Tuesday Update on Young Love 4th February 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 4th February 2020

Nandu and Mannu coming downstairs and tells everyone that they were in meeting. Jagya asks what? Nandu says you people didn’t take us to see Anandi jiji’s children. He says we will go with you for the naming ceremony. Dadisaa asks what if we don’t take you both? Mannu says he will cry. Nandu says he will call Anandi and complain. Jagya says we have to take them along with us, we don’t have any other option now. Dadisaa asks them to help her practice the play. Nandu agrees. Dadisaa hugs Mannu. Mannu kisses her. Everyone smiles.

Amol’s mother tells Anandi that they lost Amol 10 years back when he was 1 year old. He was lost in the mela/fair. Amol’s father tells them that a lady kidnapped Amol from the fair. She then told her mother in law and husband, who scold them. She gets scared thinking about the Police complaint. Her mother in law asks her to return the boy. Her husband asks her to leave the child at the orphanage at Udaipur. She left my child at the orphanage when he was just 1 year old. She cries. She says we were in touch with Police and relatives. She says we did everything. We went to the temple and prayed. We went to the fair every year with the hope that we will find our son.

Amol’s father says that woman came to the fair again after 10 years. She is having a child now. She lost her son in the fair and we find him. We informed the security there. They made the announcement for the boy. The woman came there and got happy seeing her son. The security guys said that she is very lucky. We told her that we lost our son 10 years back. She was shocked and realized that they were talking about the baby. She told us everything and apologized to us. Then we went to the orphanage and came here. He thanks Anandi for adopting Anandi even after knowing that he is handicapped boy. Now he got fine because of your care. Amol’s parents request her to return their Raju. Anandi is shocked and teary eyed. She sees them crying. She says she is not heartless. She says I am ready to give your son to you. Everyone cry.

They are grateful to Anandi and insist to meet Amol. Anandi nods yes. Subhadra goes to call him. Anandi requests them to let Amol attend her babies’ naming ceremony and take them a day later. They agree.

Dadisaa is practicing the play. Niranjan asks Nandu to lie down. He explains the play to Dadisaa and says Panna dai makes her son sleep on the prince place and vice versa. Mannu also lie down. Dadisaa starts acting for the play. Everyone is amazed with her acting. Jagya tells her that she forgot one paragraph. Dadisaa gets tensed. Jagya asks her to read the lines properly. Dadisaa says I have to go tomorrow for the naming ceremony and then have the play.

Subhadra brings Amol downstairs. Anandi reminds Amol that they brought him from the orphanage. Subhadra tells Amol that the couple is his real parents. They start kissing Amol and hug him. Amol asks them to leave him. He questions Anandi. She says they are your parents. She asks him to go with him. Amol refuses and hugs her saying you are my mother and no one else. Anandi cries. Everyone look emotionally. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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