Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 9th December 2020


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 9th December 2020

Kunal and Mahek were speechless as Mauli accuses Kunal of raising his hand over Mahek. Kunal denies hurting Mahek at all, it must be a misunderstanding. Mauli asks Mahek not to be afraid at all and tell inspector that Kunal wanted to physically hurt her. Mauli says if Kunal spends at least two days in jail he would never even think of raising a voice over her. Mahek says there was a little argument and Kunal was only scolding her for her own mistake, if she really seem to be a girl who would hurt her? The inspector says Mauli wasted their time. Kunal tells the inspector that Mauli is his ex-wife and is jealous of him, she wants to hurt him deliberately. The inspector also accuses Mauli for complaining in personal enmity. After the police and Mauli had left, Mahek calms Kunal down.

At home, Dida was shocked to hear about Kunal’s rude behavior. Mauli wonders how Kunal can even think that she is jealous of him. Dida was also distressed why Kunal is getting so aggressive. Mauli says she feels ashamed of loving such a man once.
The next morning, Kunal came out ready in Kurta-Pajama. He tells Mahek it’s his father’s death anniversary. He couldn’t celebrate it for past six years and only did the charity, but this time he will go to temple. Maa and Dida would also come for Pooja. Mahek was dubious of Maa would allow him to sit for Pooja. Kunal replies it’s about him, and Mauli isn’t involved in the matter anyway.

In the temple, Pandit ji asks Dida to call anyone else as well before they can start the Pooja. Radhika says everyone is here, he must begin the Pooja. Kunal comes there and introduces himself as the son of deceased. Radhika announces Kunal can’t sit for the Pooja. Kunal questions how can they stop him for being a part of this Pooja, it’s his right. Radhika questions where Kunal was in all the years to fulfil his responsibilities. Her daughter, Mauli did the Pooja and will do it this time as well. Kunal was upset and request them to let him be a part of this Pooja, this is unjust for him. Radhika tells Kunal to leave, she doesn’t want Kunal to be a part of this Pooja. Dida cries forbidding them to fight, then asks Kunal to leave before she does. Kunal walks away with an upset heart.

Mishti arrives at her school in the van. Some boys try to bully her. Pari watch this from a distance, holds her scale and comes as her savior. She warns to beat them all if they continue teasing Mauli. Pari warns her son is Principal’s best friend and is coming over for dinner at her home, she will tell their names and he will expel them all. The boys leave. Pari tells Mishti they will never bully her again. Mishti asks Pari if her Papa and Principal is really friends. Pari says no, she just made up.

At home, Kunal was distressed that his mother rid him of his right. He wish he could tell them that he was doing this for Mauli. Mahek convince Kunal that these are minor sacrifices for a greater good, his mother and Dida don’t know his true intentions. Kunal agrees, then says they have to go and meet Ishaan and need to cancel three appointments in hospital as well. Mahek wonders if she is doing this for Ishaan or Mauli. Kunal says they will both gain through his efforts.

Mishti comes to Mauli and tells her about a group of friends bullying her. Mauli was intrigued and says she must complain the principal. Mishti says it’s already settled, Pari came over beating one of the boys. She also deterred the boys about complaining to Principal. Mishti says she lost all her fears now. She says her Popsy would have done the same as well. Mauli and Mishti go into the room. Radhika thinks Mishti still finds a father in Ishaan, if Sandhya considers their family a problem then they must resolve it.

In the restaurant, Kunal and Mahek enjoy food. Ishaan appreciates Kunal’s magical efforts as Mauli really smiled watching the setting. Mahek comments on the dish she had and tells him about some proportions. Ishaan complements Mahek’s sense of tastes. Kunal tells Ishaan that Mahek is a trained chef. Ishaan offers that he is looking for chief chef for his chain of four restaurants. If Mahek enjoys then she can continue, else leave. He offers about introducing her to his team.
Radhika had reached the restaurant to meet Ishaan and wonders what Kunal and Mahek are doing here.

There, Ishaan assures Kunal she will drop Mahek home, he can go to hospital. Kunal wish Mahek best of luck and leaves. Radhika hides herself from Kunal. Ishaan excuses himself from the table and Mahek was alone. Radhika comes to Mahek and questions what Kunal wants now, he left Mauli and now he is filling Ishaan’s ears against Mauli. She requests Mahek to leave Kunal, she is ashamed of Kunal these days. Mahek asks if Radhika even know why Kunal is doing all this, can’t she understand her own son. Kunal is doing this all to degrade himself in Mauli’s eyes, he wants Mauli to hate him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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