sushim says i will tell Bindu about you beating me then he will punish you, Ashok says what will you tell him? last day you made a great story that how you beat beast and all, will you be able to accept that it was a fake story? if you tell him then you will fall in his eyes, he will disown you, no respect will remain for you in his eyes. Sushim gets angry, he throws Ashok on ground and beats him with hunter, Ashok feels the pain, soldier says i should inform someone.

Scene 3
Soldier comes to prime minister (Guru) and tells him about Sushim beating Ashok. Prime minister comes in stable and stops Sushim, he says i request you prince, we will give punishment to ashok but if bindu gets know that you had beaten Ashok then he will not like it, he ask soldiers to take Ashok to clinic, they take him, Sushim says to prime minister that how dare you stop me, earlier you doubted me to be beast on Ashok’s insistence, Prime minister says that i had to that as it was for justice but if you wanted Ashok to get punished then you should have complained to Bindu, not use force like this, Sushim looks at Soldier who brought prime minister there and says the one who speak against me becomes my enemy.
Ashok is brought to clinic, Dharma is shocked to see Ashok in injured state, she is in tears and ask Bal what happened to him? Bal says sushim did this. Radhagupt tells Acharaya about Ashok being injured.

Sushim is leaving stable when Bindu comes there, sushim acts like cleaning horse, Bindu ask where are workers, why you are cleaning horse? where is Ashok? Sushim says dont take his name, when i asked him to clean the horse, he made horse more dirty and then he insulted me saying that if i complain to you then you wont listen to me and will take Ashok’s side only, he also said that he is not afraid of Samrat too, Bindu gets angry.

Scene 4
Ashok is in pain, Dharma is crying too, she treats his wounds, he smiles seeing her and says you should not be sad but be proud of me that i followed your promise, he beat me so much but i didnt raise my hand on him, Dharma smiles and kisses his forehead, Ashok smiles, Ashok says the much i try to leave this place, the more i think to do something for this place, see Samrat Bindu is so much nice person but his sons, they are egoistic, what will happen to Maurya dynasty if it goes in wrong hands, Dharma smiles seeing Ashok’s sensible words.
Charu is in her room and recalls how Noor taunted her that Siamak never did something wrong but same cant be said about Sushim, she makes some chemical and says that Noor the way, you have destroyed my life, the way you have snatched Bindu from me, same way i will torture you, i will make you helpless, i will not let anyone come inbetween throne and my son.

Noor calls her dasi Sitara, Charu’s dasi comes there and says Sitara is ill so i will serve you today, Noor says why you want to serve me? Dasi says i maybe charu’s dasi but i want to serve mother of future king Siamak, Noor ask how do you know that my son will become Samrat? Dasi says we can predict things by seeing winds, flashback recalls how Charu asked her dasi to bring hair lock of Noor, Dasi stealthily cuts Noor’s hairs.
soldier says to Bindu that Ashok is abusive is kid, i have also seen Ashok misbehaving with Sushim, Bindu says i will set Ashok right by punishing him, Dharma says before punishing him ask other’s side story too, Bindu says Ashok’s goodness was all fake, he is a bad kid, he doesnt have manners, his attitude shows that his family background is not good, he comes from a bad family, Dharma says how can you decide about his family without knowing him, do you know his mother? do you know how Ashok was born? do know how much difficulties his mother faced, she stops and then says that i am mother too and i have always seen Ashok as my son, he is a nice kid, Dharma says to Bindu that if Ashok is culprit of anything then punish but atleast listen to his point of view, listen his stance once. Bindu leaves.

Scene 5
in court, Prime minister says to Bindu that AShok speaks ill words, he tried to talk infront of you too, punish him, Helena says i agree, the time this kid have come here, problems are happening, he is not good kid, Charu says why we are waiting, punish this kid, Noor says but we all know that Sushim is short tempered kid, he threw arrow on Siamak in full court, Charu says i am defending my son only and this kid creates problems, Noor says but Ashok was proved innocent in all cases, Charu says this is not a personal thing, Noor says even i am saying this, you dont have to think Sushim as your son here, take this case neutrally, it will benefit Sushim only, Justin ask Noor to not cross the line, we are in court, Noor fumes on him, Helena ask Charu and Noor to stop the fight. Bindu ask Ashok to speak for himself, he says you dont have to be afraid of anyone, speak whatever you want too, Ashok looks on, Bindu says your silence is proving that you are culprit, you have right to speak in your favor, Acharaya says Ashok’s silence can have reason,

Prime minister says when you have nothing to prove your innocence so you remain silent, it is proved that he insulted Prince Sushim, i request Samrat to do justice and announce his decision, Bindu says okay, Acharaya says to Bindu that before you announce your decision, i want to say something, i know Ashok cant insult anyone, the kid who take responsibility to catch beast, the kid who stay here just to save other kids from beast, you think that kid can insult Sushim? Prime minister says you are calling Sushim liar, Acharaya says i am talking to Samrat Bindu and interrupting inbetween is like insulting Samrat only, he ask Bindu that do you think Ashok can insult Sushim? Bindu says no but when Ashok is not saying anything in his favor so i have no option to call him culprit, Acharaya says fine, for time being i accept that AShok insulted him so he should get punished but what punishment will be? according to rule if culprit is already given punishment then you cant punish him again, Bindu says i didnt understand you,

Acharaya says i want to show you something, he shows Ashok’s back to Bindu, it has hunter’s marks all over his back, Bindu is shocked, sushim gets tensed, Dharma cries, Charu, Noor and all are stunned too. Acharaya says these wounds prove that Sushim have already given punishment to Ashok and that too more than what Ashok was supposed to bear, injustice has happened with Ashok not with Sushim, Bindu gets hurt seeing Ashok’s wounds.

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