Wednesday Update on Dream Girl 4th May 2022


Wednesday Update on Dream Girl 4th May 2022

Ayesha crying and asking Raghu can he take her away from media. She asks will he save her from this embarrassment. He asks do you have problem to stay at my home. She gets glad and acts like being shocked. He says I mean for sometime, till things get calm you can stay at my home. She agrees. Raghu tells Karan and Sona that he is taking Ayesha with him, he is sure news will be gone in few days and Ayesha will be out of shock. He takes Ayesha and media questions them. Raghu and Ayesha leave.

Raghu comes home and asks Ayesha to come. Kaka sees them. Ayesha thinks how he has kicked her out from the party. She steps inside his house. Raghu asks Kaka to get a room ready for her. He says Ayesha everything will be fine, news will be gone. Ayesha cries. He goes to console. She hugs him. He says everything will be fine, I will be back. She smiles.

Aarti thinks of Raghu and Ayesha. Karan says I don’t know how did this happen. She says it happens, accidentally. He says why not, if Ayesha agrees for movie, media will just see the saree malfunction, our movie stopped for sometime. She says yes. Ayesha laughs and relaxes at Raghu’s home. She says to make a man important, make him realize a beauty needs his support. I did many scenes in bikini, this slipping of saree made respect gone, pubic will forget this if they get much more spicy news.

She says she will spend time with him, but how to know his room in this big house. She goes to find him. She tries to open the door. Raghu holds her. She gets shocked seeing him. he shouts on her asking her to leave. He fumes and locks the room. Kaka asks why are you angry, she does not know about this room. Raghu says why did she spy, I kept this secret till now. Kaka says to maintain a secret, you should not make anyone realize you are hiding something, she will think what are you hiding by your angry reaction.

Ayesha is angry. The servant gives her Raghu’s letter. She reads the letter. He apologizes for shouting on her. She says strange man, I will not let this chance go. I have to do something, maybe its time to use my charm. Karan and Sona see the news, where media links Ayesha with Raghu. Karan gets angry and switches off tv. Sona says bad happened with Ayesha, this should not happen with a girl. Karan says don’t think Ayesha is victim, she is not, she has done this malfunction. Sona says why will she do this. Karan says this is her plan, she has motive, I m her brother and know her well. I won’t let her harm navrang.

Raghu asks servant to send Ramlal. He says why am I not able to get out of this. Ayesha goes to him. Raghu says I was waiting for you, I need you, Ramlal do head massage. Ayesha smiles and massages his head. His eyes are closed and he does not see her. She uses her charm. He opens eyes and is shocked seeing its Ayesha.

He asks what is she doing here, he told her to leave. She says I m here because of your note, I tried to enter your personal life, it was my mistake, it was not my intention. He says okay, I will drop you home, come. She says she used to massage Manav’s head like this, she felt he is her Manav who is telling her that he is very tired by office work, like he thought she is Ramlal. She cries to fool him. She asks him to forgive her.

Ayesha trying emotional blackmail on Raghu and crying. He says he will drop her in sometime. She worries and thinks she has to get Raghu doing anything. Raghu says Ayesha ji, let’s go. She thinks how to stop him. Raghu walks to her. He asks her to come. She says she wants his help for more time, this movie was her and Manav’s dream, now her dreams are shattered, she has loved Manav a lot, she just have his memories, she can do anything to save Navrang, she feels Manav is still with her, help me, if you invest in Navrang. He says I won’t invest in anything related to film industry.

She requests him again. He says he can’t help her, and asks her not to show her face again. She says you are misunderstanding me, its not about money, its about Navrang’s reputation, I want you to join Navrang and mentor it, and begs to him. She holds his feet and asks him to help her in saving navrang, she can do anything, she has no one else, invest in navrang, I can fulfill my husband’s dream.

Raghu recalls his brother asking his girlfriend not to leave him, he loves her, he can’t live without her, why cans she marry someone else. His girlfriend does not stop. He begs to her. She leaves. He shouts Sunaina. FB ends. Raghu thinks Bhaiya…… Ayesha begs to him. Raghu gets angry. He makes her get up and smiles, saying you are a great actress.

He says you did good research about me, I know you need me a lot, not just navrang. You are trying to come close to me, I understand everything, I m simple man, not a fool. He says you feel I don’t know why are you coming close to me, don’t insult my intelligence, you are big actress, I m not interested in you, I think you did not get anyone like me before, you would know I did not have any GF, you maybe thinking why I did not have any affair, when girls get after me, I don’t like them, the reason is I m a very difficult man, I don’t think any woman can handle me, trust me. Let’s see if you can handle me, if you manage me and my inner animal, if you pass this test, Raghuvendra Singh is yours, I will invest as much as you say.

He asks what happened, I think you can’t handle me, I will go to my car, if you stop me, the deal is on, else if I sit, you won’t show me your face. Your time starts now. He walks towards his car. She thinks she did not meet anyone who got saved from her magic, she is the dream girl. If I can get Manav Sareen, then who is he? Ayesha says I accept this deal. She says there is just one thing, I m film star, people call me dream girl, I have family, navrang and a daughter, I m afraid I can’t give you much time. He says fine, 7 days time, its enough to know a woman, not anymore. She thinks its good. She says if you want this, its fine. He says we will start this game at your place navrang, by my rule. They shake hands and think to outdo each other.

Ayesha meets her friend and gets tips of managing an egoistic boyfriend. She says Manav always believed my love. Raghu plays Ayesha’s film dvd and watches her. He says I also have right to know about your career, I have to test you for 7 days. He drinks. Ayesha says Raghu can’t trouble a beauty like me. Raghu says I m not so weak to be affected by her beauty, and about handling me, you will know what is it to handle Raghu.