Wednesday Update June 13 on This is Love Glow Tv

Wednesday Update  on This is Love Glow Tv

June 13

Shagun shouting and crying. Mani consoles her. He gets Aaliya’s call. Amma says Aaliya would be waiting for you. Shagun thinks Pihu might have reached there. Aaliya tells Mani that Pihu has come here to meet Shagun, I don’t think she told anyone. Mani asks what, fine. He tells everyone about Pihu, she is at his home. Everyone get relieved. Shagun feels proud of Pihu. Ishita says how did she go alone, maybe someone has sent there. Raman says we all will go there and meet her. Ishita thinks Shagun has risked Pihu’s life by sending her by taxi, just because I refused to send Pihu with her, how can Shagun be so selfish.

Shagun enters Mani’s house and looks for Pihu. Aaliya says aarti…. Adi says Shagun is worried for Pihu. Shagun meets Pihu. Pihu asks Shagun
not to leave her. Shagun asks Raman to let Pihu stay here for few days. Raman says yes, it would be better if she stays here with you. Shagun thanks her. Aaliya tells Pihu that they will have fun. Shagun says thank God, we got Pihu, else what would I do. She tells Mani that she will freshen up and come for rituals, Aaliya did all preparations. Aaliya feeds sweets to Mani. Shagun sees them and goes. Aaliya feeds sweets to Adi too. Ishita goes after Shagun.

Ishita asks why did you do this Shagun. Shagun asks what did I do, whats your problem. Ishita says you act well. Shagun says I like when you compliment me, so thanks, you caught my acting late, I got what I wanted. I challenge you to expose my acting, can you do this. Ishita says I trusted you, I can’t believe you changed, why, you had complains with me, you kidnapped me, you should have taken revenge with me, you call Pihu your daughter, why did you involve her.

Shagun asks will you teach me, who are you, Ishita Devi, you made the family mad, they are my children and after you. How did you feel when no one trusted you, I wanted to see this. Ishita says you used Pihu for this. Shagun says you used Ruhi and Adi, whats wrong if I manipulated Pihu, I raised her in my womb. Ishita says I did not use them, they got against you by your behavior, not because of me, when they know your truth, no one will support you.

Shagun says none will believe you, you had proof today, you could not stop my marriage, you can’t make Pihu away from me, you made everything easy for me, your goodness is your biggest enemy, you settled my life by making me marry Mani, I agreed to marry Mani, single mother fighting for custody is shaky, now I have a settled and secure businessman, he is a good husband, he loves children, its easy for me to get Pihu’s custody, my position is strong now, you snatched Ruhi from me by marrying Raman for Ruhi’s custody, now I married Mani, I challenge now, Pihu is just mine.

Ishita says there is no comparison between us, I did not do this, I did not snatch Raman and Ruhi, you left Raman with a six month baby for other man, Ruhi did not know mother’s love, I loved Ruhi, I connected with Raman by love, it’s a love relation, not hatred, Adi and Ruhi chose me, they had choice, you did not give choice to Pihu, she does not know I m her mum, your children knew you are their mum, you cheated, you did not go on right path. Shagun says yes, you are good, you came back after 7 years, you snatched Raman and everyone, why did you snatch my family, I did everything for you, I became surrogate mother for your daughter and raised her, I m mother of three children, you snatched two, I won’t let you snatch Pihu. Ishita says I won’t snatch her, she will be always yours, believe me, Pihu has two mothers, you are feeling insecure.

Shagun says she is my daughter, what did I get by goodness, you snatched everything, I pushed me to this extent, I had Raman, family and Pihu, now I have nothing, you snatched everything. Ishita says you gave 7 years to that family, Raman was your husband, everyone changed after I came back, because they did not become yours, you wanted to get them, you changed if things did not work in your favor, I did not snatch, they gave me everything by their wish, once they know everything, even this love will be gone. Shagun says Pihu will never cheat me. Ishita says cheater gets cheated, Pihu has my blood, I challenge you, Pihu will leave you and come to me. Shagun says we will see.

Simmi says its good we got Pihu, I was so worried. Mrs. Bhalla says I feel bad for Shagun, she did a lot for us, we forgot her when we got Ishita. Ishita hears them and says I want to talk about Shagun. Raman says stop it, whats your problem. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, this time my heart does not agree to you Ishita. Ishita says listen to me. Mr. Bhalla asks them to listen to her once. Ishita asks show did Pihu reach Mani’s house alone, did you all take her before, did you give her Mani’s address, did she see Mani’s house, how did she know address and money, she does not get pocket money, did anyone of you give her money. Mrs. Bhalla says no, you are right. Ishita says how can little girl take big step to leave house and go to any address, she never did this before, I m sorry to say, I think Shagun did this.

Ishita says Shagun has put this thought in Pihu’s mind, she gave her money and address, so Pihu reached there. Raman does not agree. Ruhi says I feel Ishi Maa is right, we should get Pihu back. Raman says why will Shagun do this, when I told her to take Pihu. Ruhi says but if Ishi Maa is right 1 % then, think. Adi says we all know Shagun can do anything in anger. Raman says fine, we will go and get Pihu. Ishita thinks that she convinced them to get Pihu, as Pihu is not safe with Shagun.

Aaliya decorating Mani and Shagun’s room. She leaves. Shagun looks on and asks Pihu to sleep with her today. She goes to room and sees the decorations. She thinks Aaliya has many wishes, but sorry, this is not part of my plan.

Pihu asks will I stay here. Shagun says yes, I won’t leave you alone for a second, come. She says I m proud of you, you came alone here, you did everything what I said, I love you. Pihu says I will do anything to stay with you, don’t leave me. Shagun says I won’t. Mani looks on. Shagun gets worried seeing him. Shagun says actually, Pihu was tired and I thought to make her sleep, I will take her to another room and sleep there with her. Mani says I understand, its okay, relax, you can stay here. He leaves.

Mihika gets to
know Romi left from office and drops a message for him. She says where did Romi go, there is so much happening at home. She calls Bunty and asks for Romi. He says Romi is with me. She says fine, I will call office. She says so Romi is lying to me, I will find truth, once I catch Romi red handed, he won’t have any excuse to give him, that time he will have to answer me everything. She gets angry. Shagun says I ordered pizza for Pihu. Mani asks her to have some food. She says I will be fine when she eats food, thanks and sorry. Mani says we got married, relax, Pihu is my responsibility too. She goes.

Mani feels hungry and goes to check if there is anything to eat. Aaliya asks Mani will you make Shagun have instant noodles. He says no, she ordered pizza for herself and Pihu. Aaliya says you are too cute, I felt someone will serve you dinner after your marriage, but things are different. He says its okay, we are not normal newly weds, I m your Appa, and Shagun has Pihu, we have to give time to our children first, Shagun is mother first, marriage happened just now, there are many dinners, chill. She hugs him and calls him best Appa. She says Shagun is very lucky to get you.

Mihika says once I get to know truth, I won’t leave Romi, I will go hotel first. Romi comes and she asks where was he, why was he not answering. He says I was in meeting, so phone was off. She says I called your office, you left from office, don’t you have anything to say, someone said right, person’s nature never changes, I feel I did big mistake to marry you, you don’t deserve that I trust you, you know Pihu left home alone to stay with Shagun, Ishita feels Shagun did this, you don’t care for anyone, how can you be so selfish. She sees Raman and Ishita coming and hugs Romi. She says don’t think I got love on you, Raman and Ishita are coming. Ishita asks why does Mihika look tensed. Romi says nothing, shall I come along. Ishita says no, we will manage. They leave. Romi thinks he got saved today.

Ashok asks Niddhi to celebrate. She calls him mean and says you are celebrating for ex’s marriage. He says yes, else she would have come back to me, now she is with Mani. She says you should thank me, I convinced her to marry Mani. He says I get fun when its anything against Raman and Ishita. Shagun took Pihu along. She asks really, you know Ishita loves her children, she saved Ruhi from me, lets see how she saves Pihu.

Ishita and Raman come to Mani’s house. Ishita says sorry, I disturbed you Mani. He asks is everything fine. She says we came to talk to Shagun about Pihu. He says I thought we sorted it, let Pihu stay here, Shagun is feeding food to Pihu, its been stressful day. Ishita tells him that Shagun created this stress. Mani says you started again, Raman explain her. Raman says I tried explaining, she did not listen. Shagun comes and says its okay Mani.

Ashok reaches there and says I got your fav flowers Shagun, wish you a happy married life, Raman’s car is here, Niddhi said right, there is some drama happening here, I can see Ishita and Shagun’s fight inside. Shagun says I knew Ishita won’t let Pihu stay with me, don’t do drama, I spoke to Pihu and explained her she did wrong, she should have not come here this way, she has to stay in Bhalla house, I prepared her mentally to go with Ishita.

Ishita asks how much drama will she do. Shagun asks whats wrong with you, I just got married, why are you insulting me infront of Mani and Aaliya. She asks Mani to ask Ishita to take Pihu and leave, I don’t want to get this humiliation, I don’t deserve this. Ashok hears them and thinks why is Shagun giving Pihu back. Ishita says wait, I will take Pihu, I don’t want Shagun to say anything wrong to her. Shagun asks what, can’t I say her goodbye. Raman asks Shagun to get Pihu, if she wants to come, we will take her, else she can stay here. Shagun thanks him and goes. Ishita thinks I trapped Mani in Shagun’s plan. Ashok smiles and thinks well done Shagun.

Pihu says I won’t go with that aunty, she is bad. Shagun says you have to go there and fight for mumma’s right, that aunty is bad, you have to teach her a lesson, sometimes we have to turn bad to teach lesson to bad people, I always taught you to be a good girl and respect everyone, but you trouble that aunty, you have seen how she got me married and made me leave that house, she wants to separate us, you fight for me, Raman and everyone should know that aunty is bad. Pihu says yes, I will become your little soldier and fight for you. Shagun says don’t stay peacefully there and don’t let them stay peacefully, then they will drop you back to me. Pihu hugs her. Shagun thinks now I will use Pihu, my Brahmastra will snatch my Pihu from all of you.

Raman and Ishita take Pihu. They are on the way. Ishita tells about the trip, and there is children’s park too. Raman says I heard a lot of it, when are we leaving. Ishita says we can leave anytime, Ruhi is so excited. Raman asks her to take girls out for shopping. Pihu refuses to go to theme park with them.

Shagun meets Ashok and asks why did you come here, you know I got married today. He says yes, that’s why I came, I m here to congratulate you. She thanks him for managing things and helping her. He says don’t embarrass me, I m doing this against Raman and Ishita. She says I m doing this for Pihu. He says I know, you married Mani to get Pihu, he is simple and does not know this, I know everything, there won’t be problem from my side, I did not understand why did you let Pihu go with Ishita, whats your gameplan. She says you are right, its big plan, I need your help.

He says I m just a phone call away. She thanks him and says I learnt from you, we have to lose something to get something, I left Pihu and Ishita will get her back, I turned good and did so much, but family does not care for me. He says we won’t leave them. She says do anything, but Pihu should not be affected. He says I promise, Pihu will come back to you. They shake hands and smile.