Wednesday Update on Anupama 13th July 2022


Wednesday Update on Anupama 13th July 2022

In police station, Kinjal informs Bapuji that she has informed Sanjay phupa/uncle and he is coming with lawyer. Toshu asks inspector to call here Kavya and find the truth. Inspector asks not to teach him his job. Anu walks in and tells inspector that she wants to file complaint against her husband and his girlfriend. Inspector asks to go ahead. Anu says her name is Anupama Shah, her husband’s name is Vanraj Shah and his girlfriend’s name is Kavya Gandhi; if police takes immediate action with woman’s complaint, then he should take immediate action. Kavya with Vanraj enters and says she wants to take back complaint. Inspector asks what did she say. Kavya says she overreacted in anger and realized it later, so she wants to take back complaint. Inspector asks if she has thoughts its a joke to file false complaint against anyone, a boy’s whole life and career would have been ruined because of her false complaint. Kavya repeats she is taking back complaint now. Anu asks who will apologize her son.

Kavya apologizes Samar. Inspector also apologizes Samar and says he can go. Anu angrily looks at Vanraj and says he always used to say that Vanraj Shah is a sleeping tiger and if he is awakened, he can kill whole jungle; he should remember that if a mother gets angry, she can destroy whole world, so they shouldn’t dare to provoke this mother again. She walks to Samar and takes him home. Mamaji says Samar returned. Bapuji and Baa get happy seeing him. Bapuji asks how did the issue ended. Nandini says issue started with Kavya and ended with Anu’s anger, Anu replied Kavya in her own way. Anu starts cooking in kitchen. Samar hugs and apologizes her. She asks him to let her work.

Vanraj tells Kavya that he will not forgive her if she troubles her children again, she has seen her boyfriend’s love and pray god that she doesn’t have to see a father’s anger; if he has to lower his eyes in front of Anu, he will not spare Kavya next time. They both walk inside home. Pakhi happily greets and hugs Vanraj. Samar continues pleading Anu to forgive him and says whatever he did is wrong, but what he told Kavya and Mr. Shah is not wrong and he will not apologize for that. Anu asks what did he gain going there, children not go alone and carry their family’s morales, if something happens to him, she will be affected. Samar says he cannot see her in pain and like she cannot stop caring for him, he cannot stop caring for her. She says he can do whatever he wants. Baa says even Anu does same. Anu asks her to stop as they have discussed about it many times, she doesn’t ask her to end her relationship with Vanraj and Baa shouldn’t ask her to reconnect with him; she will not stop Baa from taking Vanraj’s name, but she shouldn’t force her as she tired of all this drama and don’t know whether she should take care of house, run dance class, work at school or handle all these dramas. Kinjal offers her water and she denies.

Anu reaches school remembering Kavya, Vanraj, and Samar’s words. Watchman stops her and says since there is water leakage in her class, she will teach in different class and admin sir will take her to her new class. Anu nods okay and thinks she needs to concentrate on her job and not spoil the trust on her by principal mam and Devika.

Vanraj gets ready for interview. Pakhi wishes her good luck and asks Kavya when will she teach her dance. Kavya yells that she wants to come early, but Kinjal doesn’t let her go alert and apart from that her brother troubles her. Vanraj looks at Kavya. Pakhi says it would have been better if she would have been in mummy’s team as she always found time for her. Kavya yells that her mummy only does house work, but she does office work. Pakhi says mummy does both house work and office work both, but Kavya does only office work and cannot find time for her; she always had won the competition till now and she doesn’t know how much pressure is on her. Kavya says how would she learn dance if she had not offered her, if her mummy is so god, then why did she come here and instead should have stayed with her mummy itself. Pakhi says she came here for her papa.

Kavya asks if she goes to her mummy repeatedly so that her mummy fills her ears against me. Pakhi says her mummy never does that in fact she asks her to do her chores herself and not trouble Kavya and papa, why she always speaks against mummy. Kavya yells her mummy is great and a devi. Pakhi leaves telling Vanraj that her friend is coming to pick her up for school. Vanraj asks Kavya if she forgot that he told last night. Kavya asks if he saw how his daughter misbehaved with her, he shouldn’t say that his daughter is a kid as she herself chose to come and stay here; when Pakhi is her responsibility, she has right to scold her, she is doing the task which Vanraj has to do; Anu’s pampering has spoilt his children, already is spoilt and Pakhi is following his path. She continues that they cannot pamper children and has to be strict sometimes, if he thinks she is strict, he has to take care of Pakhi and not blame that she didn’t handle Pakhi.

School admin takes her to a new class room for Anu’s cooking class. Anu seeing gas stove says she asked him induction stove and not gas stove, she can’t risk children’s life. Admin says its just for one day and she needs to manage. Anu says she can’t as she is also a mother. Admin says already students’ parents are complaining that they haven’t started classes yet, so she should manage one day. Students walk in greeting Anu. Anu shows them knife and gas and warns them not to come near it. She asks if they would like to learn preparing donut. Students excitedly say yes. Anu prepares donuts and serves them to students. A student throws gems in air and catches it in mouth. Anu asks not to do that again as he may choke. Another student complain that his classmate ate donut and starts fighting with him. Anu lowers gas flame and stopping their fight cheers them up. They all laugh. A student throws dusting cloth near stove and it catches fire. Anu panics seeing that.

Students panic seeing fire spreading in class. Anu asks them to move head behind and disconnecting gas cylinder keeps it aside. Students shout for help. Anu takes them towards door and seeing door burning calls security. Security reaches there and calls others. Pakhi also notices it and gets tensed realizing Anu is inside room. Anu continues pleading for help and consoling children. Her sari pallu catches fire. She sets it off with water in a bottle.

Nandini is sound asleep when Samar enters calling her loudly. She wakes up shocked and scolds him. He says he came to discuss a good news with her as mummy is angry on her. She asks what happened. He says he got a permanent job. She says okay, then realizing it excitedly asks really? He says he got a job at New Age Dance Institute and can financially help mummy now. He thanks her for referring her name. She hugs him and says she is so happy for him that he can both emotionally and finally help Anu aunty now. He says mummy is still angry on him. She says she will not for long and would be happy for him.

Pakhi asks security if mummy/Anupama teacher is also stuck inside. Security says yes. She gets more worried and tries to enter venue, but security stops her. Anu breaks window pane and gets students out. Teachers discuss that Anu is bravely sending children out and everyone come out safely. Anu sends all students out and seeing one sitting in a corner pulls tables around him burning her hands. Samar video calls Pakhi and asks if she had ordered anything as a parcel came. She informs that mummy is stuck in a fire accident. Samar also panics and rushes towards school. Anu sends last student out and while herself trying to get out falls down hitting the back of her head and gets unconscious. Pakhi informs Vanraj same. He also rushes towards school. Samar reaches school and shouts at Anu to wake up.

Anu hearing his voice dreams about family and wakes up coughing. Samar continues pleading her to open her eyes. Vanraj also reaches. People discuss that fire has spread all around and there is less chance of Anu’s survival. Anu stands up with great difficulty and walks with wobbling gait murmuring her children. She drapes a carpet around her and walks towards door. Vanraj also pleads her to come out and tries to get in, but guards stop him. She finally comes out and collapses due to consuming excessive CO2 gas.

Kinjal with Kavya watches news in office and says she needs to go. Assistant informs her about today’s meeting. Kinjal asks her to head today’s meeting as she knows about the project. Kavya asks her to inform about Anu after reaching there. Kinjal nods okay and leaves. Kavya thinks V never trusted her and let her head a project, but Kinjal trusts her. Anu opens eyes and smiles seeing her children around. Vanraj asks if she is fine. She nods yes. Children ask if she is really fine. She says she is fine and asks if students are fine. Samar says they are because of her. Pakhi says if someone else would have been in her place, they would have thought of saving their life, but she risked her life and saved students. She cries hugging her and says she is so proud of her and know knows that mummy can also be a superhero. Anu says she warned school admin not to keep gas stove, but he didn’t and room caught fire. Children say let us go home. Anu gets tensed seeing her hands bandaged.

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