Tuesday Update on This is Love 18 February 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 18 February 2020

Karan telling Raman that their plan is on. Raman asks Vishal to give him some time, he will trap Sahil. He says promise me that you will surrender. Vishal says no way, its better we run away. Ishita asks how long will you run like this, whatever happened was an accident, Muskaan was an drug peddler. Raman says its called self defense, not a murder. She says police will understand that wrong happened with Naveen. Raman says people like Muskaan don’t deserve to live. Ishita says you can live free. Naveen says I m sorry, I will go jail and tell them that I killed Muskaan. Vishal says I love you more than my life, I will protect you always. They hug and cry.

Ishita says just remember you are dealing with a big don, its imp to catch him first, then you can live a free life. Raman says I spoke to a good rehab, I promise nothing will happen to you both, Naveen will get fine at rehab. He asks Ranbir to take Naveen with him. Karan says I hope my plan works, Sahil has sent his man after me. He stops the car and goes somewhere. The man follows. Karan catches the man and says you were following me, come with me. Ishita says I will go back now, Sahil’s man would be waiting, I m worried for Karan, his safety is imp. He says I won’t let anything happen to Karan, trust me. She says I m confident, we may fight but I love you. Shamshad says we will know about Karan now.

Karan pushes the man inside the door and gets in. He asks Sahil to keep his dog. He says I don’t want to talk to you if you don’t trust me. Sahil sends Shamshad out. He says its tough to trust in our line. Karan says then forget it, I will take my revenge some other way. Sahil says fine, my men won’t follow you, if you double cross me, I won’t think twice before killing you. Karan says I m not a goon, don’t play games with me, I lost my mind because of my brother’s death. Sahil agrees. Karan leaves and says thank God, my acting worked, he trusted me.

Ishita says I m worried, I have hit a biker today. Bala comes to ask for Karan. Ishita says I was telling them that I had done an accident today. Karan comes and asks how could you say this so casually, you don’t care for anyone’s life. Sahil watches them and says its good Rohan died, we got another enemy of Bhallas, Karan is very angry. Ruhi asks Karan to stop it, how can he talk to Ishita like this. Ishita says its okay. Raman comes and asks what happened, calm down Ruhi. Karan says I don’t want your fake concern, you all are bad and selfish people. He goes. Bala goes after him. Sahil says very soon we will know who killed Muskaan. Karan sees Munna hiding. He acts I m not going to spare Bhallas. Bala says you are not mentally stable to drive, come with me. Munna records Karan shouting on Bala.

Bala says Raman and Ishita are feeling guilty and committed to your mum that they will keep you safe, calm down and come with us. Appa says you don’t get angry Karan, you got peace when you visited temple, come with us, you can punish Raman and Ishita if you want. Karan thinks Sahil will get this news now. Sahil says I think we can trust Karan. Shamshad says don’t know, but fine if you are saying. Sahil watches them. Karan thinks I can’t react now, I can’t tell Raman and Ishita, I have to wait for right time. Sahil says I have to wait for right time to trap Muskaan’s killer. Raman goes out wearing a hood. Munna doesn’t see him. Raman goes somewhere and burns Vishal’s shirt. Karan comes there and shouts who is there. Raman runs. Karan runs after him. He blows off the fire. Munna asks what happened. Karan asks did you see that man, I couldn’t see him, he was burning something.

Munna says I didn’t see his face. Karan says I saved this cloth piece, it has blood stains, go and give this to Sahil, ask him to get it tested. Raman says everything is happening according to plan. Raman comes to Ishita and says everything is fine. They sleep. Its morning, Munna gives the cloth piece to Shamshad. Sahil comes. Shamshad gives it to Karan. Sahil says this has blood stains, when did Karan give this, it maybe imp. Munna says last night. Sahil slaps and says you are getting it now. He asks Shamshad to get it tested, wait there until reports come, I should get the reports. Shamshad goes. Raman comes to Iyer house. Appa asks Amma to get coffee for Raman.

Raman asks Karan how are you. Karan asks do you really care. He gets angry and leaves breakfast. Ruhi asks what’s this drama. Karan says my brother died because of your mom and dad. Ruhi says you know they aren’t responsible. Simmi and Mihika come. Simmi asks them to stop it, Ruhi understand Karan, his state of mind. Karan goes. Ruhi asks why should I understand. Simmi says give him time to heal. Mihika says I will talk to Ruhi. Yug comes and says I was looking for you, what happened. You should understand. Ruhi says you know I just can’t take it, what does Karan think of himself. Yug asks Ruhi about project. Mihika asks them to talk about it. Sahil says Muskaan I will know who killed you. Shamshad comes and says this cloth has Muskaan’s blood. Sahil sees Muskaan’s pic.