Tuesday Update on Love or Poison 15th June 2021


Tuesday Update on Love or Poison 15th June 2021

Viraj notices Sitara’s saree. Why haven’t you changed? We have to go to immerse the ashes. She asks him how she can go. He reasons that she is the DIL of the house. She wants to fulfil her promise to Baba Sa but tells him that Rani Sa will feel bad seeing her there. He tells her to come along. You need to come along as you are my wife. She tells him to understand but he takes her with him.

Arjun closes all the windows. A vase falls down startling him. Yamini pats at his shoulder startling him. She makes him sit down as he looks panicked. She tells him to speak to Bhabhi Sa and Viraj once the ritual is over. You have to handle everything after Bhai Sa’s death. He nods. She tells him it is time to rule and not be afraid. He says Bhai Sa got attacked as he was a King. What if I meet the same fate after becoming the King? She calls him a coward. Don’t do anything. Just sit here! She decides to do something now.

Rani Sa asks Viraj to come for the ritual. He holds Sitara’s hand. Rani Sa points out that she only asked him to come. He asks her if Sitara cannot come along. Rani Sa again calls her Ratan’s murderer. Only our loved ones and well-wishers will come with us. Sitara withdraws her hand. She also stops Viraj from reacting. Vishkanya’s offer to come along. Arjun asks them to come in another car. Vrinda nods. Sun will set at 6:13 PM. Sitara recalls her promise. Vrinda says we should leave asap as the place is too far. She smirks at Sitara before they leave. Sitara is the only one staying behind. Vrinda tells her that she will not be able to fulfil her promise ever. Get ready to die Sitara. All the best! Sitara thinks she can do anything but I will fulfil my promise. Baba Sa’s murderer will certainly die!

Chabeeli asks Vrinda why she agreed to go for the ritual. What if Sitara reaches there? Vrinda replies that Sitara wont find them there even if she goes there. They head in another direction reassuring Chabeeli Sitara wont be able to find her at all. You will be safe till the time I am here.

Sitara lights a diya before Ratan’s photo. She sends a pigeon to find out about Chabeeli’s hideout. The pigeon heads comes back inside instead. Sitara chases the pigeon and figures out that Vishkanya’s are hiding in their room only.

Albeli and Surili do Vrinda’s manicure. Vrinda is glad with the luxuries one gets on earth. They notice Chabeeli lost in her own world. Her sisters tell her not to worry. Sitara must be busy in last rites. She wont be able to come here. She will have to kill herself as per her promise. Vrinda notices the pigeon dropping a message for them and is shocked. Surili gives the chit to her. It is a message from Sitara – it would have been difficult to kill your sister by intervening in the last rites. You did the right thing by staying here. Now I can fulfil my promise easily! Vrinda tears it angrily. Sitara confronts them. It is 5:30 PM. 45 minutes are still left in sunset. Be prepared to lose your beloved sister at 6:13 PM!

Vishkanya’s are in Vishloka. Vrinda tells Albeli to stand guard followed by Surili and then her. Chabeeli will stay in Vishloka. Sitara will have to face all of us to reach you. Even if she succeeds in finding you, remember that you are a Vishkanya. Sitara cannot kill you. It can happen only when you decide to die! She might play any trick but don’t think of killing yourself. You have to hold her back till 6:13 PM. She will lose afterwards. She notices tension on her sisters’ faces and reprimands them for turning weak. We are 4 and she is alone!

Chabeeli reminds her that Sitara is stronger than all 4 of them together. Don’t you remember what happened last time? Vrinda says I don’t remember anything. It would be better if you forget it too. Just remember that you don’t have to fall in her trap at any cost. Don’t think of dying even once! You will fight with her and win too! Why do you forget that we are standing as your shield? We wont let anything happen to you! I have to plan to defeat Sitara. She wont be able to win over us!

Sitara is doing aarti.

Vrinda tells Chabeeli she is safe till the time she is in Vishloka. She tells something to her sisters (in mute).

It is 6 PM. Sitara heads towards Vishloka.

Chabeeli hugs her sisters one by one.

Sitara passes through all the gates.

A havan is going on for Ratan.

Sitara looks at one door in confusion. It does not open when she inches closer. The branches nearby grab hold of Sitara and strangle her. Sitara passes out on the floor for a second but then cuts them using her powers. The door opens.

Viraj comforts his mother during the havan. Yamini tells her husband to talk to everyone after this is over. He agrees.

Albeli and Sitara have a face off. Sitara creates a shield around her before Albeli can even attack her. Albeli fails miserably. Sitara hurls stones at her thereby hurting her badly. Albeli passes out. Sitara walks further inside.

Pundit ji tells Viraj to do the parikrama (rounds) of this place before starting the final ritual.

Chabeeli looks at the time. There are still 11 minutes left.

Surili is taken aback to see Sitara. Sitara warns her to step aside or she will meet the same fate like Albeli. I am 4 times powerful than you. Surili recalls Vrinda’s warning words to Chabeeli. She pretends to let her go. She creates Viraj’s illusion to divert Sitara and traps her in a circle of fire. Sitara is miffed with her for her puny tactics. Surili mocks her. Sitara prays to Devi Ma to help her in fulfilling her mission. Surili laughs seeing her thus. Devi Ma blows strong wind. Surili is thrown far away. At the same time, Devi Ma douses the fire. Sitara thanks Devi Ma. Surili is in no position to get up and faints.

Viraj takes a round around the havan area where everyone is seated.

Only 8 minutes are left for sunset.

Vrinda is shocked to see Sitara coming towards her.

Vrinda is shocked to see Sitara coming towards her but tells her it is good that she came here. I cannot fight with you as you are my daughter. Sitara nods. You will defeat yourself. I don’t need to fight with you. Vrinda is puzzled. Sitara throws her dupatta towards her and it turns into a branch. The branch strangles Vrinda. Sitara says you put your special powers in it to stop me. Now those very powers will stop you. Vrinda struggles for breath. Sitara tells her she has called trouble upon herself. I still have 5 minutes to fulfil my vow!

Viraj completes the round and sits down for the remaining ritual.

Sitara steps inside the Vishloka shocking Chabeeli. They stand facing each other. Chabeeli smiles looking at the clock. You only have 5 minutes left. In these 5 minutes, I wont say what you want me to! You have lost. Sitara looks at the clock confidently. Chabeeli says no one else, not even a Vishkanya, can kill another Vishkanya till the time she chooses it for herself. I wont commit suicide or say those words as I have to keep you away for just 5 more minutes. Sitara attacks her using daggers but Chabeeli saves herself. Chabeeli creates a wall of stone in front of her to ward off her attacks. She notices the time and steps forward confidently. It is 6:14 PM. You cannot harm me now. As per the bet, it is you who has to die now! They start attacking each other. Chabeeli attacks her using a Vajra. A glass wall saves Sitara but the Vajra comes back towards Chabeeli and slits her throat. Chabeeli looks at Sitara.

Vishkanya’s are shocked to see Chabeeli’s condition and rush to her. Sitara tells Chabeeli she dint kill her. Your foolishness has killed you! You had sinned enough and you got trapped. Albeli asks her how it happened. Sitara says there is still time for sunset. I had turned the clock ahead magically to make Chabeeli Massi careless. She fell in the trap. Surili calls it cheating. Sitara says I fulfilled my promise and got Baba Sa’s culprit punished. She leaves from there.

Vrinda tells her sister she will be fine. Chabeeli is having trouble breathing. Please forgive me. I fell weak. Vrinda cries. Don’t say so. I am sorry I could not protect you. Albeli and Surili are crying as well. Chabeeli breathes her last. Vrinda shouts in shock. Please wake up, Chabeeli! Surili and Albeli hold Vrinda. She left us.

Pundit ji tells Viraj to immerse Ratan’s ashes in the water. Viraj does as told. Rani Sa cries and holds her son. Viraj is told to immerse this water where the ashes of their other ancestors’ have been immersed.

Sitara tells Ratan she has punished his murderer before his ashes were immersed.

Vrinda caresses Chabeeli’s face. Sleep well my angel. Surili and Albeli put a coffin there. Surili tells Albeli to be strong. Albeli asks her sister why they are doing the last rites of a Vishkanya. Vrinda says you do know what happens if we light the pyre of a Vishkanya. Albeli nods. They put Chabeeli’s body in the glass coffin. Surili lights the pyre using her powers. They bid their sister a tearful adieu. Vrinda recalls Sitara’s words. She shouts Chabeeli’s name in anguish / pain. I will take revenge for your death! Sitara has killed my sister. She will be punished for this misdeed! You snatched my sister from me! I will take revenge from you in the worst way possible. Save yourself if you can!

Vishkanya’s pray to Mahamata to bless them with the strength to kill their sisters’ killer. I wont let Sitara live. You will have to support me. Leeches appear in front of Mahamata’s idol. They cover / bite Vrinda from top to toe. Vrinda is in pain but manages to stay calm. She removes them one by one from her body in a pot kept nearby.

Vrinda offers the pot to Mahamata. She tells Surili to look after the pot the entire night and chant a mantra throughout the time. Surili agrees. What are you up to? Vrinda tells her she will find out at the right time. You cannot miss even a second. Surili nods. Albeli is also curious but Vrinda suggests them to wait for the right time. They fold hands before Mahamata in reverence.