Wednesday Update on Lockdown Love Story 16th March 2022


Wednesday Update on Lockdown Love Story 16th March 2022

Sonam coming to the place to meet Raghav. She sees the romantic setup. She turns to go. Raghav stops her and asks her not to go. He gets a bouquet for her. He says all this is for you, I welcome you. He praises himself. He asks her to sit. He says you would be thinking about me, right, Dhruv’s family are my relatives, I m your angel, I found an evidence for you. Sonam says yes, thanks for helping me, give me the proof. He asks her to accept his welcome. He says this proof will also have a price. She says I will give the price, tell me how much money you want. He asks what, I don’t want money, you came for big work, you said a small thing. She asks what do you mean.

He says I have much money, I just want love and peace in life, I like you, I want you, my life will get set. Sonam says I don’t understand what you mean to say. He says don’t worry, I m not doing anything wrong, I will tell you the truth, when I was coming here to meet you, I was so excited, I have got all these flowers for you. She asks what price do you want.

He plays the cctv footage. She gets shocked seeing Milky’s mum’s confession. He says think about me now, I have taken risk and got this proof just for you, if you can’t decide, then fine, I will tell the price. Shashi meets his brother Shobha. He says I thought to settle scores with you. He touches Shashi’s feet. Shashi gets back. Shobha asks why did you call me here, tell me.

Shashi says we have no relations now. Shobha asks why are you reminding me. Shashi says explain your son, you are his dad. Shobha asks what did he do. Shashi says he came to our house and insulted us, when we decided, we will not come to each other’s house, why did he come, this time he went safely, if he comes to misbehave next time, we will break his bones and send him in an ambulance. Shobha stops him.

He says Raghav could have broken your bones, he would respect you and left you, you called me, I thought you will regret on the past and show love, but no, you are threatening me, fine, I accept, do anything you want, I m saying this with a calm heart.

Raghav shows Sonam’s pics. He says what shall I say, we used to talk that city girls are amazing, pretty, now I feel its true, I love you, you also give me a place in your heart. Sonam says none can take Dhruv’s place in my life, you can ask a price, you have asked my identity, I can’t give it. He says you have said it right, you love Dhruv, he is useless. She says I told you the truth. He says you win my heart, I like these talks, Dhruv is an unlucky man, he couldn’t marry a true and pretty girl like you. Sonam says please help me, I can marry Dhruv if you give me the proof. He says don’t get emotional in front of me, take it.

She thanks him. He doesn’t give the phone and says you didn’t give the price, I can’t give it. She says I can give you any price for this, ask something that I can give you. He asks what can you give. She says anything. He asks what shall I ask, you don’t give what I ask. He gets a knife. She gets scared. She takes a bottle to hit. He asks her to keep it down. He gives her the knife. He asks her to cut her wrist, he will give the video. She gets shocked.

Sonam saying fine, this is a small price for this proof. Raghav stops Sonam and takes knife from her. He says you always impress me, you are amazing, I know this proof is imp for you, give me time, I will think and tell you the price, you also think of the price, take care. He showers flowers on her and says good night. Everyone talks about Sonam. Dhruv says if there is a proof, then Milky will go out. Ankita says Shashi has come. Shashi comes to them. Dhruv asks where did you go. Shashi says to meet Shobha, to explain him to stay away from me. Nutan asks why did you take Sonam along. Shashi asks why will I take her, she wasn’t with me. Dhruv says I will find out where she went. Sonam comes and says you are restless by my absence.

Sonam and Milky argue. Shashi asks everyone to go and sleep. Sonam asks Dhruv not to ask her. She says I have gone on walk. Dhruv gets close to her. She asks why are you coming close to me. He asks her about the rose petal coming in her hair. She doesn’t answer. She says you think so much about me, good, I will tell the truth, I like a guy, I find him cute, he got flowers for me. He gets jealous and holds her close. He asks her to do this when she goes out of his house. She asks why. He scolds her for changing so soon.

She says it happens, new truth get known with time, you have to decide what to trust, my story or these flowers, I have to sleep. Dhruv goes. Raghav comes home. He sees Shobha dancing on the band. Shobha makes him wear garlands. He says your plan will ruin Dhruv’s ego, I m sure that you will keep my name. He asks Sumitra to get sweets, Raghav has insulted Shashi’s family. Sumitra asks why are you happy. Shobha gets angry and feeds her sweets. Raghav asks Sumitra not to become judge and just do a duty of mum and wife. He gives her water. He asks her to praise him. He eats the sweets. He says Sonam will do everything here. Sonam sits praying. Dhruv looks on and thinks I will find out whom you met. Sonam cries. Its morning, Milky sees Sonam sleeping on the temple stairs. She wakes up Sonam. She scolds Sonam. She says you can’t do anything, I will make you reach the brothel if you try to become this house’s bahu, you will get a new Dhruv every day, don’t worry. Sonam gets shocked. Milky says you won’t get proof now.

Sonam scolds her and twists her hand. She says Mata rani will never leave you. Milky sees Dhruv and calls him out. Dhruv comes and stops Sonam. He asks her not to do this. Nutan and Sheetal come. Dhruv says its about my wife, leave her. Shashi comes. Sonam says Milky is your half wife. Dhruv says you have no right to do this with her, she is my wife, you go with the cute guy. Nutan asks what. Dhruv says I gave you time to get proof, concentrate on that, don’t do anything that you leave before that time, I will not listen to your cry, you are careless, you will always be careless, you are lying. Sonam says I will get proof. Dhruv says you have to be true and brave. Sonam says lies have shut your ears, you don’t want to listen to the truth, I will get all the proof, I m not careless, I can risk anything, you and myself also.