Wednesday Update on A Magical Love Story 11th August 2021


Wednesday Update on A Magical Love Story 11th August 2021

Roshni seeing Aman and baby. She gets emotional. He asks what happened. She says you will miss the baby a lot. He asks what do you mean. She says I just got emotional. Sara and Chotu turn and see. They don’t see the snake. The snake goes to Roshni. Baazigar picks the snake and flies off. Roshni is on call. Parveen says I can’t be a normal human being, I have to sacrifice the baby, this is last bottle of the liquid, it has to work tonight. Tabeezi thinks why is Parveen after her son, what does she want. She reads Sifriti has no love for her children, she just wants power, she can also kill her children and sacrifice anyone to gain powers.

Aman says Aliya will decide the baby name. Aliya says I didn’t think og anything. Saima asks Phupi to not keep new name when she forgets things. Dadi introduces Saima to Aliya. Saima asks did you think the name. Aliya gets shocked and thinks of the snake in trouble. Baazigar drops the snake. The snake runs. Baazigar flies after him. Aliya thinks Zaher is in danger, I have to do something. She says sorry, I m getting an imp call. The kinners come and dance around her. Aman says Aliya is baby’s mum. The kinner says you are baby’s dad, come. Aman says just bless her, I will be with my wife.

The kinner asks is this your second wife. Roshni says its okay, go. The kinners do the rituals and bless. Aman gives money. Roshni thinks to go to Aliya’s room. She makes an excuse and signs the kinners. She goes. The kinners dance. Roshni goes to Aliya’s room. She asks Baazigar did you see anything, is there anyone inside. He signs the door. She opens the locked door by her power. They get in. The snake hides. Parveen sees the baby. Dadi calls out Roshni. Baazigar shows the snake skin to Roshni. She says its snake skin, it means there was a snake here. Dadi asks where is Roshni.


Parveen thinks this is a chance. She takes the baby from the cradle. The kinners rush to see the baby. They ask where is the baby. Aliya gets shocked. Everyone is shocked. Aliya asks Aman about baby. Aman says maybe Roshni took him, where is Roshni. Roshni says don’t know. Aman says we will check inside. Parveen looks on. Aliya says where did baby go. She sees the snake and takes him. She asks where were you, where is baby, what, is the baby really in danger. Parveen had disappeared the baby in the cradle. She smiles seeing the baby. Aman asks Roshni about baby. He asks did kinners take the baby. Roshni says no, they can’t do this. He says we have to stop them. They rush.

Parveen says no one was able to see or hear you because of the liquid, you were here in cradle, you have seen everyone’s love, now see my love. Kinner says why would we do this, Roshni you know us. Aman asks do you know them. Roshni says yes, I called them to bless the baby. Kinner says we will pray you get the baby. Everyone thinks where did baby go. Roshni recalls Aliya and says I have to find out. Aman says someone has hidden the baby, think again.

They recall. Dadi says Roshni said she is going to baby. Salma says Roshni was taking care of baby. Aliya says then Roshni went somewhere. Roshni comes and asks where is baby, who uses own baby, this is too much now, you did all this. Aman says its not Aliya’s mistake this time. Roshni asks whose mistake is it, who had the baby. Roshni says I had him, he was my responsibility. He asks who left him alone. Roshni says I did, but…. do you think I did this. He says you said you will take care and went somewhere, I m not blaming you, I want the truth to come out. She says I went to Aliya’s room. Aliya asks why.

Aman says you left baby alone. Roshni says he was with the family, look what I got from her room. He asks what happened to you, you are doubting on Aliya, how does this show where is baby, I promised I will trust you, this is not the time, its imp that we find the baby, you are blaming her. Roshni says she did this. He says maybe someone else did this, you blamed my mum before, this happened before, maybe you are imagining even now. Roshni asks why don’t you believe me, don’t you trust me.

Aman saying its not necessary to blame Aliya always, maybe you are imagining, how shall I trust you, there is no proof. Salma says trust her blindly, she is Ayana, she can’t lie to save herself, how will she lie to trap someone, you learnt to love, not to trust. Baazigar comes. Aman says he know about baby, we have to find him. Parveen takes baby. Aman, Roshni and Aliya come to the jungle. Aliya asks why did we stop, what’s this place. Aman says its black jungle, just jinn live here. Aliya says don’t joke.

Aman says baby is really in danger because of jinn. Aliya thinks I just lied the baby, nothing should happen to him. She asks Zaher to go and find baby fast. Aman says Roshni, we have to save the baby first. He asks Aliya to sit in the car, its dangerous place. Aliya says I m not a bad mum, I have to go with you. He says don’t leave me at any cost. They go in. Parveen sees the lake. She smiles and chants. She sees the jinn cave. She wants to send baby to the cave and get her powers back.

Parveen asks jinn to accept her sacrifice. A basket appears. She puts baby in the basket. She smiles. Zaher looks on. Aliya sees Zaher and takes on hand. She asks did you find something. She gets shocked and hides him. She says we shall go that side. Aman says Roshni and I came here before, we know what to do. Aliya says its mum’s instincts, we shall go there, I heard baby’s sound. Roshni says there is much illusion here, I should use clips and find baby. Aman asks her to go and sit in the car, he will protect Aliya. He goes with Aliya.

A tree falls in front of Aman and Aliya. Roshni says something is wrong, don’t know why is Aman not trusting me, he promised to never talk anything sensible, its fine, I will talk sensible and save baby. She uses her clips to find the way to baby. Aman says you were right, Aliya, baby is here, you will get many questions seeing this now, I will answer you later. He calls Baazigar. He does magic and make the tree away. Aliya gets shocked.


He asks Aliya to come. Parveen sees the baby going to the cave. Tabeezi asks Dadi why is she worried. Dadi says Aliya’s baby is lost, Aman and Roshni have gone to find him. Tabeezi says they will find the baby. Dadi says they have gone to black jungle. Tabeezi asks did Parveen go along. Sara and Saima say we didn’t tell her, she is resting in room. Tabeezi says I will go and meet her. Roshni sees the baby and shouts Khan baba, baby….. Parveen gets shocked seeing her. She hides.

Aman and Aliya hear Roshni shouting. Aman says Roshni found the baby, come with me. Parveen says how did she come here, bahu can’t see Saas happy, I won’t let her spoil my game. She throws a knife and injures Roshni’s hand. Roshni turns. Parveen hides and says bahu can never win over her saas, baby will be gone until Aman comes here. Aman and Aliya come there and see the lake. Roshni shouts to him and shows baby in the basket. Aman calls Baazigar and does magic to freeze the lake. Aliya cries and shouts baby. Roshni uses her powers and gets baby out of the basket. She signs Aman. Aman catches the baby. Parveen says no, this can’t happen. She chants. The cave pulls the baby in. Aman tries to save baby. He falls down. Roshni and Aliya worry.

Parveen says this cave has a right on this baby now, the cave will not stop now, swallow the baby and also Aman. She smiles. Roshni tries to stop Aman and baby. Aliya cries. Tabeezi comes to Parveen’s room. She calls out Parveen. She sees pillows under the blanket. She gets shocked. She says Parveen isn’t here and baby is missing, is she sacrificing the baby like she sacrificed Kabir.