Tuesday Update on Evil Eye 8th June 2021


Tuesday Update on Evil Eye 8th June 2021

Mohana says finally it’s the night with two moons. She sees the jar of blood. She says the two moonlights meet at this point. Patmayan says finally you came here. Ansh and Piya come there as well. Nishant says you have to do as I say. Barkha comes there dressed as Mohana. Mohana is shocked. Nishant said to Mohana you have to go there with a fake braid. Mohana says who are you? Barkha says I am Mohana, Aikain. Mohana says that’s me. Patmayan says who’s the real Mohana? Mohana says it’s me ma, give me the jar. Barkha says she’s lying. Moana says it’s me. Mohana says I deserve the moonlight liquid. Mohana says Ansh Piya, come out. I know you did this with the help of Nishant. No one can stop Mohana. She tries to hit Barkha. it doesn’t hit Barkha. Mohana wonders why didn’t it hit her.

Piya said to Adrishi we need your help in stopping Mohana. She did this to you and separated you from us. If yes, please pick this feather. Piya says thank you, brother.
Barkha says you said I am a liar? See now. Now? She says ma, I am Mohana. Mohana says I am your daughter. Patmayan says you don’t have time. Prove who is Mohana. If you delay it the moons would collide and then this liquid would be useless. Mohana says if you’re an aikain, you have to climb the wall like me. Barkha climbs the wall with the help of Adrishi. Mohana says enough. I am Mohana. She says give it to me ma. It’s my right. Patmayan says you have to prove you’re real Mohana. Mohana says I have a way to prove. A witch has her feet twisted. we will know. Barkha shows her feet. They’re twisted. Piya gave her shoes that looked like feet and Barkha wore them inverted. Barkha says I am Mohana. Patmayan says I want to throw it away and kill you both. Mohana says please don’t do this ma.

Patmayan says I will decide who is Mohana now. She says if a black power drinks this liquid she will become powerful but if it touches a human, that human can burn. Now you both have to walk on it. Mohana will cross it, and the fake one would burn. Nishant is worried. Piya says what to do now. Ansh says there must be some way. Nishant says if Barkha walks on it she can die. Mohana says give up. You will die. Barkha says you’re fake so you should be scared.

Barkha walks towards it. Barkha says in heart God help me. Ansh says we can’t let her harm herself. We have to stop it. Ansh comes there and stops Mohana. Ansh says please Barkha ji. Don’t give your life for us. Mohana says leave me. Mohana says see ma this was Ansh and Piya’s game. That woman is Barkha. Mohana says who Barkha? I am Mohana. Ansh says no Barkha ji, sto this drams. Mohana says no one can stop me from taking it. Ansh shoves her. Adrishi takes the jar from Patmayan and throws it on fire. It hurts Mohana. The moons collide.

Saavi and Naman come home. Dufli is there. She has a witch’s bangle. Saavi says how did Dufli get it?
Ansh wakes up injured. He says Piya, open your eyes. Piya opens her eyes. Nishant coughs and gets up as well. Nishant says Adrishi, my son. Where are you? Please show me you’re alive. He touches Nishant’s hands. Nishant can see his hands. He says your hands are visible. You got some of your visibility back. Thank you for stopping Mohana.

Piya says where is Barkha? They see her under some rubble. Ansh says we can’t know if it’s Mohana. Piya says see the shoes. They try to wake up Barkha. Piya says where is Mohana then? Nishant says where is Mohana? Did she die or ran? Piya says Barkha wake up. Ansh says thank you Barkha ji. They take her home.

Naman recalls Dilruba wearing that bangle. Saavi says what happened? He says this is Dilruba’s.

Piya says we couldn’t save Abhay but we didn’t let his sacrifice go in vain. Ansh says thank you Barkha ji. You risked your life and stopped Mohana. Chetali says if she drank that drink, she would become super powerful. Vedeshree says because of you and Abhay we were able to do it. Avi says Mohana is gone forever.

Nishant says there’s still a chance of bringing you back Adrishi. He says that means I can live a normal life? Nishant says yes we have to find out what is it made of? He sees a drop of it and says Adirshi where are you? Nishant says I am always scared for you. Losing you scares me. There are some drops of that liquid on it. Adrishi says can it bring me back? Nishant says we would need more? There are five ghosts walking towards Rathore house.

Piya says Barkha ji we would love if you stay here with us. Kids are also attached to you. Barkha says I would love to stay here. Piya takes her to her room.
Nishant sees footprints. He says whose footprints are these? Adrishi says what if Mohana drank it? Nishant says she won’t have to hide from us if she did. This is someone else. In fact, these are five people’s footprints. They came here and took the liquid. At Rathore house, the bell rings. Ansh opens the door. The five ghosts come in. Everyone is scared. Chetali says who are they? They walk in the hall. They leave moonlight liquid on the table. Everyone is shocked.


Saavi says what did you see? Naman says I saw my and Dilruba’s wedding. And she saved me and then she was laughing. Saavi says you touched the bangle and your memories fresh. Naman says I saw her in the cave, that isn’t a memory. It has never happened. Maybe she is in that cave. Nishant comes. Saavi says thank God you came, papa. Nishant says I didn’t come alone. I brought you, brother, too. He shows them the liquid. Saavi says this isn’t enough. Nishant says someone took it. Vedeshree calls Nishant and tells them about the five people. Piya says they left moonlight liquid there. Who were they? Nishant says I don’t know but it can really help us. I have no information about them. Don’t touch that jar. Saavi says we will try to find about the five people. Vedeshree says what if they came here for Mohana and thought Barkha was Mohana? Chetali says why would they leave? Barkha says they’re still here. They standing at the door. Vedeshree says they’re waiting for someone.

Saavi says there’s something weird happening. We should find who they are. Nishant says if we use this liquid for them, we won’t be able to bring Adrishi back. Saavi says we should look for information. Nishant says do we need information or Adrishi?
The moonlight liquid is boiling on its own. Piya says what should we do with it? Ansh says they’re still standing there. I am really scared. Piya says don’t worry we are here. Papa is trying to find out what’s happening.

Nishant says I can’t choose between Adrishi and Piya. Saavi says neither can I. Adrishi shoves the liquid into the test. Nishant says what did you do? He says my sister’s family is in trouble. I can’t be selfish.

Moonlight falls on Barkha. The liquid makes a drawing on the book. It makes those five people. Nishant reads. They are called Chandervishi. When moonlight liquid comes out and no black power drinks it, Chandervishis are sent to make someone else drink it and make them King or Queen of black powers. Saavi says then who do they want to give it to in Piya’s house?

Barkha wakes up. Ansh holds Piya’s hand while sleeping. Piya caresses his face. She sees the moon and hears someone walking. Barkha is going downstairs. Piya wakes up Ansh. Barkha picks the moonlight liquid. Ansh and Piya stop her. Ansh says what are you doing? Barkha says how did I come here? I was asleep. Ansh says someone hypnotized and sent her here. Nishant calls them. Ansh says the Chandervishi are looking for King or Queen of black powers. Piya says why would they hypnotize Barkha? Ansh says because she claimed to be Mohana and black power. Piya recalls Barkha in front of Mohana. Piya says we have to tell the Chandervishi that Barkha isn’t a black power. We asked her to do that. Avi says she is in risk because of us. Vedeshree says we can’t risk her life. Ansh says we won’t let anything happen to her. We will take her away from here. Inform her, we have to leave right now.

Piya comes to Barkha’s room. She isn’t there. Piya says Barkha is nowhere. Barkha is fainted. Chandervishi have picked her and taking her. Ansh says they’re taking both the liquid and Barkha from here. Piya says we have to stop them.