Wednesday Update on My Identity 14th July 2021


Wednesday Update on My Identity 14th July 2021

Avni asking Sunehri did she pack bags, where are Saisha and Samrat. They tell her that Saisha isn’t at home and Samrat went to find her. Avni gets Saisha’s letter and reads… I m going with film crew, don’t worry I will be back in few days, nothing will happen to me, don’t report to police. Avni thinks of the letter and recalls Dayaben. Sunehri says don’t take stress, she went with film crew, bodyguards will be there. Avni says Saisha has been kidnapped. They get shocked.

Mitali aims the gun at the goon. He comes to her. She says you ran away from Avni like you would be caught. He says work is done. She says Avni got afraid of Dayavanti, take this money and give to that woman as well. She sends them. She says this fear will make Avni away, Neil has to move on, Avni doesn’t want to return in his life, his family accepted me, both Avni and I want Avni to be away from Neil’s life, forever. Sunehri and others say Saisha is mad about KK and went after him. Avni says no, she is kidnapped, I will track her. She checks in her phone and finds Saisha’s location.

Tara says see I told you she would be with them, she is safe. Avni asks why isn’t the car going ahead. Driver says the car repair will take few hours. KK says what, get this car fixed fast, people think its easy to become a star, they don’t know hard work. He gets shocked seeing Saisha in the dicky and says you scared me, how come you are here. She smiles.

Mitali thinks I have to keep Neil away till Avni goes. Shweta asks her to come, how is she. Mitali says I m good, how is Neil. Shweta says he went with KK, are you missing him. Mitali says nothing like that. Shweta says there is something, you are his best friend since ten years, the next step after friendship is love, if Neil isn’t taking that step, you take the step, you should go to Mahabaleshwar, tell him you like him. Mitali says he won’t like it. Shweta says if you think much, anyone else will come, this is the right time, tell him you love him. Mitali says you are right, before another story starts, I will talk to Neil. Shweta hugs her.

Sunehri says KK isn’t answering. Avni asks Sunehri to call Neil. Neil answers. Sunehri asks about him and KK. Neil says I m on the way, KK would have reached. She asks is Saisha with film crew. He says no, what’s happening. Sunehri says Saisha is here, she was with her friends, don’t worry. Avni says I must go and find Saisha. Sunehri says we got this car on rent, nothing should happen to it, take care. Avni asks her not to worry. She leaves. KK asks how did you come here and why, what’s the need, does your mom know, if she finds out, everyone will think you came here by my influence. Saisha says my mom stopped the shoot and didn’t think of me, I m 18 now, everything is fair in love and war. He says you got filmi, naughty girl, thanks for coming all the way, it really feels special. He hugs her. She sees manager coming.

He says we will go Mahabaleshwar and then think, Sassy will get food. She says no, there is a famous dhaba here. He says pav bhaji is rich in calories. She says but I like it. She takes him. Manager looks for him. Avni is on the way and calls Saisha. She says why did Saisha’s vehicle stop near the jungle. Saisha says let me think of the way, I guess this was the one. KK says we lost the way. She says so what, we can have a camp and bonfire. He says wait, I can’t live without mineral water and I can’t sleep without my bedding, I will get backpain. She gets network in phone and asks shall we take a selfie. He asks are you serious. She says this chance won’t come again. She takes a selfie with him. Neil thinks where is KK. He calls manager Sumit and asks where is KK. Sumit says KK is missing, we are finding him. Neil takes a u turn.

Someone tries to overtake Avni’s car. Avni shifts the track and hits the pole. Her car’s side mirror breaks. She sees the speeding car. Sumit tries to call KK. Goon says welcome to the jungle…. KK and Saisha see some goons and get shocked. Saisha gets scared. KK laughs and says thanks, we were just roaming around, we are going back now. Goons surround them. Goon says show me your face, oh he is our hero, Karan Kapoor. KK says I m KK’s duplicate, wear these sunglasses, carry on, we shall leave. Goon stops him. He gets KK’s wallet and checks. KK says this doesn’t belong to me. Goon shows his id. KK says it belongs to KK. Goon asks do you think I m a fool, you are the real KK, superstar KK is himself here to get kidnapped, if we demand a ransom for him, we won’t need to work all life.

Saisha sees Sumit and signs KK. KK tries to shout. Goons catch them and take them away. A phone falls there. Avni speeds her car and overtakes to stop that another car. Constables run to see. Avni asks is this your way to drive. She complains to inspector. The lady says I don’t have time for this nonsense, you don’t know me, inspector send this girl to jail, I have to go. Avni says you broke my car mirror. She asks inspector why is he tolerating this lady. He asks her to move aside. Lady gets down her car…… Avni looks on. Lady says I think I have to tell you who I m.

Avni scolding Kamini. She says if I meet you again next time, I will teach you manners, I m in hurry. She scolds the inspector as well. He asks her to please leave. Avni leaves in her car. Kamini gets angry on the inspector. She asks him to save his job if he can. The goons car pass by. Saisha sees Avni and shouts. Goon shuts her mouth. Kamini asks what do you mean, KK isn’t him, you lost him. The man asks was KK not enough that his mum came here too. Mitali comes and asks for Neil. Kamini says Mitali Sharma, you are KK’s security incharge, how dare you not informed us that he is missing, I will suspend you, I will send each of you to jail, idiots….

Avni stops the car and says according to this tracker, Saisha has gone into the jungle. She goes to see. Neil comes there and sees her car. He thinks did KK go towards the jungle. Avni goes to some abandoned site. She gets Saisha’s phone. She goes inside. Neil reaches there. He tries to look around in darkness. Avni kicks him and beats. Neil gets shocked. She beats him more, while covering her face by her hand. Neil holds her and pushes her on the ground. Lightning strikes. He sees Avni…… and gets shocked. Avni sees Neil. He gets his phone and puts the flash light. He stares at her. He holds her face….He thinks of her. He says I saw it myself, that fire, dead bodies, who are you. He shouts and gets away.

He cries and says it means you cheated me, you didn’t die, you were alive, my Avni can never cheat me, tell me, who are you, you can’t be Avni. She cries and says listen to me. He says tell me who are you. She says Nilanjana…. He gets shocked and recalls her. DD and police team reach there. Neil gets away from Avni. DD calls out Neil. Avni says Neil listen to me. Neil says my Avni can never cheat me. She says don’t tell this truth to anyone, please….. She runs and hides. DD asks what are you doing here. KK says I was finding KK, I was misguided. DD says KK is kidnapped and a girl is also with him.

Avni says Saisha is with KK. Kamini comes and asks what do you mean, this is not possible. Manmohan says she is KK’s mum. Neil says as far as I know, there was no girl with KK. Kamini says right. DD says kidnappers called and threw the sim card. Neil says that means they are smart kidnappers, they knew police will get involved, wait for their next call, they will ask for ransom, inform Mitali. Kamini says I want you to handle this case personally, I know you very well, ex IPS office Neil Khanna, my family’s dignity is at stake, so will you please handle it. Avni thinks please say yes Neil.

Neil says okay, don’t worry, I will be in touch with you. Kamini gives him money. She says its not the fees, but the expense amount to save KK, find my son, if you know there is some girl with KK, no one should know about it. Neil asks how did you know I won’t take this money as fees. She smiles and says the day KK got you with him, I have all your details, I know everything about you. She goes. Avni says Saisha is with KK. Neil asks are you sure about it, I m asking you something, is Saisha with KK. She says I don’t know but…. She gives him the letter. He reads it. He asks who were troubling you. She says they wanted to take over the house, I don’t know whether they kidnapped KK and Saisha, they know we can’t give them money, they have sent a DVD too, you should see it. He says come with me….. They leave.

Kidnapper says how much random shall we ask for them. The goon says 50 lakhs. Another goon says we will ask 5 crores. Saisha says you are an expert in Kung fu karate, beat them. KK says I don’t know it in real life, you should cooperate with the kidnappers, someone will come to save us, sorry you got kidnapped because of me. She says if Jaan didi knows this…. He asks who. She says Nilanjana, my mum, everyone calls her jaan didi in orphanage. He says we should not worry, your dad works with police, he will rescue us, just sit quietly. Neil and Avni are on the way. They both cry. Kaisi ye judaai hai…..plays….. He thinks of Nilanjana avoiding her.

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