Tuesday Update on Evil Eye 4th May 2021


Tuesday Update on Evil Eye 4th May 2021

Ansh says to Piya that he always thought that they didn’t want to make their children face what they have faced by fight evils!! But Piya ask him that he is their to protect them always.. Ansh corrects her saying we are here with whole family support.. Dilruba call them out..

Family is shown practicing to fight using weapons, when Dilruba says egg ?has broken.. Aditya decide to use his powers for stopping Pari.. Mohona welcome Old Villian in New form.. She grab Mohona and ask her to say sorry… Mohona does so.. Family decide to practice more, suddenly they see white flash light, which even intrupts aditya and Pari goes from there.. Family decide to find Pari..

Mohona tell Old New Villian to be patient, she has called someone to help to go out from Patal Ketki cave.. PAri reaches there.. Ansh Piya decide to stop pari and bring her back and decide to leave marks in case they need family help..

Old New villian get happy ?seeing Pari.. Before Pari can help them, Ansh Piya arrive and break that bottle.. Ansh Piya try to stop villian but in vain as she crush all weapon Piya had…

Nishant and family reach that place.. When Nishant tell them its waste to use weapons as that creature is very powerful… Avinash says but we need to help Ansh, Piya and Pari..

Nishant tell that we need to act wisely instead of actively otherwise we all are trap as well.. Nishant ask Naman to go in Lab and search on records.. Dilruba says but we don’t know that creature name.. Nishant tell we know its name is Upayan but her actual name doesn’t take anyone since many years…

Old new villain says I will answer them. Piya takes her knife and attacks her but the villain burns it easily. Piya says it was blessed by devi maa but she broke it. Ansh says who are you? Villain says I am Parthmayan, biggest evil and most powerful dayan of all.

The family is scared of the cave. Nishant says to be careful, Divya must have used this way only. They see a small opening, Vedsheree says how will we go inside? Nishant says we have to.

Ansh says to Parthmayan that let our daughter go, you are using a kid. Parthmayan says my plan is bigger than all this, Piya’s mother locked me here years ago, they called me Ekayan but witch hunters should know about a dayan to fight them, you want to know about my plan? I needed blood and powers of a devika and davansh, Bhasmika was made from all these and you came to ask me how to win over her, you made her die but I got her egg before you could finish her. I am not here to kill your daughter, my plan is bigger, I want this whole world, this Navratri, they will pray to me, I will make your devi lose this time. They will pray to Ravan this time.

The priest comes in mandir and tries to ring the bell but it doesn’t ring. He says this is a bad omen, I have to inform Nishant.The family is in the cave, they feel hot because of lava. They see a treasure box but they have to cross lava lake. Adi says I have an idea. Adi takes a bigger form, Vedsheree asks him to be careful. He lies inbetween two mountains so family can cross it. They all jump on him and cross the mountain. They go on Otherside. Nishant says to stay away from this box. He opens the box to find a stone.

Parthmayan asks Pari to go with her. Piya says if you think you are so powerful then why you are using a kid? You need Pari to go out of here as it’s filled with patal liquid. Parthmayan says I am now in my full form so I can cross many patal rivers like this. Mohana says why didn’t you tell me? Parthmayan says because you are a normal, useless dayan for me. Ansh creates a wall and says Pari won’t go anywhere with you people. Otherside side of the cave, family is worried about Ansh and Piya. Parthmayan tells Ansh that he can’t go out as well as he closed the path. The family enters the cave. Vedsheree points an arrow at Parthmayan and says leave my kids. Parthmayan turns and gets emotional seeing Vedsheree. Vedsheree says Maa.. all are stunned. Parthmayan says I wish I had seen your face first but I saw your sister Mohana’s face first.

The priest calls Nishant’s office. Naman takes the call but can’t hear him much. He just hears that the priest is calling them.

Naman and Dilruba come to the priest and they check that the bell is not ringing. The priest says its someone who can challenge Mata. Naman says Parthmayan is back, she took away things from here. Naman says we have to find answers in Divya’s book.