Wednesday Update on Love or Poison 9th June 2021


Wednesday Update on Love or Poison 9th June 2021

Vrinda and Chabeeli were worried what if Surili’s feet are burnt in the temple. Vrinda was clueless how she has been able to compete the ritual without any burning in her feet. Rani Sa takes her to the wedding. The bride and groom were asked to stand for wedding rounds. Vrinda speaks to Chabeeli that they are close to their destination. Chabeeli wonders how Viraj can establish any relations with Surili after he has seen her. Vrinda asks her to trust her, she says they will turn the lights of their rooms off. Once they have established the relation, Viraj would be dead and they will get a new generation. Once a man marries a Vishkanya, he cannot be saved.

Viraj whispers to the bride demanding to see the face, but she denies removing her veil.
After the wedding rounds, Viraj had to fill the hairline. Vrinda comes to protect the veil and tells Viraj he can only see the face of his bride on wedding night. Viraj complains it’s a test of his patience. Rani Sa tells Viraj he must abide by Sitara’s mother and their rituals. Afterwards, Vrinda and Chabeeli congratulate each other.
After Grahapravesh, everyone ask Rani Sa to remove Sitara’s veil now, in their family its done by a mother in law. Rani Sa was about to remove the veil for Munh Dikhai. Vrinda objects and asks her to look at Viraj’s face, it might feel unjust with him that she lifts the veil herself. Everyone agrees to Vrinda. Viraj whispers to Sitara what’s the problem with her mother. She doesn’t let anyone remove her veil.
In the room, Vrinda asks Chabeeli if she has instructed Surili well. Surili says she told her to turn the lights off before Viraj lifts her veil.

Viraj comes to the room and finds his bride still waiting in the veil.
Vrinda and Chabeeli decide to go to Sitara with the good news that her first love is now her aunt’s husband.
In the room, Viraj tries to life the veil but the bride runs around the room. Viraj playfully chases her and was able to catch her. He was shocked to see as the bride pulls a dagger placing it right over his chest. Viraj thinks he will surely lift the veil anyway. The bride ran the other side once again. Viraj carefully pulls the dagger off her hand.

Vrinda and Chabeeli find Albeli unconscious. Albeli tells Vrinda how Sitara protected herself and left. Vrinda says Viraj has surely met Surili, else Surili must have come to them. But where is Sitara then.
Viraj removes the veil off Sitara’s face.

Viraj removes Sitara’s necklace and lifts her in his arms. He makes her lie down on the bed and leans closer but she holds his hand. We got married but we don’t know anything about each other. There might be so many things that we don’t know about each other. We should know all that as we are husband and wife now. It will strengthen our bond. He looks unhappy. She says sorry to him if he felt bad. He smiles. You are very smart. I am so happy that you are my wife. He kisses her on her forehead. Viraj and Sitara are sitting holding each other. You were right. We should make this night memorable by sharing our heart with each other. When I first saw you I was surprised by your attitude. You spoke so rudely to Dad about the puppy but I realised later on that that was self-respect. I loved it! She thinks that his words are filled with so much love. I love you equally but it is no less than poison. I married you to save you but I don’t know how to tell you my reality. I love you a lot and will always love you.

Next morning, Rani Sa asks Yamini if all the preps have been made for the new bride. Yamini assures her that everything is ready. Vrinda and her sisters are passing from there. Rani Sa invites them for the Muh Dikhayi ritual. Viraj comes downstairs holding Sitara’s hand (she has a long veil covering her face). Samrat and Padmini tease their brother on his first night. Rani Sa tells them not to trouble her son tonight. Padmini helps Sitara sit down and Rani Sa does wards off evil eyes off Sitara and then removes the dupatta. Vrinda and her sisters are stunned to see Sitara. Rani Sa blesses Sitara and gives her many gifts followed by Yamini. Sitara asks Vrinda Ma if she wont give her any gift. Rani Sa also asks her to bless their DIL. Vrinda nods hesitantly.

Chabeeli asks Albeli where Surili is if Sitara is here. Vrinda ends up blessing Sitara but Yamini asks her to bless Sitara so she gives us small Viraj. Rani Sa calls it the most beautiful gift. Viraj is shy and speechless. His siblings tease him all the more. Ratan tells them to stop teasing him. I wont you both to be happy always. Yamini’s husband also tells them to make everyone happy like this only. Viraj sits next to Sitara. What do you think about it? Vishkanya’s go to look for Surili.

Vrinda paces worriedly in her room. We wont be able to fulfil the promise made to Mahamata. We wont be able to ruin this family ever! Albeli and Chabeeli enter and find Vrinda shouting against Sitara. They tell Vrinda that they dint find Surili anywhere. Vrinda slaps Chabeeli. You both are a stain in the name of Vishkanya’s! She walks further and her foot touches something. They are shocked to see Surili lying unconscious under the bed. They help her sit and ask her what happened to her.

Surili recalls that Sitara came to her room at that time. Rani Sa asks Surili (thinking her to be Sitara) to take rounds around the temple. Surili panics. Sitara confronts Surili and slaps her. She ties her hands and mouth and ends up putting her to deep sleep. Flashback ends. Surili says I don’t remember anything afterwards. They realise that it wasn’t Surili but Sitara during the rounds because of which her foot dint burn.

Sitara thinks she is as much her mother’s child as much her Baba’s. I have as much Amrit as much poison I have inside my veins!

Vrinda scolds Chabeeli yet again and speaks badly with Surili too. Sitara claps. She asks Vrinda if she has only this much capacity to bear defeats. How can Massi’s let you hurt them? You are not a queen. Why do you look as if you lost someone? You actually ended up fulfilling the duties of a mother. You got me married to Viraj. I ruined all your plans right in front of you and you were celebrating. I would suggest you to enjoy your defeat. I will make sure you lose in your every plan from here on! She looks at Mahamata’s idol. You are like our Goddess but what you are doing or making them do is wrong. A Goddess shouldn’t take wrong path but you have chosen it for yourself.

A snake appears around the idol’s neck as Sitara contains talking. Be prepared to face me! I might be a Vishkanya by birth but I have been raised by Baba. They wont let me take the wrong path. I am the protector of royal palace. I wont let either them or you cast an evil eye on them! I will bring out the truth about these Vishkanya’s before everyone at every cost! This is my promise to you! She cuts her wrist a little and does tika using her own blood. This is the promise of Kuldeep’s daughter to you. She gives last warning to her mother and Massi’s. Let us live in peace of I wont spare you this time!