Wednesday Update on Strange Love 16th June 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange Love 16th June 2021

Aditi saying to Astha that I won’t allow you to succeed until my mission is a success. Varad tells Shlok, lets go for dinner. He asks, do you really want Astha to go. Shlok says, I wanted her to stay as baba wants. Varad says, you are talking to me but your eyes are low. Aditi is snatching the camera from Astha’s hands. Astha asks Aditi to leave her camera. Anjali comes and asks Astha, what are you doing?

Astha says, she is responsible for the deadly attacks and tells everything. She says, she pushed the car also. Aditi acts innocent and says I don’t want to live here anymore. Please send me home. She asks Astha to tell, what problem she has with her. Aditi says, why I will kill you. Astha says, this camera had proofs which she damaged. Aditi says, I just wanted to see Astha and Shlok’s moments. She refused. She asked me not to come in between her and Shlok. She continues saying that for me relations matter a lot.

Jyoti looks at Sid who is teaching Ruhi. Her mother comes and asks Ruhi to come and do the work. Sid says, girls are doing everything now. Sid makes Ruhi study with the other kids. He asks Jyoti to give water. Jyoti gives the water. She says, you educate the kids well. They don’t want to leave you. Sid says, today new student came to me. He asks about her name. Jyoti says Roshini.

Astha tells Aditi that no one will believe your lies. Aditi says, I don’t know why you are behaving this way. Aditi says, Astha made issue of the needle and thread also. She came to you to learn it. I tried to befriend with Shlok and that doesn’t go well with Astha. You people have stopped me from going. I won’t accept any more insults. Tell police to arrest me or throw me out. I don’t have any hard feelings for Astha.

Anjali asks Aditi to stop and asks Astha to apologize to Aditi. Astha says, why me? Anjali says, I have full faith on Aditi. Shlok says, apologize to Aditi. You are at fault. You insulted Aditi. Astha says, I didn’t do any mistake. I won’t apologize. Anjali says, You didn’t think even once before insulting her. You insulted us. She asks her to behave nicely with Aditi until she is here. She says, Sahib will not like it if he comes to know about the issue. Astha says, I am apologizing to her because of you. She says, I will bring your true face infront of everyone. Anjali thinks, Astha did the wrong thing. Sahib will be hurt if he comes to know about it.

Aditi comes to her room angrily and cries. She then starts laughing and feels pity on Astha. She says, Astha fell in everyone’s eyes. She recalls Astha slapping her and says your slap will prove to be costly.

Sid thanks Jyoti for giving tea and says I can write article now. He tastes it and says it is sugarless. Jyoti says, Sugar is not there. Owner comes. Sid asks Jyoti to hide behind the door. Owner asks him to pay the rent soon. He says, this guy don’t pay the rent on time. Sid tells Jyoti that he will pay the rent soon. Jyoti says, good will happen with good people.

Varad is talking on phone and smiling. Sojal comes and gives him coffee. Sojal asks Varad about the new perfume which he applied on his clothes. Varad asks, are you doubting me? Sojal says, no. I like the odour. She asks, with whom you were talking to? You don’t talk to me smilingly and takes the coffee from his hands.

Sid is planting a plant and asks Jyoti to help. He says, give me an idea to earn quick money? Jyoti is silent. Sid says, it’s ok. I have to think something. He says, lets grow money on plants. He puts coins in the soil. Jyoti burst into laughter for the first time. Sid says, your smile is so precious. He looks smilingly at Jyoti.

Astha is restless and thinks to talk to Shlok somehow. Shlok comes to the room. Astha asks Shlok to listen to her. Shlok says, your image is going to malign because of your doings. Astha says, Aditi wants to take revenge from you. Her plans are not good. Shlok says, she is just a guest. Clear your misunderstandings. Astha asks Shlok to believe her and says why I would lie? Shlok says I don’t care. She says, if I leave from here, will it effect you? Shlok says no. Saiyaave plays………………Astha says, my life was broken before and now too. It doesn’t effect you. Saiyave plays……Shlok hits his hand on the wall.

Astha crying. Varad sees her crying and says maybe Shlok said anything. He comes to Shlok and asks till when will you be angry, till you forget old relations, you won’t be able to make new relations, you should believe Astha. Shlok says she is always after Aditi, I have seen jealousy in Astha’s eyes. Varad says Astha loves you a lot so maybe she is jealous. He says its your duty to clear her misunderstanding, she loves you and you are lucky. Shlok says I don’t want her love, I don’t care about her feelings.

Varad asks him to see himself in mirror and see the truth in his eyes and ask does she not care about Astha’s love. He says then tell me what is your answer. Varad leaves. Shlok looks in the mirror. Aditi gets a call from someone and says what are you saying, yes I m coming now. She rushes outside. Astha sees her and says I will find out her secret by following her, I can know whose help is she getting.

Sid calls his friends to get some money. Jyoti asks him not to worry as she will pray for him. Sid says I m worried thinking when will the right time come, I should get a good job and life should be fun. He gets a call from his friend and says the cheque is ready, I m coming. Sid gets ready and says I m getting a cheque, you are so lucky. He hugs her and runs. Jyoti gets tensed and says lucky? Its the first time I heard from someone that I m lucky, I always heard I m unlucky. She cries. Aditi leaves and Astha follows her. Astha says Aditi, I will know your complete truth today.

Shlok thinks where is Astha, maybe she is very annoyed. He gets a call from someone and says I will send the documents and get Astha sign it. He calls Astha and asks the maid to send Astha in hiss room. The maid says Astha is not at home. Shlok says where did she go and calls her. Astha’s phone rings infront of him. Aditi comes to a house and takes the keys. She sees Astha and is alert. She hides. Astha says where did Aditi go, she might be here only. Astha sees the lock at the old house and tries to open it. She says Aditi is very clever, its hard to bring out her truth. She says did she see me. The house has Shlok’s photo inside. Astha leaves and comes home. Astha sees Aditi and thinks how she did come before me.

Anjali comes. Aditi says I will talk to my dad and come. Shlok comes to Astha and asks where did you go, I was worried, how can you be so careless. She says when you don’t care I stay here or not, why are you showing off. Sid comes back home and says power is gone again, I paid the bill. She says the whole area’s power is gone. He asks why did you not sleep. She says I don;t feel good when you sleep on the ground, I will sleep on the ground. He says no, you sleep on the bed. Jyoti lights the candles and Sid smiles looking at her. Jyoti rests on the bed.

Shlok plays video game and Astha comes in the room. He looks at her. She prepares to sleep and he starts making noise to trouble her. Astha looks at him and turns. Shlok says what happened to her today, now see I will make your ego come out. He puts the AC temp at 16 degrees and rests covering himself with the a blanket. Astha feels cold and he smiles. He looks at her. Astha also uses a bedsheet. He offs the light and ons it and irritates her. She gets up. He thinks I knew she can’t be quiet for long, now she will fight. She takes a shawl from her cupboard. Shlok comes and holds her hand. Astha asks what happened, do you have to say anything. He says no, nothing to say. He takes the shawl and goes to rest. She takes another one. He thinks why is she ignoring me.

Astha goes to sleep. Shlok looks on. Its morning, Jyoti puts water to the plant. Sid comes home. She asks where did you go. He says I went to encash the cheque. Have this sweets as we got money. Jyoti eats it and he brings a gift for her. She says what was the need. He says open and see. Its a saree. Jyoti takes it. Shlok is sleeping at the edge of the bed. Astha gets ready and sees him. Saiyyan ve………….plays………………. She comes to him ad looks at him. She says I don’t know Shlok, when and how did I love you so much, that if a sunray also troubles you, I can’t bear it. She falls on him and he wakes up. Music plays…………… as they an eyelock. Saiyyan ve………………….plays………………..