Wednesday Update on Anupama 11th May 2022


Wednesday Update on Anupama 11th May 2022

Paritosh thanking Vanraj and asking for a hug. Vanraj says congrats and hugs him. He hugs Bapu ji and Mama ji also. Baa gets happy. She asks Paritosh about Kinjal. Paritosh goes. Bapu ji says I want a designer kurta for my grandson’s engagement. Anupama gets snacks. Mama ji says get me designer pyjama, that’s all. Baa says I will go to beauty parlour. Vanraj says Anu, let Jhilmil make the food, we will make the engagement list. Anupama smiles. He asks about the ring. Baa says ring should be beautiful, but not costly. Anupama says I also want to talk about the ring. Baa says what’s there to talk, ring should look big. She shows a design.

Vanraj says its good. Baa says Paritosh chose the girl, ring should be of my choice. Anupama says its good, but Rakhi said Kinjal liked a ring, shall we buy it. Vanraj says sure, no problem. Baa says fine. Anupama says its a diamond ring. Baa asks the cost. Anupama says 5 lakhs. They get shocked. Pramod asks what are you doing. Rakhi says I m rescheduling meetings. He asks what are you doing with Paritosh’s family. She asks what, I m doing everything as they want. He says I m your husband and know you well, you kept conditions again, you broke the relation last time as well. She says I m not doing anything, trust me, relax. She thinks I m not doing anything, I will make Anupama do it.

Baa starts shouting. She says Rakhi has done this, we should not trust her. Anupama says Kinjal is here, talk slow, she may hear it. Bapu ji says calm down, we will talk, Rakhi told us, we will decide. Baa says we give gold, as it is auspicious and have resale value, diamonds are useless, we get no money when we sell it. Anupama says we will agree to them, as they agreed to us, maybe Kinjal really likes it. Baa argues with her. Vanraj says Baa is right, its not about money, I have earned for children, not for Rakhi’s ego, I will not listen to Rakhi, matter ends. Baa says there should be no fights for the ring. Paritosh looks on and goes. Anupama looks at him. Baa says why can’t Rakhi buy it for Kinjal. Anupama takes coffee for Paritosh. She asks him not to stay sad. He says I m not fighting with anyone, leave me alone. She says I can’t do it.

He says I m not able to get a ring for Kinjal, she values love, not money, but a girl cherishes engagement ring for lifetime, I will earn and do everything for Samar’s marriage, but there is no one for me, an elder brother just gets duties. She says no. He says I m not asking you to get the ring for Kinjal, I don’t want dad to get burdened, I wish I could get a scholarship for my marriage also, I want to do a lot, but I feel helpless. She recalls his words and worries. She says I won’t let anything wrong happen. Its morning, Dolly comes home. Anupama and Baa ask her to come to help them for shopping. They promote a oil brand. Dolly shows her new jewellery. She says I got the old jewellery exchanged. Baa says its good. Anupama gets an idea and goes. Baa asks did you ask your Saas. Dolly says no, I just exchanged the old big earrings, she said I can do anything with my jewellery. Baa says but you should have asked her, if Anupama did this, I would have not spared her. She asks shall I go to my Maayka and give an invitation. Baa says yes, take sweets for them, tell your brother to do the Rasam. Vanraj says don’t pressurize Bhavesh, we will add money if we find less in the envelope.

Anupama smiles. She says I will come in an hour. Vanraj says we will go together, I visited them many years back. Anupama asks my Maayka. He says yes. She asks really. He smiles. Bapu ji says great, go and come, there is much happiness in Sasural. Vanraj says I will go late to office, we will go together to give our son’s engagement invite, Kavya will manage office meetings. Kavya comes and looks on. She thinks no, I want your support, I will get it. She greets them. She says sorry, there is an imp meeting, we have to be together for that. He says sorry Kavya, its not possible today, Anu and I are going together today. Anupama smiles. Kavya says fine, go ahead if you want this. Anupama gets ready. Samar calls her Anu and sings. He acts like Vanraj. She asks him to stop it. Vanraj comes and asks her to come. Samar runs away. Vanraj laughs and says naughty… He compliments her. She gets shy. He says you look more good when you get shy, come. He goes. She dances happily. Anupama….plays…

Anupama and Vanraj coming home. Vanraj says bless me, your son has come home, no need of aarti. Anupama looks at him. Vanraj gets seated. He takes care of Anupama. He asks them to sit. Maa asks what will you have. Vanraj says nothing, Anupama made tasty food, I had eaten much. He gives the card and says congrats, Paritosh’s engagement is fixed, its a result of Anupama’s courage and hardwork, you be ready, Samar will come to pick you. Maa cries. Vanraj wipes her tears. Maa says let the happy tears flow out. Anupama takes Maa with her. Bhavesh asks Vanraj to sit. Maa says Vanraj changed a lot. Anupama says he loves me a lot, but doesn’t express, house responsibilities, and work, he used to stay worried, now tension got less so his love is seen. Vanraj messages to apologize to Kavya. He writes I love you.

Anupama says you sold the land and gave me jewellery. Maa says so what, child’s happiness matters the most, land and jewellery were useless to me, so I divided between you and Bhavesh. Anupama asks what if I sell it, I want to buy Paritosh and Kinjal’s happiness. Maa says you accepted Kinjal as daughter, you are a good Maa and will become good Saas, its your jewellery, do anything you want. Anupama smiles. She messages Rakhi… send me the jeweller address, I will go and get that ring for Kinjal. Rakhi asks how did she get 5 lakhs, no, this can’t happen, my plan can’t fail, I won’t let her win.

Anupama sees her jewellery. She says I feel adorned because of Vanraj, this jewellery will bring Paritosh and Kinjal’s happiness, house is of husband, rules are of Saas, just the Stree dhan/jewellery is of a woman. Kavya gets Vanraj’s call. She answers. She makes Vanraj hear the colleagues laughing at him. Vanraj disconnects and says why are women so insecure, why doesn’t she understand. She says you cheated Anupama, are you cheating me now.

Anupama says I m going to get the ring. Vanraj asks her to go. Baa taunts her. Anupama hears them discussing. Baa asks her not to forget that she is her bahu. Anupama nods. Baa asks her to spend less. Anupama sees Paritosh. Vanraj gives the card and says don’t tell the pin to shopkeeper. He takes Anupama’s side. Paritosh goes. Anupama thinks I m going to buy family’s happiness. She goes. Baa says she will spend a lot. Vanraj says no. Baa says I m sure. Rakhi calls Paritosh and asks about preparations. She says I wanted to ask Anupama about Kinjal’s ring. Paritosh says Vanraj and Baa don’t want to buy the costly ring, mum spoke to them, I will fulfill Kinjal’s wishes once I get a job. She disconnects and says what is Anupama doing, he told me something else.

Baa greets the neighbors and says I went to buy some sweets. Bapu ji says its jewellery in the sweets box. Mama ji jokes. The man asks her to be careful, else jewellery will fall down. She rushes to home. Anupama meets the jewellery. She says its Paritosh’s engagement, I wanted to sell this and buy a new one for the girl. The man says your mum made these jewellery for you, it has her blessings also, think again. Anupama sells it. She buys a diamond ring. She likes it a lot. Anupama smiles. Kinjal shows the ring pic to Rakhi. She says Anupama has sent me this ring’s picture, that’s so sweet. Rakhi asks what. Kinjal says its just like your ring, Paritosh doesn’t know it. She goes. Rakhi says it means Anupama didn’t tell the family and got the ring, interesting, it will be a big problem for you.

Samar says we will have dance practice. Vanraj smiles seeing the family dancing. Dil me haan…plays… Baa asks did you get any message from bank, how much money Anupama spent on ring. Vanrah says no, don’t worry. Baa says she will do something wrong. Bapu ji says don’t think wrong. Vanraj thinks why is Anupama delaying so much. Anupama is on the way. Samar imagines Nandini. He says what’s wrong with me. Nandini comes and greets them. She says I met Anupama in the market, she sent me for dance practice. Baa signs to ask Vanraj. Rakhi thinks to create a scene.

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