Tuesday Update on Lost in Love 10th May 2022


Tuesday Update on Lost in Love 10th May 2022

Virat tells family that he had to agree for marriage under helpless circumstances. Bhavani says if he had informed her, she would have come there to convince villagers. Ninad says he would have informed him at least, he would have sent him help. Virat says he is Chavan family’s son and took decision after thinking well. Bhavani says he must have realized how happy they are with his decision. He says he thought his family would accept his decision. Bhavani says not at any cost. He says he already married Sayi. Ninad says without their permission. Bhavani says she will not accept this wedding or Sayi and orders Sayi to get out out of here.

Usha pleads not to reject Sayi as she is a well-cultured girl, Kamal dada gave her good upbringing. Bhavani says she will never accept Sayi. Saloni asks who is she, she looks like a maid. Usha says she is Kamal dada’s maid, but considers Sayi as her daughter. Bhavani yells that a maid is arguing with Chavan Nivas’ owner. Sayi says Usha mausi is like her mother. Bhavani says she is arguing and showing her upbringing, she should know that a mother doesn’t stay in daughter’s house. Virat says he brought Usha here. Bhavani yells that Chavan Nivas is not a dharamshala that anyone can come stay here. Sayi complains Aaba that his daughter is insulted by everyone.

Pakhi tells Bhavani that Virat took a decision after thinking well and she should let Sayi in. Bhavani asks if she attended Virat’s wedding silently. Pakhi says Virat had already married Sayi when she reached there and told he had to marry Sayi under helpless circumstances. Virat says to fulfill his responsibility. Bhavani then yells at Mohit and Karishma for not informing her about wedding. Karishma says Mohit was about to inform her when Virat took away his phone. Virat says he wanted to inform her personally. Bhavani says she will not accept Sayi at any cost and orders him to drop her from wherever he brought her. Usha pleads not to disown her Sayi.

Virat says she may get angry on him, but Usha and Sayi will stay with them. Bhavani continues. Pakhi whatever they say, truth is Virat is married to Sayi now and they have to accept this truth. Ashwini thanks Pakhi for her understanding and tells Ninad that Virat is their son and they should accept his decision. Ninad shouts at her to shut up. Shivani asks why should bhabhi shut up, she is Virat’s mother and has right to speak, bhabhi and Pakhi are right and they all should accept Virat’s decision. She introduces herself to Sayi and tells Virat that he got a good choice.

Ashwini says she accepts her son’s decisions as she knows he never takes wrong decision, so as Virat’s mother she approves this wedding. Bhavani asks if she has gone made, can’t she see this girl and her maid have trapped Virat. Sayi says they didn’t trap Virat and she may not allow her in this house, but cannot insult her mother-like Usha mausi. Bhavani yells this is what her father taught her, she is so uncultured, there is a difference between mother and mother–like. Virat says Sayi is well-cultured and topped 12th exam in whole district and will become doctor. Bhavani yells that Sayi trapped Virat to become doctor and continues yelling. Shivani asks Ashwini not to let Sayi insulted like she gets insulted till now and stand for her. Bhavani yells that Shivani traps boys half her age and taught Virat to trap girl half his age. Sunny asks her not to say that.

Bhavani yells at him next. Devi passes him and seeing family asks if they are playing hide and seek, she will also play, sees Sayi and asks who is she. Shivani says she is Virat’s wife Sayi. Devi says she is so pretty like doll, she liked Virat’s wife. She continues that Pakhi also likes Virat and Virat calls her by name. Sunny takes her away. Ashwini asks Karishma to make arrangements for Sayi’s graha pravesh. Karishma says elder bahu Pakhi should do that ritual. Ashwini orders her to do as she says. Bhavani shouts to stop followed by Ninad. Ashwini taunts Ninad to lower his tone at least in front of new bahu and asks Sayi to kick rice bowl and walk inside home. Sayi does perfectly. Devi returns and says Sayi did it perfectly while Pakhi had entered with wrong steps, so her husband went missing.

Devi comments that Patralekha entered house with reverse feet, so her husband disappeared. Family looks at her. Devi says Sayi came in perfectly and will protect Chavan family; if Sayi is there, then everything is right. Virat tells Sayi that Badimaa/Bhavani is elder of this house and she should touch her feet and take her blessings. Sayi bends, but Bhavani backs off and walks away followed by her puppets Ninad, Saloni, and Omi. Sayi touches Ashwini’s feet. Ashwini blesses her and says she must have seen Virat’s promise, she also promises that she will not let whatever happened to her till now with Sayi and will take care of her like a mother. Usha thanks Ashwini for accepting Sayi by heart. Ashwini thanks her back and hugging Virat says she made him proud by taking Sayi’s responsibility. Shivani says she likes Sayi a lot. Karishma walks in and says she liked Sayi at first sight and they can become good friends as they are of same age. She calls Pakhi to come in front. Virat says he will get a new posting in Nagpur. Ashwini asks him to continue his duty without worries as she is there to take care of Sayi and even Karishma is there for her help. She asks Karishma to show Sayi’s room and takes Usha to show guest room.

After sometime, Sunny walks on terrace seeing Virat there. Virat says he was doubtful that his family would accept Sayi, but didn’t expect his father opposing him, his father was like a best friend to him. Sunny says a father can never be a best friend, he and Ninad are same who prefer following duty first and then family. Virat says Sayi had to hear a lot and he wants to make sure she doesn’t bear any sorrow or pain again. Sunny says time is very powerful and everything will be alright soon. Virat hopes so. In room, Pakhi over phone informs Neha that Virat married Sayi breaking her promise. Neha says she knew this would happen and anyone would do same. Pakhi says Virat knew that she married Samrat to stay near Virat, but Virat broke promise and whom should she blame now, herself or situation or Virat. Neha says she can understand the storm in her mind, she should control it and move on. Pakhi says she cannot forget Virqat. Neha suggests her again to go along the situation and move on like Virat. Pakhi reminisces Virat’s words.

Karishma takes Sayi to her room and says had to hear a lot and can understand her feelings as even she and Mohit married without family’s permission and bear their taunts, this all will continue and shouldn’t bother. She says she will bring her something to eat as she didn’t have anything since morning. Sayi says she is not hungry. Karishma says she needs a lot of energy to deal with situation and family. Sayi says she has faced a lot of situations. Karishma says she will teach her how to deal with family. Sayi says she can take care of herself. Karishma closes door and warns her to beware of Pakhi as she loves Virat and was not with Samrat on wedding night, next day Samrat left for duty and went missing. Sayi says she doesn’t’ want to hear about others. Karishma says she warned her and its up to her now.

Sayi says she doesn’t care if there is something between Pakhi and Virat, she just needs to study well and fulfill her Aaba’s wish. She picks Aaba’s photo and cries that everyone insulted her and if he was with her, they wouldn’t have insulted her; she doesn’t know if in-laws will accept her bahu, she doesn’t care as she will not stay here whole life and this wedding is just an understanding; she will be strong and will not accept defeat. Ashwini enters with food saying how will she accept defeat when she is with her. She looks at Kamal’s photo and asks why she call him Aaba. Sayi says he is both baba and aayi and her mother died after giving her birth, hence she calls him Aaba. Ashwini says she can call her Saayi then, Saasu and Aayi; she will call her Babe, Bahu and Beti. Sayi thanks her for calling her beti. Ashwini insists her to have food and says its ACP virat’s order to not keep his wife hungry. Sayi calls her Aayi and cries saying she called someone Aayi for the first time. Ashwini hugs her and says if god gave her Aayi, she also got beti/daughter and will be with her always. Sayi cries that her Aaba also used to feed her like her. Ashwini consoles her.

Bhavani sits without having dinner. Ninad and Omi insist her to have some food. Bhavani says whole family is sad because of Samrat missing, Virat did this foolish act and troubled them more. Omi says she shouldn’t trouble herself for Virat’s mistake. Ninad asks who will take care of house if she falls ill. Bhavani says Ashwini will as she already is taking decisions herself; how will they reply society when they are questioned why their IPS officer son married a 12th pass girl. Omi says he wanted to fulfill all his wishes as he couldn’t during Mohit’s wedding. Virat knocks door and asks if he can come in.

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