Tuesday Update on True Love 1st September 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 1st September 2020

Jogi has to come to meet Meethi but they are declined. This case if already complicated as it involves the murder of ANP’s daughter. I cannot allow you. Kanha requests him and so does everyone else but the inspector is helpless. Damini notices Akash and calls out for him. What is all this? I want to meet Meethi but they aren’t letting us. Meethi cannot do it. Akash tells her that he has met Meethi. Nothing will happen to her. I wont let anything happen to her. Jogi insists wanting to meet her as she is innocent. Sankrant who was listening to all this asks them to be quiet. Your beloved Meethi is a killer. She has killed my Ambika.

Akash understands his pain but he also has lost a family member. We should support each other. Sankrant pulls back from him. I know you are doing this to save Meethi. Put all your strength in saving her and invest as much money as you want to, I know you would! Akash points out that they both need to be together in this moment of pain. Sankrant asks him to bring back his Ambika if he is with him. Akash is speechless. Bring back my baby which was inside her. You cannot do it! They are all shocked to hear this. Sankrant walks out with Akash following him trying to make him understand the point.

Rathore is lost in Ambika’s thoughts. Her voice, her song rings in his ears. He recalls what he saw at the fort. Meethi too recalls what she had seen in the fort. Rathore looks at Malvika’s and then at Ambika’s picture. Chaubey knocks at his door and comes inside. She killed my daughter. She is lying about the fact that AMbika committed suicide. Ambika cannot do it. She was very happy with her husband.

Two people were jealous of her in that house – Ekadish and Meethi. You are the only eyewitness. Will you say the truth in the court? Will you give justice to my sister Malvika’s daughter by acting as a witness against Meethi? Rathore turns to look at him after keeping the pics down. Chaubey continues pleading him to go ahead and do it. Will you not give her justice knowing fully well that she was your daughter? I apologize to you. I loved my sister so much that I couldn’t accept the fact that she committed suicide.

He holds Rathore’s feet begging him to give justice to Ambika. Rathore pats at his shoulder. Chaubey continues talking. Ekadish wanted to kill Ambika from the beginning. I don’t know what happened and how but she (Meethi) has burned my daughter alive. You may not be a witness but I will surely get justice for my sister’s daughter. Saying so he leaves from there. Rathore closes his eyes in pain.

Akash paces in his room while recalling Sankrant’s words as to how he believes Meethi has killed Ambika. Maiyya comes there. This is not the time to sit like this. This is the time to be strong. He cannot believe she is saying this. He still doesn’t trust her fully. She knows it. But I don’t mind what you think. Save your wife from Chaubey. This isn’t my request but order. She is in problem. Give her strength, trust. Assure her that things will be fine. She always used to say that truth prevails. Make her remember all that and be with her. Remember when I became widow you were merely 4 years older yet you supported me and gave me strength. You have that courage, that strength. Go hold your wife’s hand and make her believe that you will set everything right. Wake up your inner strength. She assures him all will be fine. You will do it.

Vishnu gives Mukta’s leave application to his senior as he is heading to office only. The days are indefinite for now. Mukta’s sister is stuck in a big problem. Vishnu notices a spark in the meter and asks his men to stop doing their work. He also scolds them for not listening to him. His manager tells them to continue with their work. It will be checked later. Vishnu tries to make sense but the manager assures him nothing wrong has happened so far.

This has been happening since the beginning. If you have problem with it then talk to Yuvaan Sir directly. Vishnu still orders the labors to stop their work but they also don’t listen to him. There is no point in stopping the work as our one day’s payment will be cut. Plus this keeps on happening. There had been an incident in the past too. Vishnu has decided in his mind he wont let any work continue here till the meter is fine. I myself will go to talk to Yuvaan Sir personally.

Meethi is about to be taken to court after which her orders for judicial custody will be granted. Her family begs to the inspector that Meethi is innocent. Damini notices Meethi being taken to the police van and they try to meet her but in vain. A chant plays in the background. Meethi walks as if in a trance. She is finally taken away in the van. Damini tries to follow her but falls in the process. They all help her get up while she cries for Meethi.

Rathore gets a call from Mukta. She apologizes to him for not calling him earlier. I know you must be upset as you have lost your daughter. You must be thinking that I am not sad about it. Don’t know why but I am only worried for Meethi right now. She is in the judicial custody for 7 days. There are so many charges against her that it is next to impossible to get her bail. I only want this that I get all the proof to prove Meethi innocent. She hasn’t killed Ambika. I and you both know this. She cannot commit such a crime ever. Rathore understands what she is trying to say. I know Meethi and I remember whose daughter she is. They end the call. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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