Tuesday Update on The Frontliners 31st August 2021


Tuesday Update on The Frontliners 31st August 2021

Ishani thinking of Sid’s confession, their moments and his bitter words. She sits crying. Judaai….plays… Neil and Rahil come to her. Neil asks her to be strong. Rahil says please calm down. She says Sid has to clarify, how can he hurt me, Sid and Asha have to answer my questions. She goes out. They call her out. Juhi sees her. Ishani says sorry, my mind isn’t working, I can’t talk to you now. She goes. Juhi says I know what you are going through, when one doesn’t get answers in love, you can’t wait. Ishani goes and sees Sid and Asha holding hands. Sid asks Asha to go home if she is tired. Ishani says tell me your love story. The man says there is an emergency. Sid says Ishani was assisting me, now Asha will assist me. They go. Ishani throws the glass and says I won’t give up so soon, I will get my answers.

Anjali says what happened to Sid, he married Asha, really. Vardaan says I didn’t see so much drama in any film. He picks a file and says why this old case, is it special. She says don’t know, I got to see this. He thinks I have kept this file on table, you will know your dad’s black deeds. She checks the file. Sid and Asha leave. Ishani stops them. Ishani says I have to talk to Asha. Sid says we have no time, talk to her tomorrow, we will get late, we got married today, Asha’s grahpravesh is also pending, she is my wife now, you know the meaning of it right, I promise we will talk tomorrow, not now, move aside, we have to go. He holds Asha’s hands. They leave. Ishani sits crying and thinks why did Lord snatch Sid from me.

The man says Shashank is calling you to cabin. Juhi goes. Vardaan thinks sorry, Shashank didn’t call you, but you should see the father-daughter drama. Anjali asks Shashank to say the truth, Juhi did the mistake, you took blame on yourself. Juhi hears them. Anjali says this file has a memo, what’s the truth, she was responsible for the death, you took the blame, patient died after the surgery, this is the truth. Juhi thinks I met that patient after leaving from OT, she was fine. Anjali says you saved Juhi’s medical career. Shashank says I request you, let past be past. He sees Juhi crying. Anjali asks how did you know that Juhi is there, you felt her, amazing love. Juhi runs away. Vardaan thinks I m taking revenge for my sister, I will ruin Shashank, I promise.

The locality people get happy and ask for party. They like Asha. Guddu says she is good, but she isn’t Ishani. Sid says don’t say such, Asha is my wife. Guddu says its wrong. He goes crying. The people leave. Roshni sees Sid. She says you used to say you won’t marry, how did you marry suddenly, you were afraid of marriage. Sid says sometimes we have to do it. She says I want an answer. He says I will answer you, thanks. He thinks how shall I say why I did this, I m not able to understand. Roshni goes their aarti. Ishani thinks of Sid. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…. She cries. Sid stays sad. Its morning, Ishani is on call. Sid comes to cafeteria. She collides with Sid. They rush to see a girl’s suicide case. The man says she has cut her wrist by falling for her BF. Ishani says loving someone means committing suicide. Sid looks at her.

Ishani asking the patient’s dad not to worry. She goes. Sid thinks of Ishani and thinks she shouldn’t take any wrong step because of me. Asha comes. He says we will just tell Ishani, she has a right to know. She says no, you know everything. He says think about Ishani, what I did with her, she has a right to know, please. She says please I request you. Juhi comes to Shashank and says so this was the matter, you have hidden a big thing from me. He says I would have told you the truth, you would have accepted the blame, you know board finds chances, I didn’t let that happen. She says you love me and…

She says and you aren’t giving me an answer. A girl gives him a heart balloon. He says look even kids like me. Asha sees Ishani. Ishani recalls Asha as Sid’s wife. Rishabh says so your and Ishani’s story is over right, team wise. Sid says I understand it well, better stay away. Ishani recalls Asha’s words. She falls down. Asha worries. Ishani signs her to stay away. She says I m much hurt, its painful. She cries. Rishabh says when a beautiful girl’s heart breaks, I give my shoulder and wipes tears to take advantage, it will be fun to play with Ishani. Sid gets angry.

Asha says I will get ice pack. Ishani says no, I want an answer, why you two have done this, my fate is such, I m mad to trust wrong person and run after love, its not your mistake, its my fault. She goes. Rishabh says my work got over, thanks, I think my game will go much far with Ishani, she is very hot, I like her, it will be fun. Sid gets angry and gets up to hit. He gives the coffee cup to Rishabh and says have coffee, these things won’t affect me, do anything with Ishani, I have nothing to do with it, my work is to take care of Asha, Ishani is all yours. Ishani looks on. Rishabh greets her and asks her to come. She gets sad and goes. She recalls Sid’s words and thinks you broke my heart, you and your wife made fun of my love and friendship.

Ishani checks a patient. Asha looks on. Patient asks did you both had a fight, you both are best friends, is there any fight for a guy, so you both love the same guy, who cheated. Ishani says one who married the guy. The girl asks what, Dr. Asha…. Asha asks what’s this, why are you saying this. Ishani says she is my patient, I didn’t lie, everyone should know that even best friends can cheat. Asha says I don’t want to talk about my personal life. Ishani says you took away my entire life. Asha says I m Sid’s wife, its the truth, I don’t care. Ishani says you are a cheat. Asha faints down. Ishani shouts Asha. Rahil asks Sid to come fast, Asha fainted. Sid asks is she fine. Rahil asks him to go. Sid says my surgery is complete, close him up. He goes. Asha gets conscious and sees everyone. Ishani says such things happen in pregnancy, you knew it, you are pregnant. Sid comes.

He asks are you fine Asha. Ishani asks are you the baby’s father, because we can’t share girl and baby’s reports with anyone else, just baby’s dad and family can know it. Sid says I m senior doctor here, being this baby’s dad, I have right to read the reports. Ishani gets shocked. He asks Ishani, Neil and Philo to go out.