Tuesday Update on Young Love 28th July 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 28th July 2020

Jagya asking Disa if Nimboli’s parents know about Kundan’s attempt to molest their daughter. He says how can they stay silent even after knowing it. Disa tells they didn’t know and that’s why they can’t be blamed. She tells that they didn’t know if Nimboli’s parents are alive or not. She tells Akhiraj was getting his son married to a girl, but a woman came and stopped the marriage. Akhiraj couldn’t take it and has kidnapped her 3 months old daughter. Jagya is shocked and recalls Dadisaa informing him about Nandini’s kidnap.

Disa tells she didn’t know her parents and tells Akhiraj was angry when he brought Nimboli home. She tells she heard Akhiraj planning to kill Nimboli, and suggests him to get Kundan married to her to get away with his dosh. Jagya asks if you have any stuff of her, Disa says yes. Jagya says I want to see it. Nidhi says she will help Shivam in studies. Anant says she will do and is his sister. Disa shows the clothes to Jagya, and tells she had something in her neck which I kept safely. She shows the chain with a pendant. Jagya opens the pendant and sees Anandi and Shiv’s pic inside it. He is shocked. Disa looks at Anandi’s pic and says Anandi…..Jagya gets teary eyed and emotional. He says Nimboli is Anandi’s daughter Nandini. Disa is in shock.

Jagya smiles and says I can’t tell you about our happiness. He says I will inform Anandi and she will be very happy. He says he will stay in Jhalra till Anandi comes, and thanks Disa again. Disa is still in shock and couldn’t believe on her ears. Shivam thanks Nidhi for helping in his project. Jagya calls Anandi and asks her to come to Jhalra fast. Anandi asks is everything fine? Jagya says just come here and says I promise that this journey will be most memorable for you till date. Anandi realizes that he is talking about Nandini and asks. Jagya confirms and says yes. Anandi gets emotional and happy. She sits shockingly, unable to believe him. Anant takes the call. Jagya asks him to bring Anandi to Jhalra. Anant says we will leave in 5 mins. Jagya says okay.

Disa comes to Nimboli and asks her to wake up. Kamli asks let her sleep. Disa takes Nimboli with her. Anandi cries and says Jagya have searched my Anandi. Shivam says I don’t understand. Anandi tells Jagya found your sister. Shivam says I will also come with you. Anandi asks him to be there and goes with Anant. Disa takes Nimboli to he room, closes the door and windows, then hugs Nimboli and cries. She tells no one can snatch her daughter from her. She asks Devimaa not to empty her lap, and says she can’t bear this pain. Anandi is in her car and recalls her conversation with Shiv. She recalls Nandini’s birth and gets teary eyes. Disa looks at Nimboli and recalls the memories. She packs her stuff and cries. Anandi smiles happily.

Anant is driving the car and asks Anandi if she is okay. Anandi tells my daughter was with that man since 12 years. Anant asks who was that man. Anandi tells everything and a flashback is shown. She tells that man got her son married to my 3 months old daughter after a few days of kidnapping. She says my search will end today, and I will meet my Nandini. Disa wakes up Nimboli in the night and asks her to get ready. Nimboli says why? Disa says time has come to leave this house. Nimboli asks where I will go? Disa asks her to agree to her sayings and come.

Anandi comes to Jagya and asks where is Nandini. She calls her name. She asks how do you identified her. Jagya shows the clothes and chain pendant. Anandi gets emotional seeing chain and pendant.

Anandi looking at Nandini’s chain in which her photo and Shiv’s photo were embedded. She identifies the clothes and says it was same clothes which she made her wear that. She asks where is my daughter Jagya. Jagya tells Nimboli…..is your daughter. Anandi is surprised…..and happy…She says my Nandini…….She recalls her meeting with Nimboli and a flashback is shown. She recalls meeting Nimboli in the mela and their hug. She gets happy with teary eyes. She recalls their conversation when they happened to meet. She hugs the clothes and says Devi maa made her meet with Nandini many times, but I didn’t identify my daughter. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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