Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 1st March 2022


Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 1st March 2022

Kichak holds Ashoka by his neck. Cheer in my name. Say Kichak ki Jai! Ashoka thinks of his mother’s and of Acharya Chanakya’s advice. You are fighting for united India, for your motherland. You have to do what is good for everyone. Kichak asks Ashoka to open his eyes. Your death is standing right before you. Ashoka says Jai Janani! All the kids and citizens of Takshshila say it in unison after him. Kichak is shocked to see everyone there. Ashoka asks Kichak to leave him or he will die. Kichak warns him that their game isn’t over yet! He lets go of Ashoka’s neck. Ashoka says I have come to put an end to it. He keeps a dagger at Kichak’s neck. KIchak and his teammates are shocked while Acharya Devrath smiles victoriously. People shout to kill Kichak!

Ashoka says you would have died of embarrassment if you could have seen this fear on your face right now. It isn’t imaginary, but true. Death is at your door. The game you have been playing with these people will be played with you today. Ironically, no one here wants to save you. They all want you dead. Amatya asks Ashoka to stop. Don’t kill him. Everyone turns to look at him. Amatya says we cannot snatch what we cna give. Hatred solves nothing. Kichak looks at him. Acharya Devrath thinks he has seen this person before. Who is he? Where did I see him? Ashoka drops his dagger. Kichak looks thankfully at Amatya. Amatya assures Kichak nothing will happen to him. These people wont kill you. They will have to hit me with stones before that. He signals Kichak to pick up the dagger. Kichak does it. You are right. He warns Ashoka not to stop him or the death of this monk will go on you. Agnibahu seconds him. Let us leave before something goes wrong. Kichak walks out while still holding the dagger at Amatya.

Acharya Devrath realises Amatya’s real identity just then. He is an enemy of Maurya’s. He is one of the three persons who know the way out of the secret passage built by the Maurya’s! Ashoka gets angry. The door is locked before he can try to go out.

Kichak demands to know where Amatya is taking them. Everyone wants to know the truth. Amatya says we should first get out of this secret passage. It can break down anytime.

Acharya Dev says Rakshas is alive. Anand says you might be mistaken. Acharya Devrath denies. I can never make a mistake in identifying Acharya Chanakya’s enemy. Till now we felt he is dead. His return as Kichak’s support is not right for Magadh or Maurya’s. Kichak is alive today because of him. There is nothing to be sad about though. It would have been good if Kichak was dead today but we have shaken his idea he is immortal. This could never happen before. Ask the citizens. Look in to their eyes. They look scared a while ago. They are confident and hopeful now. I am sure their faith is going to continue. This is our first win. Keshav too says the same. It could happen only because of you. we should celebrate it. Everyone cheers for Ashoka.

Acharya Devrath thinks Acharya Chanakya was right about this kid (ashoka). He only will become the ruler of united India. He will take it to new heights Kaurvaki is surprised to hear everyone cheering for Ashoka. Did he defeat Kichak? I can free my father now if that’s true. She walks closer to know what’s happening.

Ashoka mentally tells his mother he fulfilled the first promise made to her. The citizens now believe in me. I will never let it break now.

Kaurvaki is glad that Ashoka won in reality. I only will give him his first gift.

Ashoka appreciates and encourages the citizens to fight against the wrong. Are you all with me in this? Do you trust me? They all agree with him. Acharya Devrath addresses the citizens. The kid standing before you, who helped you all gain freedom from Kichak’s tortures, isn’t an ordinary kid. Kaurvaki thinks she knew it already. Ashoka is not an ordinary kid. Acharya Devrath asks Ashoka to tell the citizens of Takshshila his real identity. Ashoka talks about the dreams that his parents, his Guru and he had seen together. Takshshila is the part of my mission. I promise you I will make this place the base of my mission. He announces that he is Rajkumar Ashoka – the son of Samrat Bindusar and Devi Dharma. Kaurvaki is shocked to know his real identity. She remembers their old convo when he always used to support Maurya’s. Ashoka shows the royal coin to the citizens. I vow to save and protect you all. I will be the new Prantpal (security head).

Kichak insists upon killing Ashoka. Amatya is shocked to know Ashoka’s real identity. Agnibahu tells Kichak Ashoka was the disciple of this monk. He insisted upon meeting you. Amatya talks about his background. Kichka immediately recognizes him. You are still alive! Amatya nods. I sent you a message through Sushim. We share a same aim, a same enemy. Acharya Chanakya died but I want to prove my worth. I want to help you. I know only you can face them!

Kaurvaki thinks of all the happier times she has spent with Ashoka. I trusted someone for the first time in life. He was not my friend and can never be! He is Samrat Bindu’s son, because of who my father is in such condition. She shoots an arrow at Ashoka. Ashoka hears the sound and turns in time. A garland falls in his neck instead. He notices Kaurvaki. She looks angrily at him.

kichak says to Amatya that why didnt you recognize Ashok earlier? Amatya says i didnt see him earlier, Helena told me that we both are Maurya’s enemies, before i could find Ashok, Chanakya kidnapped me then i got to know that Ashok is coming here, i thought this is right chance to kill Ashok who has Chanakya’s values, Sushim sent this letter to you, i came here and got to know Bindu announcing his heir then i met Ashok here, he hided the fact that he is alive so i didnt doubt him, i didnt have doubt that he was alive, Kichak’s sister asks why dd you come all the way here? Amatya says i wanted to meet Kichak, and tell him that everything is official thats why i had put stamp on letter, i wanted to meet him to plan about Sushim’s death, i tried to meet him many times but your soldiers didnt allow me, Kichak asks how can you help me in killing sushim? amatya says we will send letter to Sushim, he will come to meet you then we will offer bindu to come here, we will get chance to kill Mauryans, you will greek people’s help too, Kichak says i can do all this alone too then whats your need? Amatya sees an arrow there, thunder is coming as weather starts changing, a spark falls there, Kichak looks on, Amatya says this thunder can make anyone afraid but it needs direction to destroy things, you may have power but doesnt know direction, you need someone to give you that, Kichak asks what we have to do now? Amatya says everyone has a weakness, we have to find weakness of Ashok.

Kaurvaki is sad, she recalls how Ashok said that he cares for her, how she hugged him, how Ashok announced that he is Bindu’s son, she cries, she says it was my fault that i thought i can get a friend on this land of mauryas, you told me clearly that you wont tell your truth to me, i cant forget that day when i trusted you more than myself and told you everything about my life, i showed you my wounds without knowing that you have same blood who has given me those wounds, you didnt say anything to me, just saw my tears. Ashok is finding Kaurvaki, he recalls his fights, her care for him, he says i wanted to tell you everything Karvaki, i wanted to give you trust that all are not same in Magadh and that my father doesnt do anything wrong but my mission was more important to me, i fulfilled it but i didnt want to hurt you, just come infront of me once and see in my eyes, you will trust my truth, Ashok and Kaurvaki are standing on opposite side of walls.

Kaurvaki says Ashok won over everyone but his victory is losing for me, his words doesnt matter now, i did mistake by showing my wounds and pain to you but i wont allow you to use them against me, she starts going from there, Ashok listens her anklet’s sound, he shouts Kaurvaki’s name, kaurvaki stops, Ashok says i know you are on otherside of wall, Karuvaki says i will not look back from now on, she leaves, Devrath comes and says what are you doing? Ashok says i want to stop Karuvaki, Devrath says dont forget we had to bear so much because of your emotions flowing, Kichak is finding your like crazy, people are waiting for you and chanting for you, they have hopes from you and you cant shatter them, Ashok says how can i leave Kaurvaki then? Devrath says i am not asking you to leave her but you will put yourself in danger if you go behind her, i will send someone else to find her, dont forget we have to fight with Kichak only then you can meet Kaurvaki easily, he takes Ashok from there.

Devrath says to Ashok that we should send information to Patliputra, Ashok says no, i feel there is someone in palace who is involved in Kichak’s plan thats why my all information was sent to Kichak, i dont want them to know that i am alive, i didnt even send message to my parents that i am alive, we have to do this fight here only, Devrath agrees and leaves. Ashok says i understand what Kaurvaki must be going through, i have Devrath and other people with me but she is alone, she must be feeling that i am cheater, that i broke her trust, i just wanted to tell her that truth is opposite to what she thinks about my father, i wish i could meet her, dont know if she is fine or not, Ashok finds a Keshav there, he asks him what he is going here, Kid falls down, Ashok sees that he is injured and a message written on his back warning Ashok, Ashok gets angry.

Kichak is beating his soldiers in anger, one minister says that we have wasted so much wealth on these soldiers but they are useless, other minister says you are thinking about wealth being wasted? think about what our rular Kichak is thinking, Kichak beats two soldiers at a time, he beats them all and says is there no one here who can give me challenge? my warrior should be like that he points finger at enemy and enemy dies, you all are uselss, Amatya says its useless to harm your people, he throws sand on Kichak’s eyes and says anger can work against man, minister says to Kichak that Ashok and his people are hiding but we can stop their food and water then they will have to come out eventually, Amatya says i agree with him and i will just fool them.
Devrath tells Ashok that the letters we sent to bindu couldnt reach him because of Kichak’s soldiers, he doesnt want Bindu to know that Ashok is alive, one man says we are stuck here, we cant go out and cant stay here for much time, Ashok is treating Keshav’s wounds, one man says to Ashok that Kichak have everything, he has power, weapons and evilness with him, maybe we made haste decision of challenging him openly, Devrath asks Ashok, what he thinks? what is needed to fight against Kichak? Ashok thinks.