Tuesday Update on Strange Love 24th May 2021


Tuesday Update on Strange Love 24th May 2021

Abhay coming to know that Astha has stopped his cheque. Abhay says who is she to stop my cheque, the cheque goes for Shlok’s sister’s project. The man says I will take her sign today, she is 50% partner in the company. Abhay is shocked and thinks Astha is very clever, I did not get this right in so many years, but now I will show them the meaning of being a son in law, this did not happen good with me. Astha thinks that Shlok is innocent and thanks Bappa for showing her the truth. Astha thinks of telling this to Kalindi.

Astha says sorry Shlok for misunderstanding you. Kalindi receives Astha’s call. Astha apologizes for hiding the jewellery matter. She tells Kalindi that Shlok did not frame Avdhoot, it was not his mistake. Kalindi says what are you saying, then who did this. Astha says I don’t know who was that. Kalindi says I am happy to know this, but be strong and rigid on your divorce decision as the divorce reason was something else. Astha says I know that, I am just happy to know that Shlok is not a bad guy. Kalindi says I don’t want Shlok to break your trust again, remember you are there only for six months. Astha ends the call and thinks what happened to Kalindi, she is not getting happy listening to anything, she is unable to understand me. Abhay walks towards the cabin.

Ajju asks Kalindi what happened. Kalindi says Astha called, I m feeling she changed, she said Shlok did not frame Avdhoot and did not send him to jail. She says Shlok is not bad and his love was not wrong. Ajju says this is a good sign, don’t worry, Bappa is with us, we can’t change what he has written in Astha’s fate, if Astha is destined to be with Shlok, then who are we to separate them. Abhay comes to Astha. Astha asks him to sit. Abhay asks her to sign the cheque and says who the hell are you to stop my cheque, I won’t give you any report. Astha says I think you should give the development report.

Shlok comes and asks Astha to sign on the cheque. He asks Abhay to come and talk to him in the conference room. Astha signs the cheque. Abhay takes it and leaves in anger. Shlok waits for Abhay in the conference room. Abhay comes to him. Shlok says Abhay, I need to ask you anything, tell me the truth as I hate lies. Abhay says you know me, I don’t lie. Shlok asks did you frame Avdhoot. Abhay gets tensed. Shlok looks on his silence. Shlok asks what happened, you did not reply. Abhay says I don’t understand what to say, how can you put the blame on me. Shlok says what and walks towards him. Shlok says I just asked, and you thought that I blamed you.

Shlok says the day when Shinde got the call, only you were seen going in my cabin. Abhay says why will I do this. Shlok says thats what I m thinking, you can go now. Abhay says you have hurt me a lot today, you should have thought that I m your sister’s husband. Shlok says I don’t understand, Abhay has no reason to do this, but someone has did this, but who.

Varad talks to the manager and asks about the arrangements. He says I will pay for the bookings, I want this valentine day to be special for them. He smiles. Sojal comes to him. She thinks he is giving her a surprise today. She thinks I can’t wait more, when will he give me the special surprise. She asks him is there anything special today. He says nothing. She says its valentine’s day today, I want my gift. She hugs him. He gives her a rose and says Happy valentine’s day. She says I know you brought something else for me. He says whatever I give you, you won’t happy as you want only costly gifts which I can’t give you. He leaves. She says then for whom is that surprise.

Shlok and his friend laugh seeing their college photos. Astha comes and hears them talking. She sees Shlok laughing after a long time. She smiles seeing Shlok. His friend talks about Swati and Shlok’s mood spoils. Astha looks on. Shlok says stop it, close this. He says I don’t want to think about my past, you can leave now, I don’t want to see your face. Before I do anything, you leave. He kicks out his friend from his cabin. Astha asks is Shlok a person or a riddle. He laughs one moment and gets angry on other. Why is he so angry suddenly.

Some reporters come from PK channel to take Shlok’s and Astha’s interview for Valentine’s day. They say Varad has sent them. Shlok agrees. They ask Shlok and Astha to give a love test which is the compatibility test. Shlok and Astha look at each other. They ask Shlok when did you meet Astha for the first time. Shlok thinks about their first meeting. Astha looks at him. He says 25th August, at 7pm. Astha says he is right. They say its great Shlok remembers the date and time, he has proved that his love is true. They ask Astha whats Shlok’s favorite colour. Astha says black. Shlok says yes, right. They ask Astha whats Shlok’s fav dish.

Astha says Aloo ki Sabzi. Shlok is asked Astha’s fav color. Shlok says she loves white. Astha says yes, as I m adjustable like white color. The reporter says is it that Shlok’s love’s color is getting on you slowly. They ask Shlok Astha’s fav dish. Shlok says road side food. Astha says yes., true. They ask Shlok is Astha your first love. Shlok thinks about Swati. Shlok is silent. Shlok gets angry and says stop all this, what type of question is this. He leaves. The reporter asks Astha what happened to Shlok.

Shlok getting angry as the reporter asks him is Astha your first love. Astha looks at him. He leaves angrily calling the question baseless. The reporter says Ma’am, what happened to him. Shlok scolds an employee and fires him. The employee says I was talking to my husband, he was tensed. Shlok says I don’t want your silly excuses. Astha says just hear her once. Shlok says you don’t come in between. Shlok leaves. Astha tells the girl not to worry as she will talk to Shlok.

Varad calls Shlok and asks him to go for a meeting. He says its an important meeting, get to the address I m sending you, come well prepared, this deal is important to us. Astha comes to Shlok and thinks I am afraid to tell him sorry. Shlok asks what is it. She says I need to talk to you. He says that I should not fire that girl. She says can’t you talk peacefully. They start arguing. Astha says you are so proud, that you don’t listen to anyone, the man who does not respect his mum, will never respect me. May be that’s why Swati left you. Shlok says how dare you, how much do you love me to comment on me. He holds her angrily and pushes her. Shlok fumes and leaves.

Astha says I came to tell him sorry, if I told him sorry, he would have killed me, he won’t understand the meaning of sorry. Astha comes home. She thinks Shlok is strange, who left her at office. Varad calls Astha and says I planned a valentine surprise for Sojal, I want your help, I want you to come and check the arrangements, come to this address. Astha happily agrees. Astha says Varad is so good, Shlok should have been like him, I will change till Varad sends the address.

Sojal sees Astha in hurry and wonders why is she in hurry. She asks Astha is there any special plan for Valentine, cancel it, all this are not celebrated at home. She taunts Astha. Astha asks why did you do this with me. Sojal says enough, you mean I want to show you down. Sojal says you made a place in this house pretty soon, you are very fast. Astha does no get angry and thinks I won’t tell you anything, as Varad has planned valentines for you. Astha leaves. Sojal says you have to be punished for spoiling my mood, I won’t let you go where you are going on.

Abhay comes to jyoti and says I got the money, transfer in my account now. He says I did not get anything from your dad, Niranjan made Astha the company’s partner and never gave me even a project. He says talk to Shlok and asks him to put the money in my account. jyoti cries. Sojal locks Astha in her room and smiles.

Kalindi is wishing to the Lord that Astha should not be hurt again by Shlok. Astha is very innocent, she does not understand the world, she may fall in love with Shlok. Avdhoot comes and says Astha called me and said Shlok is innocent, he did not frame me, I m happy, we should go to their house. Kalindi says we won’t go, Shlok is not a good man, Anjali will insult you if you go there, this relation is for few days now. He says think about Astha and her happiness. Look at Niranjan, he equated Astha with Shlok. What did we do, we have sent their son Shlok to jail. Why are you against them, why are you happy. Kalindi says I know them very well, they can never change, Astha can never be happy in that house.

Sojal is getting ready thinking Varad is taking her out for the Valentine surprise. jaya helps her in getting ready. Sojal applies a face mask and her cheek becomes red. She says look at this. jaya says I will bring the Chandan pack. Sojal says you spoiled my face today and leaves annoyed. Abhay’s mum calls Abhay and says its a good news. Swami ji called and says this time we will get a baby boy. Treat jyoti with love and keep her as queen. She treats jyoti well and takes care of her. She asks her not to do any work and have milk.

Kalindi is still worried and talking to Avdhoot. Avdhoot asys try to understand, Shlok and Astha are still husband and wife, they are trying to give their marriage a chance. Kalindi says I m very much worried about her, I m afraid Shlok can hurt her. Abhay comes home with flowers and us happy knowing he is having a son. He says I brought a bouquet for jyoti for Valentine’s day. He asks jyoti not to do much work and gives her flowers wishing her happy valentines day. jyoti does not understand whats going on. She looks at them and is tensed. She thinks what happened to Abhay today, why is he behaving like this. Abhay says come with me, I need to talk. jyoti is confused. Abhay’s mum is happy.

Abhay brings jyoti to their room and says this flowers are for you, take it. She takes it. He says you like jalebis, so I brought this for you, you made me very happy today. He gives her his photo and says look at this photo everytime, so that our baby can be like me. jyoti says so he is expecting me to give him a son, if this time a daughter is born then. jyoti gets tensed. Abhay gets angry on her and makes her eat the jalebis by forcing it in her mouth.

Astha finds her room’s door locked from outside and calls out Anjali to open the door. She knocks the door. The maid opens the door. Astha thanks the maid and leaves. Varad calls Shlok and Astha to know where they reached. Shlok says I m on the way. Varad says come soon. The maid tells Astha you are looking very beautiful today. Astha says thanks. Astha tells Varad that I m leaving now. Varad says don’t tell anyone at home. Varad smiles and says I want them to start a new story. All the best. Sojal sees Astha going and thinks who opened the door. Shlok thinks about Astha’s words about Swati. He recalls Swati. He says I wish I could say no to Varad for this meeting.