Wednesday Update on Evil Eye 12th May 2021


Wednesday Update on Evil Eye 12th May 2021

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Ansh says Piya we are keeping Mohana in this house because papa asked but something doesn’t feel right.
Vedashree says keeping Mohana here is dangerous. Shekhar says Nishant is here, we couldn’t say no. And we compromised with Mohana because of our son. She says but this isn’t good for us. Shekhar says but it could be good. Piya says if she is in front of us we can keep an eye on her. Ansh says she says something and does something else. Shekhar says maybe this time she doesn’t have a reason. Piya says maybe she is not lying this time and wants to stay with her family. Ansh says I can’t believe that. She is planning something.

Mohana sees someone. She says I knew there was a witch in this house who helped Piya in running away from Dev. The kids come and Mohana to come inside. She says are you keeping an eye on me? The kids say no you wanted to be part of the family so come in for the party. She goes in.

Naman comes outside a small house. He says this is such a small house won’t even have any mental. He enters the house, it is full of gold. Naman says who would have thought this small house would be Ali Baba’s cave. He picks the gold. A dwarf comes and says who is here.

Everyone gets ready for Diwali. Kids ask Piya what do we do on Diwali? Piya says we light candles. Vedeshree looks at Mohana and says so there’s nothing dark in the house.
Ansh and Piya light the candles together. He says Diwali comes every year but brought us happiness this year. Piya says if we are together, every day is Diwali. The light firecrackers for the kids.

Naman says you are Chota Pehlwan? You will stop me? He laughs. Naman says I will take all this gold from here. Move, I will go out. Chota Pehlwan says try going. Naman says how will you stop me. Chota Pehlwan touches him with a rod and he becomes of gold.
Mohana hears someone hearing witch mantra. She says who is reading this? All candles blow. Shekhar says Moahana is doing all this. Vedeshree says Mohana is in the house what else could we expect. Mohana tries to go after the black smoke. She says I have to stop her. Ansh stops Mohana.

Chetali sees the neighbor’s door. She says it’s Diwali. Let me say happy Diwali.
Ansh says where are you going? Mohana says there was a dark smoke. It was going towards the neighbors’ house. I am here to find about the witch who lives next to you.
Chetali comes to the neighbor’s house. She is scared. She sees a witch of her own face. Chetali is scared. She screams. The witch looks like Vedeshree.

Vedeshree says don’t lie. You are the only witch here. Mohana says please try to understand. There is a witch next to you. I heard a witch mantra.
Vedeshree’s look-alike says to Chetali I am not Vedeshree. I am her twin sister. Piya says she is right. There is a witch who helped Dev.

The witch says I am Vedeshree’s sister. She doesn’t even know she has a sister. If we come together we will have so much power. I will take her on dark path and you will help me. Chetali screams. The witch says I will attack her family and then she will have to shake hands with me.
Everyone comes outside the house. The witch hides. Chetali is there. Vedeshree says what are you doing here? She says I came to say happy Diwali to the neighbors but no one is here. The real Diwali is locked inside a mirror. She screams. She says please help me bhabhi. I am here.

Dilruba come outside chotu phelwan’s house. She says he is sleeping. Let’s get the gold. They see many gold idols.

Mohana says there’s something in that house. There is a witch there. The dark smoke went there. Shekhar says Chetali went there. She wasn’t scared of anything. There was nothing. Chetali says yes there was nothing there. The witch is here between us. Mohana says what about the witch that helped Dev? Ansh saw her. Ansh says she isn’t there. Vedeshree says she might have left with Dev. Mohana says a witch never leaves. They all leave. Mohana says they’re crazy, they are trusting this stupid Chetali. Chetali(witch) says did you say anything about me? Say it on my face. Don’t talk behind my back. Mohana looks puzzled at her. She says how did she hear me?

Piya and Ansh come to their kids to talk. Piya says we want to talk to you. Ansh says you both know that Mohana dadi will live here. Avoid her. Don’t listen to her. They if she comes where we are? Piya says then, lock the door. Just stay away from her.

Mohana says something is up. This Chetali couldn’t even speak in front of me, now she is arguing with me? Chetali comes there. Mohana says you witch.. Chetali says aren’t you happy seeing me as a witch? It didn’t make me happy either. It made me jealous when you used your braid and nails but I can do that too. Mohana says that witch locked real Chetali in the mirror. Chetali says yes, I am the witch. Mohana says where is she? Chetali says she is locked in the mirror. Mohana says you have no power in front of me okay. She says I am not alone. Chetali starts screaming. She says Ansh, bhabhi help me. Everyone comes there. Vedeshree says why are you scaring her? Mohana says she isn’t Chetali. she is a witch. Real Chetali is locked in the mirror. Avi says shut up, you’re talking about my wife. Mohana says I am a witch and I can’t be wrong in identifying another one. Vedeshree says we are letting you live here because Nishant asked. Don’t force us to ask you to leave. Mohana says one witch would be here. Real Chetali would be locked and this is a witch. Mohana says enough.

Dilruba says wow my husband looks so good even after becoming of gold. I love you even more now. Her mom says we have to take off these jewels from him neck. Dilruba says he really liked them. Her mom says these are Chota Phelwan’s. We have to return them otherwise he would make us of gold too. They take off the necklace. Chota Phelwan wakes up.

Ansh locks Mohana. Vedeshree says we have no other way. Shekhar says you won’t ever change. Ansh says you will live here. Mohana says the real danger is the witch living next to us. We won’t know what her real mission is. Shekhar says if you’re a witch that doesn’t mean everyone is. Vedeshree says after this our door would be closed for you forever. Mohana says I can prove that there is another witch. The kids overhear. Adi says Pari Mohana dadi is saying there is a witch in the house next to us. What if this is true? Pari says mama asked us to stay away from Mohana dadi. Adi says but she also helped us. Pari says should we go to that flat? Are you scared? Adi says I am not scared of anything. Pari says let’s go then.

Piya says Mohana why are you doing all this? Mohana says the danger is coming to you. Piya says you’re the danger. Mohana says no, it is in that house. Let me go there to find out what she wants. Piya says we won’t trust you this time. Mohana says you will regret not trusting me.

The witch comes to her house. She says to Chetali you must be bored and scared here right? You won’t be alone here for long. Adi and Pari come in. The witch hides. The witch says they are here to spy on me? I need to teach them a lesson.
Piya sees keys. She says these are Chetali’s.
Adi says no one is here. Pari says that means Mohana lied? Let’s go back. Vedeshree (witch) comes in. She says what are you two doing here? Pari says dadi we were playing hide and seek. She says go home.

The witch brings Chetali (in the mirror) to her room. She says see, who is coming to meet you, Piya. Ansh asks Piya where are the kids? Piya says in their room. Ansh says they are not. She says then in ma’s room.
Avi sees Chetali in the mirror. She screams for her. He says what are you doing there? His witch version comes out. Chetali the witch comes there too. Avi says that means Mohana was right? You’re a witch. She locks real Avi in the mirror as well.

Avi (witch) comes to the hall. Adi says you forgot your promise? He says what promise? Pari says you were taking us out in your car. He says I remember. Vedeshree (witch) is standing with them.

Savi says he has become of gold. Dilruba says this is because of you. Savi says I didn’t shoot an arrow on him. Her mom says to find out a solution. Dilruba says I even like him like gold. Savi says only Chota Phelwan can fix him. Dilruba says yes Chota Phelwan comes where his gold is. Savi says so he would come here as well for him? Dilruba says he is my husband. We took off all the jewels from him. Savi says he is an idol of gold. Dilruba says he is my husband only and I have right on him. Savi says he was your husband, now he is a gold idol of Chota Pehlwan. He would come to take him. Dilruba says I will who comes here to take my husband.
Chota Pehlwan comes and starts dragging Naman. Dilruba says stop.