Tuesday Update on True Love 28th July 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 28th July 2020

Meethi stands up on her feet in order to catch the ball. Meethi is very much pleased as she holds the ball in her hand while Akash is happy to see her standing on her own again. She shows the ball to him. A chant plays. Everyone starts moving in her direction happy to see her having recovered from her paralysis. They are all happily surprised. Akash makes Meethi realise she is standing on her own feet. Now we wont need this wheelchair. You can walk. Akash lifts her up. They both are very happy. Pavitra and Maiyya are superbly surprised to see this miracle. Ambika watches it irked. Akash is happy they wont need this wheelchair very soon. You will start walking / running. Ambika is worried that Meethi will recover now. I wont let this happen. I will have to do something that she breaks down. Her win will account to my loss. Meethi hugs Akash.

Ambika is upset as she walks inside Bundela House. She stops outside Meethi’s room and looks at the goldfish (Pakiya). She recalls how much memories of Meethi’s mom are associated with it. She looks at the ball that is lying on the floor. She remembers the shot that Meethi had hit and is really holding her fist in anger. She notices the crack in the window and moves forward to pick the ball. She talks to the goldfish. Meethi won from me. How can I tolerate this? You are Meethi’s favourite and her mom’s life. You will have to go. I am sorry. She picks up the bowl and drops it on floor. The way you are yearning for life now…the same way Meethi will yearn one day…she will fight for every breath like you and that too very soon. Meethi you will yearn for sure…fish is the princess of water and you are the princess of my Akash’s heart. I will make it happen very soon.

Meethi comes to her room and is shocked to see the broken fishbowl. She calls out for Akash. He comes there running and looks at it sadly. Ambika tells Meethi that the six she had hit has hit this bowl and this poor fish died. Akash covers the fish with a napkin. Akash notices Meethi’s sadness. She says I killed someone in a game. What did I do! He tells her she dint do anything intentionally. You cannot kill anyone. It all happened unknowingly. Ambika insists Meethi hit the ball very badly that’s why it broke. This poor fish is lying dead here. Akash hugs Meethi to comfort her. ambika is happy.

Mukku has brought Christmas tree in the house. Vishnu too likes it. When I was a kid I dint knew anything about Christmas / Santa Claus / gifts. You know how I spent my childhood. She tells him he doesn’t need to worry over anything. You can get everything now that you dint get in your childhood as I am in your life now. They both smile. She tells him when she was a kid…at that time bade papa’s business wasn’t going well but he dint let us know ever. When I was small then I used to decorate the whole house and celebrate Christmas.

When I turned 16 I wanted a new car, I woke up and saw a toy car. I was very angry, shouted and screamed. Badi ma and Nani made me understand that Santa tried a lot but couldn’t arrange money for such a big gift. You will get it very soon…that is when I realised but they dint say a word to me ever. Vishnu wipes her tears. I cant see tears in your eyes. From childhood your bade papa was your Santa but from now on, its me. you can ask me anything. She tells him all her wishes have come true. I don’t want anything more. I have already got everything I want. You are my best gift. They hug happily. Someone is watching them. A hand is shown outside their window.

Sankrant is taking tablets when Ambika comes there. She asks him about it. He recalls his old days when he used to drink a lot. He tells her about it. I was a heavy drinker. Since I have come here I have decided not to drink anymore. This medicine helps me stay away from liquor. She tells him she is with him now. I wont let you start drinking again. Everyone comes to have dinner. Ambika wants to tell something to them. maiyya gets irritated. I know what you want. She asks Pavitra to show it to her. ambika declines. I can talk about that to you when we are alone. She tells Akash about a temple which is believed to fulfil wishes. It is some 50 kms away from here. One gets whatever they ask for. Today Meethi stood on her own feet as per God’s will. Why don’t we all go there and pray for Meethi? Sankrant is proud of her. He asks Akash about it.

Meethi is studying in her room. Akash comes there all dressed up as a Santa and knocks on the door. He comes inside and starts jumping on the bed wishing her merry Christmas. She smiles and pulls off his beard. She calls him a kid. He too accepts he is a kid by heart. She asks for her gift. He gifts her a watch. She dint get anything for him. He also gives her a gift to give to him. Both the watches are same. He tells her they are very special watches. He tells her to press a button on the watch and moves a little away from her.

Nice instrumental music plays in the background. They both say I love you to each other through that button in their watches. She loves it. He tells her to press the button whenever she needs him and he will come. She says I wont let you go away from me in the first place. He murmurs how she sends him off to office every morning. She remembers this and tells him to change and sleep as he has to go to office tomorrow. He puts his head in her lap not agreeing to change the Santa Claus dress he is wearing.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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