Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 17th February 2021


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 17th February 2021

Pari comes home. Rohan watches her. Pari brought a book for Ansh as Mishti told her. She gives Radhika her medicines and extra vitamins as well. She takes the fruits into the fridge. She comes to Ansh and asks if he has studied since morning or not. Ansh requests Radhika not to complaint about him, and tells Pari he did the studies. Pari brings the plant to Rohan and says she brought this plant for him, people say this is a lucky plant and brings positivity. She takes his permission to place it somewhere. She comes inside, and finds a place for the plant.

Rohan watch Pari change a few locations of the plant, then finding a perfect one for it. He takes his camera and clicks a photograph of Pari as soon as she turns behind. He then offers Pari to be his model. He says it’s an international project, called ‘A complete woman’. Pari asks if he is joking, she would suggest he shoots with a top model. Rohan says beauty lies with the eyes of beholder. He sets her hair and says she might know as well ‘You are the complete woman’. He asks if she will be his complete woman. Pari agrees. Rohan asks her to be excited. Rohan plans a photo-shoot next morning. Pari thinks being with Rohan, it feels everything is perfect. May be this is right, being with him.

Sukhmani wakes Arnav up next morning. She shows Arnav a jewellry set. Arnav wasn’t interested. Sukhmani says this is for Mishti. Mishti and Pari love her more like their true Bua. Arnav claims to love Sukhmani equally. Sukhmani calls him a jealous lad. The doorbell rings. Arnav goes to answer the door bell and was shocked. Sukhmani comes from behind and asks Tani? What’s she doing here? Tani hugs Arnav, her brother. She says she was bored and didn’t want to study there anymore. Arnav says she herself wanted to go to that school. Arnav asks what when their parents would know about it.

Tani says their parents are in Muscat and won’t know. Sukhmani says alright, they can get her admission here in any other school. Sukhmani gets the call from the school that Tani isn’t in the hostel. Sukhmani says she has returned, she will come over to speak to them.
Mishti asks Radhika where she is taking the breakfast. Radhika says they are in the conference hall of society for some work. Mishti asks work. Radhika asks if she doesn’t know, Pari is model for Rohan’s project. She says Pari is extremely happy after very long, after like ages. It seems Rohan has some magic wand and understands Pari and Ansh so very well. She gives the breakfast to Mishti to take it for them.

Rohan closely works for Pari’s hair and dress while she poses for the photos. He was happy with the shots. Mishti was happy watching them work together. A crow sat somewhere up on the roof and crow poop fell over Rohan. Pari laughs over him, then brings a jug of water. He washes himself. Pari helps him wash his hands and face. She gets naughty and spills the whole jug over him, laughing madly. Rohan stares at her and holds her close towards herself. He shakes his head to sprinkle the water beads over her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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