Tuesday Update on Young Love 7th July 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 7th July 2020

Kamli seeking Harki and Akhiraj’s permission to take Nimboli with her to her inlaws home. Akhiraj is stunned, but Jata Shankar asks him to let Kamli take Nimboli for few days. Akhiraj agrees on his insistence and asks Harki to make arrangements for their breakfast. Jata Shankar’s driver brings the gifts and sweets from their car. Akhiraj looks on. The driver goes out and attends a call. He tells he will handover Pushkar to them. Jata Shankar tells that they were going to Pushkar’s cousin house, and thought to came here as he invited him. Akhiraj thanks him for accepting his wish. Nimboli asks Kamli to meet Urmila and tells about their friendship. Kamli refuses to meet her. Disa tells Urmila is a good girl. Harki calls Kamli and introduces Kamli and Urmila to each other. Urmila greets her and says I wanted to meet you. Harki asks Kamli to do the ritual with Urmila. Kamli goes towards Nimboli.

Harki asks why you want to tie lumba to Nimboli. Kamli asks if we have made new relations then shall we forget old relations. She says I remember everything. Pushkar’s parents praise her values. Kamli does the lumba ritual and ties Rakhi. Nimboli smiles. Kundan is irked. She does her aarti and makes her eat laddoo. She does the ritual with Urmila then and ties rakhi. Urmila smiles.

Kamli tells I don’t have any complaints with you as you was betrayed, but I can’t give Nimboli’s place to anyone. She asks her to take care of Nimboli. Urmila smiles and nods. The driver calls Pushkar’s relative and tells him that he will stop car somewhere. He asks the goon to send money to him. Nimboli hears him talking, but don’t understand his plan. She gives him food. She comes again, but sees him talking and goes.

Akhiraj asks Jata Shankar, did you talk to Sarpanch? Jata Shankar says he didn’t talk because of the festival and asks him not to worry. Akhiraj thinks his luck is going to be bright. Nimboli gets ready with her stuff.

Akhiraj asks Kamli to tie Rakhi on her brother’s wrist. Kundan waits for Kamli to tie Rakhi smilingly. Kamli stares the Rakhi and tells you didn’t do anything for me, which makes me proud to tie Rakhi on your hand. This Rakhi will be kept with me and the day I get sure that you deserves this, I will tie Rakhi on your hand. Akhiraj gets angry and raises his hand to slap her. Jata Shankar asks Akhiraj, how can he not understand Kamli’s simple words. He says we are her parents now. He asks her to leave it and focus on elections. Pushkar’s mum tells that Kundan and Kamli will resolve their issue. Kundan tells I don’t want this sister nor her Rakhi, go to hell, I don’t care. Jata Shankar says we shall leave now and asks Kamli and Pushkar to come. He asks Nimboli to come with them. Disa stops Nimboli and calls Kamli. Kamli looks on.

Disa gives money to Nimboli and Urmila, and asks them to give to Kamli. They give happily. Pushkar’s mum tells I heard so much about you. Disa thanks her for keeping Kamli happily at their house. Pushkar’s mum tells that Kamli got your values and she didn’t take time to become daughter from daughter in law. Urmila hugs Kamli and Nimboli. Nimboli tells Urmila that she will come soon. Disa asks Nimboli not to do anything at Kamli’s house. Nimboli waves bye and leaves with Pushkar’s family. Harki gets upset with Kamli’s behavior, while Akhiraj feigns smile.

While Pushkar and his family are heading back home in their car. A speedy lowry follows the car, and calls the driver asking him to stop the car. He tells he is on the say and is on the destination. Everyone is happy and looks on. The driver lies that his wife called them. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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