Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 24th May 2022


Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 24th May 2022

As the traning cum competitive session for the Swayamvar of the princes begin, Dharma and Sushim’s mother take their places, along with the rest of the princesses, while she gives cold and curt glances at Dharma. she then starts narrating the essential pre-requisities to be a good wife. she tells that the first duty of a wife, is to cook for her husband, and secondly, if necessary, then take up the sword to save her husband if need be, and finally to be organised, so that noone else takes her husband away from her, hinting at dharma. she says that the woman who possesses these qualities shall be able to be a super house wife, a perfect queen and the perfect person to convert the house into a house. dharma vehemently complies with her sayings, but she still continues to downsize Dharma. the princesses listen on intently.

Kaurvaki says that she doesnt know how to make Pulao, talking about perfecting her culinary skills. she begs the queen to give her a lesson in the same. they all express the same opinion. she complies and takes them, while dharma eyes them appreciatively. The queen takes them to the lavish kitchen, and tells them of the necessary ingredients, of a goos pulao. dharma comes and says that she told everything, but missed out on something very important, and thats salt. the princesses are surprised, while the queen fumes inwardly. Dharma then points out the analogy between the ingredients of a good pulao, to the qualities of a good wife, and the personality traits. the princesses listen on intently, as they are overwhelmed at such good teaching. she points the analogy between salt in the pulao, to love and dedication in the marital life, and asks them to have a balance of love, to keep their king on the right track, and maintain marital balance.

kaurvaki thanks dharma for having given such a perfect definition of what they are looking for in a wife. dharma then informs thm of the levela of the competition, to test their desterity in Archery and self defence, culinary and organisational skills. they are surprised. she says that whoever wins the competition shall stand the first chance to choose the groom, and marry him. they are overjoyed. she blesses them all. the queens leave, and a tussle starts ensuing between the princesses, as each tries to outdo the other. Kaurvaki thinks that had ashoka identified her, she wouldnt have had to go through all this. she decides that she has to win this competition nevertheless anyhow now and is scared even at the thought of not winning it. chanda finds her tensed, and gives her a reassuring smile.

While walking through the corridors, Acharya tells bindu that ashoka wishes to discuss the recent developments on gondna, but in the strategy room, and that too alone. bindu is boggled and asks why. He says that he doesnt want anyone else to know about it. Meanwhile, sushim and siamak both are in hiding. bindu talks about what achrya told him, while ashoka listens intently. Bindu asks ashoka in the corridor, about his developments, regarding the spies watchful eyes on gondna, that he reported to the courtroom earlier, and his strategies towards it. Ashoka finds sushim’s reflection in the pillarstand, and udnerstands that he is within hearing distance, hiding to hear his answer. he says that he has arranged everything perfectly, and tonight he shall manage to get gondna anyhow. Bindu gives his best wishes. they all leave. Sushim and siamak stand disappointed. after they leave, siamak comes out of hiding, and lekaves hurriedly. sushim wonders whats siamak’s motive, in overhearing the conversation and asks whether siamak and gondna are linked. he stealthily begins to follow siamak, as he makes his way through the jungle.

Meanwhile, acharya and ashoka map out their next strategy, and acharya asks him to elaborate what motive is going on in his mind and how he plans to achieve them. ashoka says that they have to pretend to be indifferent to the enemy’s motive to outsmart him, and if sushim is linked to gondna, he shall definitely go to alert them, and if he is mad at them, then they shall defiitely come out of hiding, to give a reaction, which is exactly what they shall be waiting for. Achrya asks how is he so sure about the outcome of his plan, shall be what he has thought it to be, as gondna’s decision and strategy making skills, show that he is very shrewd and they need to have the perfect solution. Acharya tells ashoka that for the success of the next stage of their plan, they need an added bait and give a temptation, that immediately draws them out. ashoka says that he would be the apt bait, as gondna would want him out as the first step. he says that he wouldnt step back a foot, even if he has to place his life at stake, for the realisation of a unified India.

Siamak continues to look back, to ensure that he isnt being followed. sushim too hides deftly, to avoid being seen, and continues in his pursuit for siamak. while following him, sushim somehow loses trail of siamak who outsmarts. sushim fumes in disappointment.

Siamak narrates what happened to helen, and she hurriedly asks what can ashoka possible have gotten to know about. he says that the way he was connfident, it seems that ashoka has something. she says that maybe ashoka is trapping him, and maybe its a conspiracy. siamak says that its a risk to be taken, as the people have started liking him, especially after the way he took in Gondna tax takers. he says that sushim is a danger too, as he was following him, and they need to be cautious of both. Helen tells siamak, that if actually their aim is to rule over the country, then they have to strengthen their army troops. she says that for the fulfillment of their motives, they shall have to take a major risk, for their victory, as bigger risks leads to bigger gains. She says that they have to turn the enemity of sushim against ashoka, as their alliance shall end one day or the other, with sushim and thats profitable to them, as if one dies, the other shall be killed himself. siamak asks how. helen reminds him of Bindu’s promise, that if one dies, he shall kill the other. siamak remembers and is determined that he shall ensure it tonight itself.

Princess Chanda finds another princess gorging on food, and deciding to rest instead of participating in Archery. Chanda reminds that she needs to participta to have a shot at the princes, but she lashes back saying that she shall try her hand at the other two events. Princess Srishti’s mother comes looking for Princess Srishti, but doesnt find her anywhere and leaves. Meanwhile, Srishti hides behind a bush, and finds her mother, hurriedly scurrying away. she thinks that she isnt good in any work, and just did what her mother told her to do, and that sh cant risk her life, and till the entire competition doesnt end, she shall keep in hiding.

Meanwhile, ashoka arrives in the archery grounds, and tries his hand at several bows. Princess Anindini comes to him, and says that she had to talk to him about something. she says that he must be wondering that she has everything, then what does she want, and says that she needs his attention in archery lessons, and wishes to learn from him. he turns around and finds kaurvaki, in another direction, and gets an idea. he thinks that she wants to keep her identity a secret, and hurriedly complies to the Princess’s request. he starts giving a lesson, and as an excuse to give her a practical lesson, he gets physically close to her, who too enjoys the full attention. he aims the arrow at Kaurvaki, who is oblivious of what ashoka is upto. he then leaves the arrow and it hits kaurvaki on the hands. they are amused, while kaurvaki fumes. anindini continues to flirt with him, saying that if he is with her, then she shall definitely win. just to get kaurvaki jealous, he too plays along, and continues to be with anindini. kaurvaki fumes from a distance, thinking that she knows what he is upto, and thinks that he shall wait and watch what she does. The screen freezes on her face.

Siamak finds ashoka’s horse grazing, and decides to pay a wound on his leg so that he can weaken him, and when ashoka gets atop, he gets injured, and possibly die. he thinks it would immediately be linked to sushim, who shall face death sentence too then. He comes out with a knife, and is about to inflict wound on ashoka’s horse, when he gets a hard kick from the horse. he thinks that even the horses and animals are faithful to him. he walks away in a huff.

Meanwhile, Princess Chanda seems to pray to the horse, to be with her, as she is scared. Sushim comes and asks how can she be petrified of a simple horse, and plan to marry him. she justifies that she has difficulty just getting atop but not after that. She eyes her tensedly and then leaves.

Kaurvaki meanwhile gets jealous severely, seeing ashoka intentionally getting closer to anindini, on the pretext of archery lessons. he thinks that he is with anindini, but his aim and concentration is somewhere else. she follows his gaze and finds that they lead to sushim. she thinks that he wanted her to get jealous, but now he too shall have to burn in the same fire, when he sees her with sushim, and that shall be the rightful justice. Ashoka gets tensed, as he finds kaurvaki walking past him, and towards sushim, who himself is tensed to see her. she remembers their last meeting, and is awkwardly tensed. Ashoka raises his voice, to irritate kaurvaki, who meanwhile thinks that she is doing what she never imagined to do ever, and he isnt even stopping her. She turns to sushim and sits beside him. he asks her to keep practising, while ashoka has his eyes fixated on anindini. kaurvaki immediately proposes to sushim to hunt together. Sushim immediately agrees, and says that he is more eager to do so. he helps her hunt, and ashoka gets tensed to see them close.

Later, stealthily, siamak tries to do the same with sushim’s horse, so that ashoka can face the death sentence. just then, sushim comes with anindini, talking about the qualities of his fine horse. he helps kaurvaki get atop the hrose, while she eyes him tensedly. he compliments the way she sits naturally on the horse. she has her eyes on ashoka, who too gets anindini to the gr azing grounds, for a ride on his horse. she is amused. Ashoka helps aninidini get atop the horse, while kaurvaki fumes, and ashoka enjoys it. they both continue eyeing each other, even at the pretext of ignoring. she burns with jealousy, as anindini deliberately tries to flirt with him, and he succumbs to her moves. In a huff, she gallops off, unable to take ashoka’s chiding anymore.

Sushim arrives and joins her too. ashoka and anindini ride off. Princess Chanda comes and is disappointed to find that sushim left without her. siamak says that she can come with him, as he is going hunting too. she doesnt seem interested but complies nevertheless. He thinks that when there wouldnt be any grooms, then whats the possibility of the marriage. Sushim and ashoka eye each other, while sushim wonders what is ashoka planning to do against gondna in this hunt, while ashoka is amused to find him in deep introspection. ashoka sharply hears an animal in the bushes, and aims and strikes, while others watch in anticipation. sushim chides that he didnt get his aim right. kaurvaki says that it so happens, when eyesight is somewhere else, and the aim is elsewhere. they ride inwards. Meanwhile, Gondna’s aide from behind the bushes, is petrified to see ashoka, whose arrow he barely escaped, as it stabs into a tree.

Siamak asks chanda to hurry up, but she says that she shall be tired, if she goes faster than this. he resignedly complies, frustrated from within, to catch up with the brothers. Now they again hear some animals’ grunting noise, and are alerted. they keenly observe, to try and locate the source of the sound, and then kaurvaki pulls out her bow and arrow, and aims and successfully manages to kill the ebast. anindibi is jealous and fumes. ashoka is happy from inside but doesnt show. sushim takes this oppurtunity to put ashoka down yet again. ashoka flirts with anindini, to give back a nice retort. kaurvaki gets enraged and rushes off, kicking the horse, as it speeds up drastically. Kaurvaki’s horse gets out of control, and she screams out ashok’s name, and he immediately gets tensed and rushes towards there. sushim and chanda catch up with the others. ashoka, on his horse rushes after her. siamak wonders why is the princess on sushim’s horse.

Ashoka meanwhile continues trying to ask kaurvaki to give her hand, but she is too scared and shocked, and tries but the distance is too far off. he gets down the horse and runs barefoot. As the horse scurries off, carrying an almost unconscious Kaurvaki on it, Ashoka hurls towards the horse, to save it anyhow, galloping to keep pace with the horse. Finally he manages to grab hold of her hand, and pulls her down, and then they roll down each other over the cliff, and fall into the river. Princesses and sushim, along with sushim, look down the cliff, but dont find anyone in the steep waterfall, that makes it hard to believe that they might still be alive after the great fall. Aninidini asks chanda not to worry, as ashoka cant die, and not for padmavati atleast, and that he shall come back. sushim thinks that he should be happy seeing ashoka die, but he is scared that if its true, then bindu wont spare him. siamak meanwhile is happy that his plan worked, and now sushim would be held liable.

Meanwhile, sushim thinks that this cant be an accient, or a conspiracy, and there is something more to it than the eye can see. he then finds the horse’s reins cut off, and wonders whether ashoka wants to kill him, but then thinks that ashoka knows he would be killed too, and that this doesnt reek of ashoka and wonders who could it be. meanwhile stealthily sushim makes his exit, and rushes outside the forest. sushim thinks that siamak is behind this, as events point out to this only.

Meanwile, ashoka gets out of the water, carrying an unconscious kaurvaki in his arms. he places her by the sands, and then asks her to wake up, addressing her by her name. he finds that her breathing is shallow, and that she has been pretending always, and he can bear all tantrums but not this. he tries to do chest compressions, to pull the waters out of her lungs, addressing her continuously by her name. she finally opens her eyes, and in her dazed state, she hears him talking about how relieved he is, and that he pulled her out. she is about to caress him, when she finds her Raksha Kavach gone, and again goes unconscious. he is boggled, and laying her on the beach, he rushes off in his search for it. he frantically looks around, and finally finds it, and is relieved. he then looks up, and finds a treasure chest, in this isolated area, and wonders how is this possible. he thanks the lord for this kavach, and it itself acted as a link to this treasure, that might possibly lead to Gondna. The screen freezes on his face.

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