Tuesday Update on Evil Eye 1st June 2021


Tuesday Update on Evil Eye 1st June 2021

Shekhar says Piya would be out. Ansh says how will we prove that a witch did this? Ansh says they found his body in our house. How will we prove her innocence?
Abhay says to Piya time changes in a minute. You’re my guest now. You will sent for judicial custody soon. She is locked up.

Avi says to Chetali Ansh is really angry. I am sure he will try to get Piya out. Which will make things worse. I have called constables so he doesn’t go out. Piya says God please help us. I know Ansh will do something to get me out of here. Please help him control his anger. Ansh says I am coming to Piya. He flies out from the balcony. Ansh is falling. Mohana helps him with his braid. Ansh looks at her it’s Pari. He says thank you Pari. She says I knew you are going to bring mama back. You would need my help. I won’t tell anyone.

Chetali says Ansh isn’t home. Please look for him. Avi looks for Ansh everywhere. He sees Pari in the balcony. He asks Pari did you see papa? Pari says mama jumped from here and said he is going to bring mama back. Abhay calls Avi and says Piya will be taken for his custody tomorrow. Avi tells Abhi Ansh would come there. Please keep your security tight. Chetali says why did you tell them? Avi says because Ansh going there would only complicate the case.

Ansh comes to the police station. Abhay says you thought you could fool us. Ansh says you have arrested an innocent person. You can’t see the truth. He sees Piya being taken to another room. Abhay says you thought you can take Piya from here? Ansh says yes. Piya says Ansh.. Constable stops Ansh. Ansh says please let her go. She is innocent. They take her to the van. Ansh shoves the constables. He throws the cars away in anger.

Savi says witch’s one foot up, one down what does it mean? Nishant says I couldn’t find any clue in the books. Naman says did you look in this book? But we can’t read it, only amma could. Dufli touches the book and the words become visible to everyone.

Ansh takes Piya with him. They both run. Ansh says police is after us. We have to run. They come to a lake. Ansh says we have to jump.

Nishant reads and says if one foot is up and one down means the body in casket has only half of her life. Half of her life is out. Savi says where? nishant says I don’t know.
Piya says police would consider you criminal as well. Ansh says you’re out at least. Piya says for how long? Ansh says we will prove that we are innocent.

Adi says to Chetali and Shekhar would mama papa be okay? Shekhar says they’d be fine. Don’t worry. Pari is laughing. Chetali says is she watching cartoons? Adi says no. Chetali says why is she watching such violent films. Shekhar says she would never watch such things before. Adi says she has changed a lot since she came back.

Ansh’s hand is injured. It bleeds. His powers aren’t working. Piya says Ansh sit here. She gets him a herb and applies it on his wound. She says Ansh open your eyes. Ansh opens eyes. Piya hugs him. Piya says I knew you would never leave me. Ansh says we have to hide. The police come there and look for them. Ansh and Piya are hidden behind a wall.

Ansh and Piya are hidden. They leave. Piya says what should we do? Ansh says we have no other option. He says your powers were used and the wall broke. Piya says no it didn’t break because of my powers. Ansh says then how did it? We were all there. Piya says Pari was there. Ansh says our Pari can’t do that. Piya says she was with Mohana. Ansh says but she helped me in coming here. She says now both of us can’t go home. Piya says Pari was being controlled by Mohana as well. Some witch ate Jani Yaadav’s life. Ansh says we have to get out of here to find out. They get up. Avi puts a gun on them. He says you have left me with no other option. You’re both under arrest. Ansh says please listen. He says you’re not talking to your uncle. You’re talking an ACP. Piya says but we have to go home. You know we are innocent. Piya says our family is in danger. We know who is behind ma falling and Jani Yadav dying. Avi says I can’t be disloyal to my duty.

Someone hits Abhi. Police come. Abhay asks him what happened? Avi says I was trying to arrest Ansh and Piya. They went in that direction. Police go in the wrong direction. Ansh and Piya come out. Ansh says thank you. Avi says I can’t distract them for long. You have to hurry up.

Scene 2
Nishant tells everyone half of Mohana’s life is out. Ansh says that means she is in our house. Piya says it’s Pari. Piya says her behavior has changed.
Shekhar says to Chetali Pari is a kid. They don’t understand things. Pari scares there by appearing there.

Nishant says so Pari shoved Vedeshree. And Pari tricked that officer into doubting you. Piya says and she is using Pari no one doubts her. Ansh says we have to go home. Nishant says but police are looking for you. Piya says we don’t know what would Mohana do next? Nishant says it’s not easy to get Pari out of her control. Pari has Mohana’s life in her. Savi says yes. They do a test and the glass blasts. Savi says how will we take Mohana out of her. Chetali calls Nishant. She says Pari is behaving weird. Shekhar says what do you think? Nishant says we should have a party at our place to distract kids. This will change their moods. Chetali says what are you saying? Party? Shekhar gets it. He says prepare for the party. Nishant says in the party you can easily go there.

Scene 3
Abhay comes to the house. There is a party going on. He asks Chetali. Chetali says this is for kids to feel better. Merry Christmas. Piya and Ansh come there. Ansh says he knew we would come there. Shekhar says are you okay Ansh and Piya? They say yes. Piya says where is Pari? Shekhar says in her room.

Savi and Nishant try different methods of removing Moahan’s life from Pari. Dufli is there. Dufli shoves the life jar. Nishant says she showed us a way. This life jar can help us. They touch the dagger to it and it glows. Savi says that means there’s a way.

Everyone is wearing masks in the party. Pari and Adi are dancing. Abhay says this kid can help us find Ansh and Piya. Pari goes upstairs. Ansh and Piya come after her. Pari says so now you know I am Mohana. Ansh says I will kill you Mohana. Mohana says if you kill me, Pari will die too. I knew why did you plan this party. I knew you two were here. Let’s fight face to face now. Vedeshree is hanging. She says if I pull this switch, Vedeshree will die. The world thinks I am Pari, but I am Mohana. She turns on the light and Vedeshree gets current. Ansh says ma.. Piya tries to stop it but her powers aren’t working. Ansh shoves pari and shuts the switch. He gets a shock too. Piya screams Ansh.

Nishant and Savi are on their way. He says we have to give life jar to Piya and Ansh.
Abhay asks Pari where are your parents? She says mama asked me not to tell you that they are in dadi’s room.