Tuesday Update on Lost in Love 24th May 2022


Tuesday Update on Lost in Love 24th May 2022

Ninad asks Pakhi to rethink about her decision of doing job again. Pakhi asks if Virat will change her decision of making his wife a doctor, even if he does, Sayi will not agree and married Virat to get admission in a good college. Omkar and Saloni yell against Sayi. Pakhi says she will search a good job from today. Bhavani says she if Sayi can go out, even Pakhi can work and she will never differentiate between anyone. Pakhi says she knows Bhavani can never do injustice to anyone and she is not competing with anyone, her family and its dignity is above all for her. Bhavani blesses her. In the evening, Pakhi informs Bhavani its evening and she is preparing evening tea. Omkar, Saloni, Ninad, and Bhavani start their favorite past time of badmouthing about Sayi.

Pakhi and Karishma bring tea. Ashwini walks to them and asks Karishma where is her tea. Pakhi says she didn’t notice her, so she didn’t bring her cup. Bhavani yells not to give explanation to unimportant people. Ashwini says she saw her importance seeing Pakhi not serving her tea. Pakhi says she really didn’t notice her. Bhavani says Pakhi doesn’t have to explain Ashwini as Pakhi is well educated and cultured with masters degree and Ashwini is just 12th pass. Pakhi offers her tea. Ashwini says she cannot have tea from Pakhi as she is just 12th pass. Ninad says Pakhi need not respect Ashwini as she is from a poor family and should be happy that she married a rich family boy. She says she is happy that she married Ninad who stopped her education midway and didn’t let her study further thinking she would get a job and become self-dependent. Saloni starts on her followed by Omkar. Bhavani says Ashwini always has problem with her, she asked everyone not to have lunch until Virat and Sayi return, but they haven’t till now. Usha gets worried for Sayi as she didn’t return home yet.

Virat returns home with Sayi holding balloons. Pakhi tells Virat that he returned home with his wife at last, she called him and his phone got switched off, they were about of file police complaint. Virat asks if she didn’t remind family that he himself is police officer and went out with his wife. She says looks like he went out on a picnic with his wife leaving his family worried. Bhavani yells that he went in the morning and came home late night. Virat says he went out with his wife and its just late evening and not night. Saloni yells that he is arguing with his kaki followed by Omkar. Virat asks what wrong did he do. Ninad yells not to become his father’s father, he is not on Virat’s favor as he is living on his pension money, etc. Sayi asks what wrong did Virat say.

Ninad yells at her next. Sayi burst balloons angrily and mimicking a news reporters says look at Chavan family carefully who have forgotten to laugh and lead a happy life. She addresses Bhavani as syndicate’s elder member who hasn’t laughed since ages. Bhavani shouts shut up. Pakhi then points at Ninad who is enemy of hapiness and cannot see others happy. She then address Pakhi and asks if she will stand silently or add spices to the drama. Devi walks down and seeing Pakhi staring at Sayi asks if they are playing game, even she will. Pakhi says meet a lonely member of family who risks her life and shares happiness, etc.

Bhavani yells at Devi to go to her room and asks Virat if he can see his wife’s misbehavior. Sayi says she misbehaves if they think so, she was very happy since Aaba left and she was celebrating her admission, but this family never gets happy and don’t want to. Pakhi says Sayi can be happy as its her honeymoon period, but forgot that Samrat is missing and family is in sorrow. Aswhini asks Sayi to stop and asks where was she whole day. Sayi asks if she is also angry on them. Ashwini says why shouldn’t she as she has to bear everyone’s wrath and scolding alone, etc. Virat asks what is wrong if he spent some time out with his wife. Ninad yells next followed by Saloni and Omkar. Bhavani yells at Virat that his wife broke family rules, etc. Sayi asks if they don’t get tired alleging each other so much, they add all spices together and fight; they have special grudge on her and didnt’ even bless her when she went for admission except Ashwini, they are just busy questioning and yelling, this is not a house but a jal for her, so she is going to her room. Bhavani asks where is she going after arguing with everyone. Pakhi tells Virat that his wife doesn’t want to stay with family, so he should find a new house for her.

Pakhi tells Virat that looks like his wife doesn’t want to stay with everyone as she doesn’t like other’s interference, so he should buy a new house for her. Virat says this is his house where he was born and bought up and wants his dear ones to stay here as he is emotionally attached to it, he knows Pakhi told this in anger. Bhavani says good he still has sanskars left in him, but his arrogant and uncultured wife doesn’t have any sanskars and argued with elders, he should explain her that this house is not a jail. Virat says he will explain her that this house is not jail, but has rules like a jail and if they change some outdated rules, they can live happily. Ninad asks if he is arguing with his elders for his wife. Virat says he is just saying that its not wrong to go out and spend some time with his wife and nobody should get angry or jealous, looking at Pakhi. Pakhi asks if he will change all rules for his wife. He says not all rules but some to fulfill his responsibility and as a friend he hopes she understands him.

At night, Pakhi in his room reminisces Virat’s words and video calls her parents. Parents ask how is she. She tells Shailesh that she informed Bhavani in front of whole family that he wants to do job again. He ask what happened then. She says Bhavani had to agree as she agreed for Sayi going to college. He says she doesn’t have to compete with Sayi and do things for her happiness. Vaishali says she doesn’t have to sacrifice her dreams and when Sayi can fulfill her dreams, she can do a job. Shailesh says she has to look for her happiness and shouldn’t take anyone’s permission, she just have to compete with Sayi though. Karishma hears their conversation standing near door and thinks Pakhi spoke about dignity and what not, this love triangle is getting more interesting.

Sayi in her room reminisces Virat supporting her against family and looking at Aaba’s photo tells him that she had lost her hope of becoming a doctor and fulfilling his wish and thought of doing a small course in Gadchiroli, but Virat is fulfilling her dream come true. She wears Virat’s shirt as apron, earphone as stethoscope, and and specs and asks if she is looking Sayi MBBS. She then tells him that she gets angry on Virat sometimes, but sometimes feels seeing his goodness and Aaba must have given her responsibility to Virat seeing his goodness. Virat drops his mobile hearing her conversation. She gets alert and asks when did he come. He says he came when someone was praising him. She says his best friend told him not to listen to anyone’s conversation hiding.

He wasn’t listening to anyone’s conversation and came to take his earphone. She asks to take it then. He says its on her neck. She gives it. He says shirt. She says she will return it later, says thank you and sorry. He asks for what. She says thanks for supporting her against his family and sorry for bursting his gifted balloons. He asks why did she burst balloons. She says her idea worked and everyone calmed down. He laughs. Sayi tells Virat that he had to take 2 days’ leave because of her. He says she can pay his salary. She says he calls her wife in front of everyone and now asking money, if she is not ashamed. He says she was panicking road calling him husband and now arguing with him, mimics her. She says he is speaking like her. He says effect of her company.

Saloni and Omkar provoke Bhavani against Sayi that her misbehavior is increasing each day, so she should control her before its to late.
Virat tells Sayi that he has to attend office early tomorrow and she has to attend college, so she should sleep now. Bhavani says Virat is changing rules for his wife, but kitchen is still under her control and she knows what to do, tomorrow is Prabodhini ekadashi when they feed 11 brahmins, now she will punish Sayi asking her to cook tomorrow and make her cry.

Next morning, Shivani is busy chatting with her boyfriend on terrace when Sayi not finding signal in her room walks on terrace and clashing with her apologizes addressing her as Bua ji. Shivani says good her boyfriend didnt’ hear bua ji. Sayi says she is going to college from today and requests her to tell her which bus via their home goes towards college. Shivani writes down house address and sends her college GPS location via phone. Sayi thanks her for this and supporting her always against family. Shivani says she is so good, then why she fights with family. Sayi says she doesn’t, but they provoke her. Shivani asks her to forget about family drama and concentrate on fulfilling her Aaba’s dream of seeing her as a doctor. They both continue their conversation.

Family gets ready for ekadashi pooja and makes arrangements. Bhavani gets panditji’s call and informs him that all arrangements are made and he should visit in the afternoon with 11 brahmins. Sayi gets ready for college. Virat asks if she kept all her belongings. She says he can check. He thinks she is confident, so he shouldn’t check and says he will be ready in 15 minutes and then drop her to college. She says he will drop her for 2-3 days, then she will have to go alone, so she already noted down house and college address and will also use GPS. He gifts her pen with her name inscribed on it. She gets happy seeing it and writes a thank you note for him. Karishma seeing Sayi ready for college goes to inform Bhavani.

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