Tuesday Update on Young Love 24th November 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 24th November 2020

Nandini asking Aarti what is she saying? And asks her to stop media and the people. Shankar gets angry as he watches the news on TV. Media asks Nandini to give an answer as a guy is killed. She gets a message. Nandini looks on. Reporter asks do you think that your doctor licence should be cancelled. Nandini asks don’t you think I should get your reporter licence cancelled. She shows the video in which someone is beating aarti’s brother and she is pleading to leave him. Nandini says you can’t accuse us without proper knowledge. She says Aarti’s brother was beaten badly. She asks what do you write in your newspaper? Reporter asks who is that person who had beaten him. Nandini says it is not our work, and says our work is to save people’s life. She asks aarti to pray for her brother’s soul and asks her to accuse that person who had beaten him so badly that led to his death.

Reporters ask Aarti. Aarti cries silently. Nandini asks media to leave. Aarti cries and hugs her. Nandini asks who was that man who had beaten him so badly. Aarti cries and says he is my husband. Nandini asks her to think of her as her sister and asks for help whenever needed. Aarti tells Dr. Amit that Nandini is the best doctor in the hospital.

Dr. Amit comes to Nandini and says I am really impressed. She says how did you get that video. Nandini says someone sent me that video and he is also my guardian angel. Dr. Amit says God must have sent him. Nandini says I am really thankful. Shankar/Shivam says that he has done this for Aarti’s brother, as he works with him and needs to be punished. He says maa always taught me that one should respect woman. He says I will not come infront of you Nandini. Dr. Amit tells his dad that media was raising question on their relation. His dad says there is nothing wrong if your and Nandini’s relation move on. He says whenever I see you both, I see a new start, and asks him to permit his heart to love Nandini. Dr. Amit is shocked. His dad says she is few years younger than you, and asks him to take a plunge.

Nandini comes home and sees her mum shouting. She asks what happened? Mum says that rat was troubling me since 3 days, but our new tenant caught him. Nandini is surprised. She sees Krish Raj coming out. Mum introduces Nandini and Krish to each other. Nandini says you are our tenant. She says you can’t stay here. Krish asks why? Nandini says you can’t stay here, and asks her mum to return the rent and deposit amount. Krish asks what about my emotions which I have deposited here. He says I stopped missing my momsaa seeing your mum. Mum says you can call me momsaa. Krish thanks her. Mum says he can’t be bad, let him stay here. He have saved us from the rats. Krish says I will fight with them for mom saa, and asks what to do with this rat. Nandini asks him not to come near her.

Nandini asks him to take his emotions, rent and deposit and go. Dad comes and says he is our new tenant. He says he is intern in that hospital. Nandini says his intelligence is less and asks him to return his money. Dad asks what happened? Nandini says he always jokes and never be serious. Dad smiles, and asks Nandini to come to side. Nandini goes. Krish thinks you are very serious, and I have dose of masti and laughter for you. Dad shows chain to Nandini for Sudha and says she is demanding two tolas of chain. He says I don’t know how to fulfill their demands, but this tenant’s deposit have solved our problem. He asks what to do now? Mum asks Krish not to feel bad abour Nandini’s words. Krish asks her to explain to Nandini to be happy. Nandini comes back and asks him to tell about his name and place.

Krish says I am from Delhi, and my name is Dr. Krish Raj. He says I don’t get angry as I am so cute. Nandini asks him about his college. He says he passed with 55 percent of marks. She asks him to accept her conditions and says you can stay here for a month. He says you shouldn’t tell anyone in the hospital that you are staying here. She asks him to be in limits. Krish says even I have a condition. Krish says I just want you to be my mentor in hospital and home. Nandini asks him not to come near her and goes. Mum says I will send your stuff in your room. Krish asks why your daughter is like lady dragon. Mum says she has a soft heart. Krish says she has saved my life also. He tells about his accident and Nandini saving him. Mum says there is some connection, first Nandini had helped you, and now you have helped us. She says it is destiny, and thinks God wants something. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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