Unforseen Love Teasers May 2018 Glow Tv


Unforseen Love Teasers May 2018 Glow Tv

Unforseen Love Teasers May 2018 Glow Tv

In the upcoming episode Teasers for May here is the Highlight

Tuesday  1 May 2018

Manorama finds out that Khushi is not in Madhumati’s home. Meanwhile, Khushi receives a call from Arnav’s kidnappers.
Episode 269 

 Kidnappers have Arnav surrounded and he is fighting them all off whilst being blindfolded.
Wednesday 2 May 2018

Khushi and Manorama hide in a mall when they realize that they are being followed. Will the kidnappers catch up with them?
Episode 271 
Manorama and Khushi fight off the kidnappers. Will they manage to succeed in their plan?

Thursday 3 May 2018

Arnav is beaten up by the goons when he attacks Shyam. Meanwhile, Khushi’s in-laws try to cheer her up.
Episode 273 
Khushi finds blood on Shyam’s shoe and thinks that it belongs to Arnav. Will she find out the truth?

Fiday 4 May 2018

Nandkishore helps Khushi with her mission to save Arnav. Will they manage to gain access to Shyam’s briefcase?
Episode 275
Nandkishore and Khushi find some of Arnav’s personal documents in Shyam’s briefcase. How will they handle the issue?

Monday 7 May 2018

Khushi tries to confuse Shyam when he becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, will Arnav find out that Shyam is behind everything?
Episode 277 
Anjali becomes suspicious when Shyam and Khushi leave home together. Meanwhile, Shyam tries to win Khushi over.

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Anjali finds Khushi feeding Shyam. How will she feel about this?
Episode 279 
Nandkishore and Khushi discreetly follow Shyam to his meeting with the Goons. Will they get caught?

Wednesday 9 May 2018

Payal follows through with Madhumati’s advice and seduces Akash. Will everything backfire on her?
Episode 281 
Khushi puts a fake locket in place. Meanwhile, Nani and family receive gifts at their home from “Arnav”.

Thursday 10 May 2018

Khushi finds out that Shyam’s password is “I LOVE YOU Khushi”. How will she feel about this?
Episode 283 
Khushi asks Shyam to divorce Anjali.

Friday 11 May 2018

Manorama becomes suspicious of Khushi and Shyam, leaving her to approach Anjali.
Episode 285 
Shyam finds out about Khushi and Nandkishore’s actions against him. Meanwhile, Anjali refuses to believe Manorama.

Thursday 17 June 2017
Episode 284
Manorama becomes suspicious of Khushi and Shyam, leaving her to approach Anjali.
Episode 285
Shyam finds out about Khushi and Nandkishore’s actions against him. Meanwhile, Anjali refuses to believe Manorama.

Friday 18 June 2017
Episode 286
Khushi manages to reach her husband, but it seems as though Shyam has other plans in mind. What is in store for the lovers?
Episode 287
Shyam captures Khushi, ties her up and leaves her on a road. Will Arnav manage to save her?

Monday 21 June 2017
Episode 288
Khushi informs Arnav with regard to Shyam being behind their kidnapping. Will all the truth come to surface when they return home?
Episode 289
Khushi tells Anjali the truth about Shyam.

Tuesday 22 June 2017
Episode 290
It seems as though Shyam has himself covered in front of Anjali. Will Khushi be able to handle her current situation when the family does not believe her?
Episode 291
Arnav is about to slap Shyam and kick him out of the house. Read full Update June 22nd

Wednesday 23 June 2017
Episode 292
Arnav comforts Khushi. Meanwhile, the family has a tough time dealing with everything that they have heard.
Episode 293
Akash is upset with Payal for hiding the truth from him. Meanwhile, Nani wants Khushi to stay away from Anjali.

Read Full update may 23 Episode

Thursday 24 June 2017
Episode 294
Anjali has decided to abort her unborn child. Will the family find out about this?
Episode 295
Manorama blames Khushi and Payal for the family’s misfortune. How will Arnav feel about this?

Friday 25 June 2017
Episode 296
Khushi blames herself for Shyam’s misconduct. Meanwhile, Arnav threatens to break Payal’s marriage if Khushi leaves.
Episode 297
Manorama causes a fight between Akash and Payal. Meanwhile, Anjali receives red roses ordered for Khushi, thinking they are for her.

Monday 28 June 2017
Episode 298
Khushi receives gifts from Payal and Nandkishore. Meanwhile, Arnav lies to his sister to make her happy. Will she find out the truth about the roses?
Episode 299
Arnav tries to impress Khushi by leaving a rose on her pillow while she is asleep and asks Nani to cook a special meal.


Tuesday 29 June 2017
Episode 300
Khushi gets upset with all the drama constantly going on in the home. Will she try to make everything better?
Episode 301
Manorama blames Khushi for Payal’s failed marriage. Meanwhile, Khushi refuses to accept Arnav as her husband.

Wednesday 30 June 2017
Episode 302
Payal pleads with Akash for forgiveness, but Manorama interferes in their matters. Will he eventually forgive her?
Episode 303
Arnav opens up to Anjali and comes clean about falling in love with Khushi whilst trying to save her from Shyam.

Thursday 31 June 2017
Episode 304
Khushi lies to Arnav about going to her parents to see her mother. Meanwhile, Payal refuses to go with Akash on a trip as she fears Manorama.
Episode 305
Arnav confronts Khushi for lying to him. Meanwhile, Manorama spots Anjali secretly meeting a stranger. Who could it be?

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Unforseen Love Teasers May 2018 Glow Tv