Wednesday Update on Evil Eye 9th June 2021


Wednesday Update on Evil Eye 9th June 2021

Ansh says we have to be careful. Piya says this is Barkha not Mohana. She isn’t a black power. She is human. You can test her. What happened there was a drama. Barkha isn’t a witch. They look at the moonlight liquid. Light comes in and they disappear. They are going downstairs with Barkha. Piya says we have to stop them. Chetali says they’re walking on the wall. Ansh says we have to stop them. Piya says how? Barkha cries and says leave me. Pari takes the jar from them through his braid and says they won’t go without it. Pari gives it to Ansh. Ansh says if you want this jar back, leave Barkha or I will throw it. Piya says are they listening? We can’t throw this jar.

Nishant calls. Vedeshree says could you find about them? Nishant says they’re moon’s people. If we try to stop them they would destroy everything. Saavi says this book says when moon goes down, they have to go back. Vedeshree says if moon sets, they will leave too? Avi says let’s go and tell Ansh. Avi says Ansh, Nishant said if moon sets they will leave too. Pari tried to stop them. Piya says leave them Pari. They pull Barkha up. Chandarveshis look at the moon and stop it from setting. Ansh says they’re stopping the moon?

Naman says Dufli your mother is trying to send me a message. I can’t see what it is. Ask her to give me a clear hint. He says I will make a sketch of the cave she showed me. You take me there.

Barkha says go inside. A Chandarveshi stops Pari. Ansh says leave my daughter’s hand. Piya says she hasn’t done anything. Pari’s face turns green like them.
Naman says look at this masterpiece and take me where your mom is. We have to go there to bring your mom back.

Piya says fix Pari. Ansh says I will kill you all. They turn Barkha green as well. Ansh says we have to run from here. They’re hypnotizing everyone. They run inside. Barkha is at the balcony. Ansh says you all run from here. Vedeshree says we have to hide inside the house. They come near everyone. Ansh shouts. Chetali says lift is here. Let’s go.

Dufli brings Naman to vegetable market. He says not here. She brings him to the desert. Naman says not here. Take me here. She takes him to the jungle. He says no no that cave. Look at the drawing.

Ansh says why is this lock not opening. They come inside. Chandaveshi are already there. They can’t see in darkness. Piya says they can’t see here. Ansh says what are they doing? Are they trying to smell and come to us? They go to the other room. Piya says Pari, please open your eyes. Pari is unconscious. Piya says Pari please open your eyes. Vedeshree says I think once the moon sets, Pari would be fine. Chetali says but they aren’t letting the moon set. They hit the door. Chetali says they’re here. Vedeshree says they’d break the door. Ansh says we have to take Barkha from them as well. Piya says they can’t see in the dark. ANsh says we can’t face them but we can confuse them.

Dufli brings Naman to another place. Naman says why do you keep bringing me to wrong places. Your mom must be missing me, I miss her too. She sent this message to you. Hold this bangle and see where your mother is, then take me there. Naman comes to the cave. He says yes, this is the place. Where is your mother?

The Chandarveshi break the door and come inside. Ansh and everyone dress up like them. They walk toward them. Piya says they might smell us so wear a lot of perfume. Chetali says please do something.

Chetali says for how long will we keep walking like Chandarveshi? Ansh says we have to walk separately so they’re confused and we can find Barkha. All of them go after Ansh only. Piya says they’re going after Ansh because he has the jar. Shekhar says leave it Ansh. Ansh says no, we can’t let them take it. Avi gives Ansh deo spray. Ansh sprays everywhere. The Chandarveshi go after the spray. Everyone looks for Barkha. She’s nowhere. A Chandarveshi is coming towards Piya. Another comes after Vedeshree and Chetali. He asks could you find them? Vedeshree says they’re there. Vedeshree says they can hear and speak? We thought they couldn’t.

Everyone meets. Piya says Barkha is nowhere. Adi says she’s not in the walls either. They see Barkha floating. Avi says Chandaveshi has hung her in the air. Piya says Adi can help us. Adi brings her down. Barkha is still hypnotized. Chandaveshi come there. Avi says it’s Barkha’s smell that brought them here. They do spray on her but it doesn’t work on them. Chandaveshi come towards them. Chetali says why are their faces glowing? Avi says let’s run. They run to the room. Chetali says they will smell Barkha and come here. Adi checks and says they’re going towards the moon.

Ansh is outside. He says I have to do something to stop them. Ansh welds a few metal rods. Chandaveshi says what if they are after Ansh? Why aren’t they following us? Why are they following Ansh? Chetali says because he has the jar? Piya says it’s something else. Ansh makes a cage. Chandaveshi come there and ask him for the jar. They lock him in a circle. Ansh says let me go. He can’t get out of the circle. Piya says they considered Barkha mohana. Then they left her. We made a mistake. They are here for Ansh not Barkha. They think after Mohana if someone can be king of black powers, it would be Ansh.

Naman looks for dilruba. He sees many photos there. One is of Dilruba. He hears them laughing. Someone says who are you? And what are you doing in churail lok? When witches die they come here. Naman says I am here to take my wife back. The voice says she’s dead. She can’t go back. Naman says I am Rivawanshi as well. I can take her from here. She doesn’t want to live here. The voice says you’re making a mistake. Naman says I will take my wife back. I won’t leave her here. He says Dufli, let’s take your mother back home. The voice says you will suffer.

Ansh says you’re making a big mistake. I won’t let you succeed and take Barkha from here. She’s not a witch. They say we know. We aren’t here for her. We are here for you. You are the ruler of black powers. We will take our owners from here.. Piya and everyone come there. Ansh says they have locked me. Ansh says I have nothing to do with black powers. Chandaveshi say we won’t leave until you drink that liquid. We will take our leader from here. Ansh sees moon setting. Piya says you can’t force him. Vedeshree says this liquid won’t work until the one drinking it drinks with his will. Chandaveshi says we can read your mind. Ansh says the sun will rise and you will have to go. They hypnotize everyone. Ansh says no. ma.. Piya.. Chandaveshi says if sun rises your family will die too. Ansh says I will kill you all. Chandaveshi says to drink the liquid and be our king. We will be your slaves. If you want to save your family you have to drink it. Ansh says sorry ma, sorry Piya. I have no other option. He takes the jar.

Naman brings Dilruba’s photo home and places it on the wall. He says Dufli, your mom is here now. Thank you for helping me. Ansh drinks the liquid. Ansh faints. Chandaveshis leave. Everyone gets back to normal. They see Ansh. Avi says the jar is empty. Ansh says did Ansh drink it?