Wednesday Update on Anupama 1st June 2022


Wednesday Update on Anupama 1st June 2022

Vanraj goes to meet Kavya. Kavya gets happy seeing him and says she missed him a lot. He says even he was worried for her, so he came to meet her. She asks if everything is alright at home. Vanraj reminisces Anupama and Samar confronting him. Kavya says told Anupama is behaving weirdly, how is she. Vanraj says Anupama is not the one whom he knows since 25 years. At home, Anupama serves dinner to family. Baa asks if she and Vanraj are playing hide and seek, she entered and Vanraj went somewhere, what is happening between them. Vanraj thinks he wanted to threaten Anupama and get her back to normal, but she changed completely. Kavya asks if she informed family about them. He says no. Kavya says sometimes women continue for ages and sometimes move on in a day, its good if Anupama has moved on.

Anupama goes to keep dustbin out when Nandini seeing her comes and apologizes for not informing her about Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama says when her son and brother hid the fact, its okay. Nandini hugs her and says she really didn’t mean to hurt her. Samar seeing that pushes Nandini away shouting to stay away from his mummy. Anupama scolds him to behave with a girl. Nandini apologizes Anu again and says she informed Toshu when she found out that Vanraj and Kavya are getting married and tried to stop Kavya with Anirudh’s help. Anu is shocked and asks when was this. Nandini informs that they were marrying on the same day of Anupama and Vanraj’s marriage at 8 a.m. before their wedding. Anupama reminisces Vanraj lying and trying to leave house. She asks Samar to give him some money and walks out. Nandini apologizes Samar. Samar warns Nandini to stay away as he is not great like his mother and though she is older than him, he is also not a kid. Nandini asks why didn’t he inform his family after knowing this truth, just like he is protecting his mummy they are all doing same. Baa via binoculars sees Anu leaaving house and asks Samar. Samar says she can ask when mummy returns. Anupama gets into auto leaves to Anu’s house.

Kavya tells Vanraj to let Anupama go if she has decided to move on before she changes her decision. Vanraj warns her to stop dictating him what to do and what not. Anu reaches apartment and asking watchman Kavya’s flat number walks towards it. Kavya asks Vanraj why is he getting angry. Vanraj says its not that easy like she thinks. He apologizes and saying I love you opens door to leave when he sees Anu walking towards flat, runs back into flat and says Anupama is coming. Kavya asks why is she coming here, why is he panicking, its good if she knows everything and they will sort out sitting together. He asks if she is mad, he is hiding inside and she can sort out things with her. He hides in balcony picking his belongings. Anu rings bell and seeing Kavya’s shadow says she knows Kavya is behind door. Kavya opens door.

Pakhi insists Toshu tell what is happening between mummy and papa and why mummy shifted to her room. Toshu says she is small and not try to act big. Samar walks in and asks him to tell truth to Pakhi. Toshu gets adamant. Samar tells Pakhi that she will find truth one day and should support truth then. Pakhi says she is sure something happened between mummy and papa, she can feel it.

Kavya apologizes Anu. Anu says she was her friend and if someone else would have betrayed her, it wouldn’t have pained that much. Kavya says she and Vanraj love each other and want to marry after she divorces Anirudh and Vanraj divorces Anupama, she should understand this fact. Anu say she came here to speak and not listen; when one gets betrayed; she selflessly loved Vanraj for 25 years, but Kavya’s 8 year old love overpowered her; it doesn’t matter with whom Vanraj stays with as he doesn’t belong to her anymore.

Anupama tells Kavya that she doesn’t have any problem with Kavya and Vanraj’s marriage, but Vanraj has to inform his parents about it before that as she cannot give pain to his parents. She just came to inform this. She sees slipper flipped and walks towards it. Vanraj hiding in balcony gets nervous. Anu flips slipper back and says there will be fight at home if slipper is flipped. Once she leaves, Vanraj walks out and shouts at Kavya if she is mad, why did she inform her future plans to Anupama, who told her that he will divorce Anupama. Kavya asks if he will not divorce Anupama. He walks away without replying, leaving her fuming.

At Vanraj’s home, Toshu and Samar hear Pakhi crying and ask reason. She says they are treating her like an outsider and didn’t inform if mummy and papa fought, earlier mummy used to take care of papa so well, but now she behaves as if he doesn’t exist. Samar tries to speak, but Toshu stops him and says mummy papa fought and will patch up soon. Samar walks away angrily. Toshu follows him and warns him not to inform Pakhi about it. Samar says let Pakhi know that her father, whom she considers world’s best father, betrayed her mother. Toshu says papa is not bad and he already informed the real issue. Samar says he is blindly believing Mr. Vanraj’s story, soon his trust will break. Toshu warns him to call papa.

Rakhi visits Vanraj’s house to find out if family knows about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. She tells Baa that she had gone to spa to destress herself, but worried for Anu she came to check on her. Baa asks if she came to destress herself and stress them. Rakhi thinks she came to put ghee in fire, but there is no fire here at all, so she can at least start spark. She asks Baa what happened to Anu that day that she fell unconscious due to shock; if she noticed or not that Kavya that day.. Anu walks in greeting her. Rakhi hugs her and asks what happened that day that she fell unconscious. Anu says good to see her concern for her, but she doesn’t have to. Rakhi asks where is Vanraj, if he went to Kavya leaving her in this condition, she means if he went to work. Baa says in their culture, parents don’t interfere between husband and wife, be it their parents or son’s parents.

Rakhi says wow so much of sanskar. Anu says she can take some from them as they have a lot of sanskar, says she must be busy and wants to go somewhere. Rakhi says she has dinner party and walks away. Anu turns and sees Baa standing who asks what is happening between her and Vanraj, are they fighting; she called her daughter during wedding, but that doesn’t mean she is not her mother-in-law, so she should answer her question. Anu says she herself told that one shouldn’t interfere between husband and wife, she doesn’t want anyone disobeying her Baa. She walks away saying she will pick clothes from terrace. Vanraj walks in. Baa calls him, but he walks away to his room.

Rakhi returns home and informs Kinjal that she went to Toshu’s house to check on Anu. Kinjal says she wanted information, so she went there, she is too much. Rakhi says she already knows about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair and is quiet as she doesn’t have any proof. Kinjal asks what if she gets proof. Rakhi walks away saying she will end Kinjal and Toshu’s alliance and walks away thinking she is waiting for the proof. Kinjal stands tensed.

Anu goes to terrace to pick dried clothes. Vanraj walks to her and yells till when she will continue her drama, she is showing attitude and her son is acting as her bodyguard, his parents are questioning him, so she should stop her attitude. He continues that he already apologized her for his mistake and told that Kavya was blackmailing him; he gave her good clothes, good jewelry, good life, what else she needs; they both need this family. Anu warns him to stop calling her name as she feels like being verbally abused; she knows he wanted to marry Kavya before their wedding and he went to meet Kavya today and was present there when she went to meet Kavya; she can sense even his shadow after spending 25 years with him. Vanraj warns not to stretch the issue now as he already apologized. She asks what if she had an affair and apologized him. He shouts how dare she is to think or even speak like this. She walks away saying she is just speaking, but he practically did it. She walks to Samar’s room to wake him up, but sees him teaching dance online to children; says he doesn’t have change so much for his father’s mistake. He says he wants to be responsible for his mother and touches her feet.

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