Wednesday Update on A Magical Love Story 20th July 2021


Wednesday Update on A Magical Love Story 20th July 2021

Saima worrying that her family got to know everything. Everyone wears the black glasses and starts dancing on a Tamil song. Saima smiles. Aman gets Khanna’s call. Khanna says I have to tell Aman that Roshni has withdrawn 5 crores from his account. Aman hugs Saima. He says we know you love Tamil songs. He surprises her with his magic. Everyone looks on. Aman hugs everyone. Raakh Jinn appears. Baazigar goes to her. She disappears. Aman sees Baazigar going. Aman follows Baazigar. Raakh Jinn gets Aman’s magical door and enters it. Aman and Baazigar don’t see her. He says there is nothing here, what are you trying to show, come. He goes to welcome baraat. Aman gets Saima downstairs. Everyone smiles. Sameer looks on.

Roshni worries. Aman gets Khanna’s call. Khanna says Roshni has withdrawn 5 crores from your account. Aman gets shocked. He goes to ask Roshni. She says we will talk after Nikaah. He says I need to talk right now. She says you wanted the nikaah to happen without any problem, we will talk later. Saima and Aftab’s marriage rituals starts. Saima accepts the Nikaah.

Aftab’s sister comes and stops him from accepting the Nikaah. She says this marriage can’t happen, Aman. Sameer smiles. He asks what are you saying this, Huma. She recalls seeing Roshni’s calls on Sameer’s phone. Sameer keeps the money bag. She talks to the maid. FB ends. She says I m breaking this relation because of your wife. Aman gets shocked. Huma insults Roshni.

Aman asks what nonsense. She throws the money on the floor. She says your wife has stolen this money from you so that she can run away with my husband. Roshni thinks it was Sameer’s plan. Huma says I was wrong to get the alliance here. She says Aman you are foolish or unaware, your wife has made this house a brothel and you don’t know about it, I m breaking this alliance right away. Dadi asks her to stop it, why would Roshni go after Sameer. She says you have no right to insult Roshni.

Huma asks Aman to check Roshni’s phone, didn’t she call Sameer. Aman says we will go inside and talk. Dadi says she has blamed Roshni, I will prove that my bahu is innocent. She asks Aman to check Roshni’s phone. Aman gets Roshni’s phone and calls on the numbers. Sameer gets the call. Roshni thinks Sameer is taking revenge for the insult. Huma scolds them. Roshni thinks Aman can check Saima’s video in my phone. She takes the phone. She says you said I m here for just a month, maybe you forgot that life is longer than a month, a girl has to plan her future, who can understand this better than you, don’t be melodramatic, this marriage was a deal right, you gave me a blank cheque, poetry isn’t written on blank cheque, I have written the amount and used the cheque, why are you so shocked now. Sara and Saima cry. Roshni says you married for your motive, I married for my motive, scores equal.

Huma says you were going to prove her innocence, I heard a lot about your family and culture, until this girl is bahu of your family, your daughters will be unmarried. Aman stops her and says you are right, you are breaking Saima’s marriage as Roshni is the bahu of this house. She says yes. He says then Roshni won’t be bahu of this house now.

Aman saying Roshni won’t stay in this house. Everyone gets shocked. Parveen asks Dadi not to stop Aman today, Roshni is accepting everything now. She threatens to die. Dadi cries. Aman holds Roshni’s hand and takes her out. Thodi jagah….plays… Sara and Saima cry. Aman says such a woman had snatched my dad from me in my childhood, since then I hate every characterless girl, I never felt that you are like them. Roshni cries. He says you deserve Sameer, go away from this house and our life, never come back.

She says you heard whatever I said, please listen what my heart is saying, just hearts say the truth, listen to your heart, our relation will manage everything. He smiles and asks relation, you said our marriage is a deal, we are namesake husband and wife. She says I m not talking about marriage label, Lord had made connection between hearts, like ours. He says we have no connection. She says connection is lost due to hatred, keep your hatred aside once, whatever people say, you will see the truth. He asks how shall I forget whatever I have seen and heart.

She says like I forgot, you married me for your motive, you threw me out of the window, I heard I m not suitable for you, even then I believed you, I gave you many chances, can’t you give a chance to this connection. He says I m listening to your heart, it says you aren’t suitable for my family and me, there can’t be any connection between us, there will never be any connection. She says you are very rich, but the money can’t break or make any connection, my fate cheated me and got me connected to you, I can’t break this connection but I m breaking this relation. She cries. She says for the last time…. She goes close to him….

Paas aaye….plays…. He gets away. She asks him to take care. She leaves. The tree bud turns black and falls down. Saima and Aftab get married. Sameer thinks I have snatched you and Roshni today, you don’t even know I did this. Roshni recalls his words and cries. Saima says sorry. Aman says its not your mistake, forget everything, start a new life. Everyone cries. Aman does Saima’s bidaai. He hugs his family. Roshni sees an old lady in cold. She gives her shoes. Aman gets sad. Salma goes out and sees Roshni crying. She asks what happened. Roshni says Aman ousted me and broke relations with me. She hugs Salma. Salma asks her not to cry. Aman goes upstairs. Kahani hamari…plays…. He sits thinking.

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