Verdeelde Liefde Teasers September 2022 [eExtra]


Verdeelde Liefde Teasers September 2022 [eExtra]

Short Story Summary

Zeynep was born into a low-income household and has little prospects in life. Her mother is frail, her father is an alcoholic, and her sibling dies from lack of medical care. When the family who hires her mother as a cleaning woman offers to adopt the little child, her situation changes.

In order to provide their daughter a better life, her parents concur. She will gain knowledge, experience love, and be surrounded by lovely things, but she is never without a sense of alienation.

Zeynep, who was formerly impoverished and innocent, develops into a smart, educated young woman who is engaged to marry her ideal groom from society’s upper class.

When her biological mother appears, attempting to reclaim control of her daughter’s life and return her to the place where she was born, this fairytale will come to a shocking conclusion.

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Tuesday 20 September 2022
Episode 1

Born into a poor family, raised in a wealthy one. The dark becomes bright. Anguish for a mother, the passing of a sibling, and a fresh start.

Does one’s past determine their future? As we follow Zeynep on her moving and insightful journey, only time will tell.

Wednesday 21 September 2022
Episode 2

Faruk asks Zeynep to marry him, but first she has to make amends with Sakine. It’s a poignant reunion with Bayram, who has ostensibly mended his ways.

The squalor of her birth home upsets Zeynep tremendously. Mehdi is sick of his mother’s meddling to find him a wife.

Thursday 22 September 2022
Episode 3

Zeynep cannot contemplate the possibility of Sakine being ostracised by Ekrem and Nermin and calls off the engagement with Faruk.

She returns to Sakine and the home of her birth, where Sakine insists that she marries Mehdi. Zeynep cannot be swayed, but a chance meeting with Mehdi leaves both of them with a blush on their cheeks.

Friday 23 September 2022
Episode 4

Mehdi and Zeynep meet, but although it is clearly a match made in heaven, they go their separate ways. Sakine demands more and more of Zeynep and Zeynep is torn between her mother and her other family.
Monday 26 September 2022
Episode 5

Nermin visits Sakine, which leaves Sakine very distraught. Zeynep breaks up with Faruk for good. Ekrem tries to keep Nermin away from Zeynep.

Zeynep and Mehdi get very close and she decides to marry him, but for the right reasons? She becomes increasingly lonely, pushed away from all sides.

Tuesday 27 September 2022
Episode 6

Mehdi puts a ring on Zeynep’s finger and she and her parents move in with Zeliha. Zeynep is torn and uncertain about her decision. Belan is devastated when Mehdi tells her he is about to get married. A sense of foreboding is in the air.

Wednesday 28 September 2022
Episode 7

It’s the wedding day of a hapless and confused Zeynep, succumbing to Sakine’s manipulation. Zeynep does ultimately tie the knot with Mehdi, but sees his very violent side when he beats up the gatecrashing Celal.

As she is about to walk out on Mehdi, Faruk is at the door. He also ends up being a victim of Mehdi’s unbridled violence.

Thursday 29 September 2022
Episode 8

Mehdi beats up Faruk, who comes to rescue Zeynep. This alienates Zeynep even more from Mehdi.

Nermin and Ekrem see Zeynep in her wedding dress and are shattered, leaving a distraught Zeynep behind. They swear to have the marriage annulled. Zeynep’s wedding night ends sad and lonely for her.

Friday 30 September 2022
Episode 9

Zeynep awakens to reality the day following the wedding. Faruk doesn’t have the same level of compassion as Mehdi.

She is further confused by his desire to save Zeynep from her predicament. Credit card for Zeynep is cancelled by Ekrem. Sakine is still incredibly cunning.