Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 8th March 2022


Tuesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 8th March 2022

Ashoka and his team plan on how to attack Dhananjay while he is heading towards the town. Acharya Devrath tells about the two paths to be used to reach there. Kaurvaki suggests taking the jungle route. Dhananjay would have got security on the main route. The jungle will be easy to escape. We can hide there easily. The people of that town are against Kichak anyways. It will help us. Someone asks Kaurvaki how she knows this. Kaurvaki recalls overhearing Kichak and Amatya’s convo. She dismisses the question somehow. Acharya Devrath tries to overlook it but Kaurvaki requests him to trust her. Ashoka announces that they will leave right away using the jungle path. We will attack Dhananjay as soon as we spot him. They all say Jai Janani in chorus.

Dharma has a condition before going for pilgrimage. I don’t want any soldier to accompany me. They will have to leave their families behind. Bindusar finally agrees. I will send a few such people who don’t have a responsibility towards their family. I will make arrangements for you to leave tonight. He leaves. Kasturi tells Dharma she has got everything that was asked by her. Dharma thanks her. You have helped me a lot in everything. Inform Samrat if you find any clue about Acharya Chanakya’s death in my absence. Kasturi agrees.

Kichak asks Amatya how he can assume Kaurvaki can cheat us. Amatya replies that good people have a habit of sacrificing themselves but not others. She wont be able to see any innocent people dying before her. This is why I intentionally said all that. I knew she will have a change of heart and begin to help Ashoka. I only wanted to see it. This is the reason why I gave that info to her about rebellions living in that town. She will tell it to Ashoka.

Ashoka looks at all the men bidding adieu to their family. Acharya Devrath reminds him to come back alive to achieve his last goal. You have to stay alive to fight with Kichak. He blesses Ashoka. Kaurvaki does Ashoka’s aarti. He promises her that she will do her father’s tilak real soon. They all say Jai Janani. Kaurvaki mentally apologizes to her father for doing what she felt was right. I could not become selfish.

Ashoka takes the jungle route to reach that village.

Kichak remarks kaurvaki’s face will be worth watching when she will understand her folly, when she will realise she ended everything by cheating Kichak!

Ashoka finds the town empty. He tells his men to spread around and be on guard.

Kichak says Ashoka will realise his mistake he did by trusting Kaurvaki. He was very arrogant about the fact that he can escape from any problem. Now he will understand he has determined doom for himself and his men.

Ashoka finds the place completely deserted. On the other hand, Amatya says it will be too late by the time Ashoka realises what he has gotten himself into.

Ashoka announces that they all should leave from here asap. They hear someone approaching and kill that person using a spear. It wasn’t Dhananjay but someone else. Ashoka points out that it was a trap. A lot of soldiers surround them from all the sides. Dhananjay also comes there. These people will kill me? I did not expect such follishness from you. I am amazed at your father that he sent you to Takshshila! Ashoka challenges him for a fight but Dhananjay is least interested. My soldiers are enough to kill all of you. Ashoka and his men engage in a fight with the soldiers. Dhananjay gets scared to see his soldiers dying by the hands of Ashoka and his men. Arjun gets ready to attack Dhananjay from behind. Soldiers catch hold of him. Dhananjay slits his throat before Ashoka’s eyes. I hate mice. Ashoka tries to shoot a spear at him but the soldiers save him. Ashoka kills them angrily.

Amatya says who will trust Kaurvaki’s intentions. Her cheating will shake everyone’s trust. I will destroy Ashoka. That will be my victory over Chanakya! They hear the sound of anklets but see no one when they look around.

All the ladies are praying for Ashoka and his men. Kaurvaki thinks Kichak will understand she has cheated him when he finds out Ashoka chose the easier route. He will surely punish Baba. Maybe there is a way to safeguard Baba.

Bhami informs Acharya Devrath that Kichak and Amatya used Kaurvaki to bring Ashoka to a certain place. Save Ashoka before it is too late. Kaurvaki hears it as well. It means Amatya knew I was listening to his convo. I did what I did not want to do! Ashoka is in a very big problem.

People from both the sides get killed in the fight. Ashoka gets angry to see his innocent men dying.

People from both the sides get killed in the fight. Ashoka gets angry upon seeing his innocent men dying. A soldier throws a spear at Ashoka when his ally steps in between. Ashoka holds him as he falls. Ashoka recalls seeing his with his mother before they left for here. Save Ashoka even if you have to die for him. Ashoka angrily kills every soldier that comes in his way. Dhananjay looks scared. This place is not safe. I want to see Ashoka dying before my eyes. I will leave then only. A soldier assures him he will give him a proof of Ashoka’s death. Dadhich falls down due to his wounds and so does Bhola. Ashoka looks on stunned and heartbroken. Dadhich and Bhola hold hands as they breathe their last. Yet again, Ashoka is surrounded by a lot many soldiers. He holds a sword in his each hand and kills them all with the help of one of his guys. The guy gets killed as well but he manages to kill a few more soldiers before dying! He gives a message for his kids to Ashoka. Tell them that their father died a heroic death. Ashoka looks around at all the dead bodies of his friends. He stands shaken and hurt. One soldier from the opponent side tries to stealthily approach Ashoka when Kaurvaki shoots him down. Acharya Devrath and his team are on their way. Ashoka looks at Kaurvaki.

Dharma keeps her hands around the diya which is wavering because of the winds. She folds her hands before the Lord’s idol. No one can understand the expectant trouble on Ashoka which I can feel. I have come to you as you know everything. Please save my son. He is following the path of dharma. There will be problems. Hope he makes no sin unknowingly which he can never undo. Please take care of him. Bindusar comes to tell her it is time for her to leave. Forgive me I cannot accompany you because of the present situation. I have to give importance to duty instead of dharma. She does understand his dilemma. It is good for our son to be born in a place where such rules are followed. He says I will wait for you. She nods. I will be back soon. They share a hug.

Ashoka asks Kaurvaki if she knew what was going to happen here. Were you involved in this? She says I did not know what they were going to do. He says you had enmity with Maurya’s and me. You should have done something against me. Why put the lives of innocent people at stake? She says she did not know that. He asks her if she did not know these people are innocent and no nothing about war. I hid the truth from you and vice versa. I did not say anything against your father though. I understood your viewpoint. I thought to help you without saying anything to save your father. I trusted you. You cheated me and all of my allies.

They had accepted you open heartedly. He shows her the dead bodies of the individuals and explains what all they have done for her. What will I say to their family members? I was wrong to have trusted you. I had vowed to save them, but today because of you, I have their blood in my hands. Acharya Devrath kept telling me but I listened to you more than him! You will have to pay for cheating us! He picks up his sword and walks towards her. He angrily hits the sword in the ground. I have not learnt how to attack women, kids and innocent people. She tells him to go ahead. It will be difficult to live with the guilt of killing all these people. It is true that isided with Kichak to free my father. I soon realised what risk I am putting those innocent people’s lives into. He tells her to shed these crocodile tears before Kichak. I don’t trust you at all!

Acharya Devrath supports Kaurvaki. She did not want all this to happen. She was trying to help us. She herself had no idea Kichak and Amatya were using her. Ashoka asks him how he knows this. Acharya Devrath replies that Bhami herself told him everything. Kaurvaki explains what she had witnessed in the court.He still refuses to trust Kaurvaki. You can repeat this if you could do this once. I had thought we will create a new histroy by bringing Magadh and Kalinga together. I thought we will fulfil my Acharya’s dream of united India together. I was wrong. i dont want it anymore. You should leave right away! Dont insult this pious motherland by staying here.

Kaurvaki sadly leaves from there. Ashoka screams out in anguish.