Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 2nd March 2022


Wednesday Update on Emperor Ashoka 2nd March 2022

Devrath asks Ashok what is needed to fight with Kichak? Ashok says knowledge, we need to know about our enemy and our power too, if Kichak have weapons then we have hands to make weapons, if he has soldiers then we have mothers who give births to soldiers, we should concentrate on knowing things and building ourselves.

Dharma thinks why Sushim seem tensed? what i am doing, i am doubting my family. Kasturi comes and says its weird, doctor’s(raj-ved) head was not found in his burnt house, Kasturi says i feel someone killed him before incident of fire happened, maybe enemies were afraid that he could bring out truth, Dharma says i am at fault, i should have protected them, i should have told Bindu, Kasturi says Bindu would want proofs which we didnt have, dharma says we have to find enemies of Magadh, Kasturi says we have to work like Chanakya, he used to say that we can find truth in two ways, either find proofs against criminal or lay trap in such a way that criminal himself gets caught in it.

Ashok asks Arjun if he is fine? he says i know you are my strong soldier but you shouldnt go out alone, Arjun says you were sad from the time Karuvaki left you so i went to find her, i saw her gong somewhere but Kichak’s soldiers caught me, Ashok thinks if Kaurvaki is planning to go in Kichak’s palace? he says to Arjun that i am going somewhere but dont tell anyone, he leaves.
Karuvaki is walking on street. She finds financier taking coins from soldiers. She says till now nobody knew about my identity but now my biggest enemy Ashok knows about it, i dont know how he will make plans against me, i have to leave this place but for that, i have to free my father from Kichak’s place, she finds a soldier looking at her and recalls how she fought with him alongwith Ashok and that he is Kichak’s soldier, she runs from there, Soldier starts finding her.

Kaurvaki comes in market and hides, soldier informs his master that he saw girl who was with Ashok that day, master asks him to find that girl at any cost. Kaurvaki hides on shop’s roof, she is afraid of soldier, Soldier looks here and there, Kaurvaki is finding difficult to stay on roof, she tries to move from there, Ashok is in market too and has veil on his face, he thinks where are you Karuvaki? you should do anything which can put you in problem. Kauvaki comes down and runs from there, Ashok sees her and runs behind her, he stops a girl but its not Kaurvaki. He sees Kichak’s soldier there and covers his face, he leaves from there.
Karuvaki runs and tricks soldiers. Ashok sees her and stops her, she stops but soldiers come there so she runs away.

Sushim says to charu that i dont know why you want me to go to Takshshila but i know it will benefit Siamak, am i right Helena? Helena says you wanna become Samrat but you cant understand that it will benefit you most, Dharma has doubt on you, Bindu should keep trusting you, he is so happy to know that you are ready to go there, Sushim says i know.. Charu says dont argue so much, you can say here that you are going to Takshshila but you wont go there, you will stay at some other place, here we will brag about you being fighting with problems here, Sushim thinks that i didnt get answer of my letter from Kichak, i cant wait now, i have to leave, he says okay i am ready to leave palace but you should teach lesson to Dharma, she can do anything as she is Ashok’s mother, Helena thinks Dharma wont sit quietly. Charu gets invitation, she says dharma has organized dinner for Sushim before he leaves, Helena thinks what Dharma is upto.

Dharma looks at glass and says it will take us to truth.
Ashok s finding Kaurvaki, Devrath comes to him and says you cant be roaming around like this, Ashok says Kaurvaki is here, i have to find her, Devrath says you should be thinking about whole nation, not only Kaurvaki, Ashok says she is in problem because of me and its my responsibility to save her, he leaves.

Soldiers are finding Kaurvaki, Kaurvaki hides in big basket, Soldier starts approaching that basket, Kaurvaki is tensed, soldier leave without seeing basket. Ashok comes there and starts finding Kaurvaki, Devrath comes there too, Ashok looks at basket and starts going towards it, kaurvaki sees him coming and is tensed, before Ashok could see basket, Devrath takes him from there.
Ashok says to Devrath that you should be helping me in saving her, Devrath says enough, you can take duty of saving her but i have duty of saving whole nation, this is my responsibility to protect Takshishila and brings it out of Kichak’s clutches, Bhavni have brought news, come with me.

Kaurvaki comes out of basket, someone puts net on her and takes her from there.
Bhavni tells Ashok and Devrath that Kichak’s new plan is to attack your camp(vidyala), i came here after much difficulty, She says i wont be able to come here again as Kichak have tighten security, she leaves, Ashok asks Devrath what we should do now? Devrath says we have protect vidyala, time will tell how much successful we will be.

kaurvaki takes off net and sees man who recognized her as jagannath’s daughter, she is happy to see him, he says i saw you going towards Kichak’s palace, what were you doing? she says A Maurya became distraction in my path, i told him everything, because of him all are finding me, he says what you did, you told truth to a Maurya? if anyone gets to know that you are Kaling’s princess then Kichak will not leave you, you should leave from here, Karuvaki says i have not come here so far to go back empty handed, this is right time, Kichak’s attention is towards Ashok so i can free my father, i know this is selfishness but i dont have any other way, you have to help me so that i can go in Kichak’s palace, he says i know one way.

Kaurvaki enters Kichak’s palace as dasi. Kaurvaki’s father is in jail, Kaurvaki thinks that i promise myself, i will bring my father out of this palace.
Ashok raises red flag on his center’s roof, he chants for his land alongwith others.
People are making weapons and giving their personal belongings to help in fight against Kichak, Ashoka plays.

Ashok comes doctor, doctor says what we will use when our people will get injured? Ashok recalls how Dharm used to use Kapor’s oil, he suggests it, doctor says yes it can be used, he writes it in list.
Ashok comes in kitchen, women are making food. He says to priest i know what i am doing is against rules, my mother is against violence but we dont have choice, if it was about me then i would have walked on non-violence path but its about whole nation and our enemy cant think about non-violent talks, it would have been good if you people had left from here to some secure place, priest says non-violence doesnt mean that we should leave people in problem, i am with you, did you get to know about Karuvaki? Ashok says no and in this situation, i cant find her.

Karuvaki comes in Kichak’s room who is lying down, she recalls how he pained her father, she is about to bring out dagger but Kichak asks why she is looking at him? she should be taking care of him, she is lucky to get chance, now put cream on my feet, Kaurvaki starts applying cream on his feet and is disgusted, Kichak kicks her away and says your hands have no power, its Kichak’s feet, not come princess feet, leave from here, Kaurvaki runs from there.
Kaurvaki says what i did, what if they throw me out of palace? i cant become weak, i got weak infront of Ashok and saw results of it, now i cant become weak, i will do anything to take my father away from here as i have no other choice.

People are practicing sword fighting, Devrath gives them tips, priest says i have always prayed to Lord then how can i start using these weapons? Ashok says you are right but we know self defense, even ant knows how to protect herself in problem then you people will have that too, my teacher Aakramak used to say that everyone finds way to fight, there should be difference in my way of attack than yours, you all should keep practicing then you will know how you can attack better.

Kaurvaki dodges dasi and sends her away, Kaurvaki comes in jail, soldier says give him food as he has to work daily else he will be given deth sentence from Kichak. Kaurvaki comes in jail and finds her father moving flour machine, she says papa.. he is happy to her, he says Kaurvaki? my daughter, Kaurvaki runs but he falls down due to chains in his feet, Kaurvaki gets tensed, he says my daughter is grown up now, he smiles.

Ashok says to Devrath that people trust me, they have hopes that i will free them from Kichak but i am tensed, we are trying but we are very less in numbers than Kichak’s force, Devrath says you are right but we have courage, will power and hope with us, yes we do need more soldiers, Ashok suggests if they should call more people from villages? he says my mother says unity has strength, Devrath says she is right, we will go to talk to Sarpanch, he leaves, Arjun comes and says i will go with you, i will try to find Kaurvaki, Ashok says but Kichak can doubt you, Arjun says i just want to serve you, please let me find her, Ashok thanks him, he says thank me when i find Kaurvaki, Ashok nods.

Kaurvaki makes her father eat food, he says even animals dont eat this kind of food, father says he wants to break us down, he has been trying this from a long time but from much time, i havent let y self respect break down and it will not happen, i wouldnt have been alive if i had broken and if i was not alive then i wouldnt be eating from my daughter’s hands and now i dont care about my death, Kaurvaki says nothing will happen to you, i promised mother to bring you back and i will take you back, he says no, my life is ending but you can do alot in life, i am sure you will achieve something, you have to handle your mother and brother too, i dont know how came here but i know its not possible to go out of here, Kaurvaki says nothing is impossible, i have gone out of this palace before too and tonight i will go out with you, i am not here to lose, you will go with me to Kaling for sure. Soldier comes and beats father, he asks him to go and work, Kaurvaki gets angry but father points her to control, father puts hand on her head, Kaurvaki starts leaving, both look at each other, soldier asks father to keep doing his work, Karuvaki thinks that i promised to take you from here tonight and i will fulfill that promise for sure.

Sushim touches Bindu’s feet, Bindu blesses him and hugs him, he asks Sushim to complete your brother’s work, give justice to Taskshshila’s people, Sushim says sure, i will do it, the people who have suffered, i will make sure to give them justice, Helena thinks that now i have to do something which can get Siamak people’s votes and support. Kasturi comes to Dharma and tells her something. Kasturi says i didnt get to know about whose bangles it was, someone sent me letter and said that he knows whose bangle it was and can also tell who attacked doctor’s house, Dharma asks when we can meet that person who told you all this? Kasturi says tonight, Dharma says tonight we will get proofs and i will prove to bindu that there is much more to Chanakya’s death mystery , Helene and Charu are shocked listening this.

Sushim says to Charu and Helena that if anyone tells Dharma that it was my bangle then she will connect me with fire incident, siamak says you should have been careful, Sushim says if you had done something then you would know how difficult it is, Charu says no need to fight, we should make sure that Dharma shouldnt meet anyone who knows about us, Helena says if there is some person who knows about mystery then why Dharma is not telling this to Bindu? Sushim says i will go from here today but you people have to take care of Dharma, she is Ashok’s mother so can do anything, its good that she didnt tell anything to Bindu, Helena says tonight we will get to know truth that how much Dharma knows then we will play our next trick according to that.