Wednesday Update on Strange Love 23rd June 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange Love 23rd June 2021

Astha asking about the slippers. Kalindi says she bought a new one as her slippers got stolen at the temple. Astha says fine and leaves. Kalindi is relieved. Astha comes back again to take her purse. Kalindi hides Jyoti. Astha then leaves taking her purse. Jyoti is tensed. Shlok is in his office. His employee asks half day leave as he is not able to give time to his wife and had a fight with her. Shlok says you can take leave, but tell me what will you do. He says I will take a gift for her and talk to her. Shlok takes some tips from him. Astha comes home and thinks what happened to Kalindi, there was something, she is becoming a puzzle for me. She looks at Shlok’s photo and says he came, it seems he went to freshen up.

She records I love you Astha in his phone and keeps as reminder/alarm. She thinks she will tell Anjali that she has invited her parents. She leaves. Shlok sees her purse and understands she came. He brings a gift for Astha and thinks where to keep it. Astha comes back and asks what are you hiding. He says I m feeling sleepy, switch off the lights. She asks what is it, show me. She sees the gift and smiles. She asks for me? He says no, for neighbor. She says you broke all the limits today, you brought a gift for me. She sees its a waist chain (kamarbandh).

She says its very beautiful, I have seen in films, hero makes the heroine wear it romantically, you make me wear this, take it. Shlok looks at her and takes it. She thinks Mr rude I did think you can be so romantic. She thinks what did I do, I think he will really make me wear it. Sajna ve………………..plays………….. Shlok gets closer to her. They have an eyelock. He holds her hand. Chupke se ahista ho raha hoon lapata…………….plays……………..He turns her. He takes her infront of the mirror. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon……………plays…………….. He puts it at her waist. Saiyyan ve as raasta dikhade tu………………… plays…………………They look in the mirror.

Astha says tell I love you also. He says I don’t understand, everything is not necessary to be said in words. She says yes, its necessary, I tell you always, you can say once. She calls his phone and the recording plays. She laughs. He says how cheap, its a third class joke. He goes to sleep. She says I will make you say I love you. She leaves. Its morning, Astha writes I love you Astha on mirror and keeps many greeting I love you cards for him. He says what the hell, whats all this. She smiles holding a I love you card.

Music plays………………… Shlok opens his cupboard and sees more cards inside. She says if you don’t tell your feelings, it has to be said somehow, tell me soon. He looks at her angrily and she leaves. He says whats the big deal in this. Astha bumps into Sojal and Sojal asks have you gone mad. Astha smiles and says yes. Sojal does not understand and leaves. Astha takes a rose and asks Kavya to give it to Shlok and tells her a message. Kavya comes to Shlok and says its for you. Shlok says thanks. Kavya says Astha gave it. Astha asks Kavya to tell the message. Shlok says atleast don’t do infront of her. AStha tells Kavya again. Kavya asks Shlok how much do you love me. Shlok says a lot. Kavya asks and Astha. Shlok says you are innocent so I love you, we can’t love b*t*hes. Astha says Mr. rude this b*t*h will not leave you, I have to make some other plan.

Astha says I need advice. She sees Anjali and says she is very experienced, I will ash her. She comes to Anjali and asks her how did Niranjan tell you I love you and what did you do to make him say that. Anjali scolds her and asks her to be in limits. Anjali leaves. Astha says she is not romantic, I need an answer. Astha sees Sojal and Varad talking. Sojal asks Varad to spend some time with her. Varad leaves. Sojal sees Astha and asks what are you seeing, did you not have any fight. Astha thinks she can’t take advice from them.

Astha gets Ajju’s call. Astha asks her how to make husband happy. Ajju laughs and says make his fav food and make him eat. Ajju says make Shlok’s fav food then see he will become happy. Ajju says I used to do this with your grandpa and he used to get very happy. He used to say I love you and I used to be shy. Astha thanks her and says I will make his fav food. Astha says I love you Ajju. Ajju says I love you too and ends the call. Astha cooks for Shlok and praises her cooking herself. She says Shlok will like it. Shlok takes an interview of a girl. Astha calls him. Shlok cuts the call.

Astha says he always insults me and messages him will you tell me I love you Astha. The interview ends. Astha waits for the reply. She calls again and he cuts again. She says meet me in evening, then you will know. She gets a credit card company call which she thinks is of Shlok. Shlok thinks about Astha in the office. He reads her message and calls her. She scolds him thinking its credit card company call. She says my husband is my credit card and I m cooking for him now. She ends the call. Shlok says nothing can happen with her, she is total wrong case. Khuda ……………..plays…………… He thinks what is she cooking.

Kalindi calling Jyoti. Jyoti asks whats all this. Kalindi shows her diet and cares for her. Jyoti is very happy seeing her love. She cries and says my family also did not take care of me so much. I have seen my mum taking care of her sons, its first time someone is taking care of me. Kalindi says you are my daughter and daughters are Laxmi. Jyoti says I will give my daughter all the happiness of this world. Kalindi asks her to have food. Astha packs the food. Sojal asks where are you going. Astha says I m taking tiffin for Shlok.

Sojal asks her to help her. Anjali scolds Sojal and asks Astha to go and come back soon as Mahendi people are coming and she has to apply mahendi. Astha leaves. Sojal is annoyed as she has to work all day. Shlok hires a girl. She falls and Shlok holds her. Astha walks in and scolds her. She says I m firing you now, get out. Astha asks Shlok to keep the best girl as his secretary, she says I will find it. She asks him to have food.

Shlok eats the food and is shocked. She smiles and looks at him. She asks how is it. He says its good. She says have more and makes him eat more. Shlok starts coughing. She gives him water. She says eat slowly, I know you liked it a lot. He smiles and says its very good. He eats it just fir her sake. She smiles. She asks Shlok did you really like it. He says yes, its very nice. She says why are you sweating. She thinks why is Shlok acting like this. She asks him to tell her I love you.He says I really don’t understand. Shesays fine, have it.

She gets Anjali’s call and says I m coming now. Astha tells Shlok that she is going to apply mahendi of his name. She packs the tiffin and leaves. Shlok drinks so much water as the food was very spicy. He says thank God she left soon. He says she should never get idea to make food again. Kalindi sees Jyoti working and asks her not to do any work. She brings badam milk for her. Jyoti says I m tired of resting, I m bored. Ajju gives her wool and asks her to make small woolen clothes for the baby. She asks Jyoti to take care of herself. Ajju calls Jyoti their elder daughter. Jyoti cries.

Kalindi asks her not to cry. Jyoti smiles. Anjali calls Sojal to call Astha and ask when will she come. Astha comes home. Anjali scolds her for coming late. Astha says Shlok was busy in meeting, so I got late. Anjali says this rasam is important, sit for the mahendi.

Anjali asks Sojal to sit. Astha asks the girl to write Shlok and rude on her hands. The girl gets surprised. Kavya comes and says even I want to apply mahendi. The girl says if the mahendi is dark, it means he loves you a lot. Astha smiles. Sid comes to meet Jyoti and asks are you busy, are you making me woolen clothes for me. Jyoti laughs talking to him. Sid apologizes to her. Kalindi sees them and comes with tea. Astha comes in the kitchen to have some food but her hands are with mahendi.

Astha thinks Shlok does not care about me, whether I had food or not. Shlok is in a meeting. He looks at his phone. He thinks strange Astha did not call and message. Astha sits in her room waiting for Shlok. Shllok comes and sees her mahendi hands. She asks where are you, I will arrange food for you. He says no need, I had food. She says you should have called me, I was waiting for you, you don’t care about your wife. He says the food was very nice, I wish no one gets to eat such food.

She says I did not have anything. She shows her mahendi. He asks why did you apply mahendi. She says I need food. He says go and wash off your mahendi. She says I can’t. She tells him that it will be dark and it will show how much he loves her. She insists. Shlok goes to freshen up. He leaves. She gets worried and says he could have atleast asked me to have some food. Shlok comes to her with a food plate.

Astha is shocked and says OMG, Mr. Shlok Agnihotri brought food for me, great, I m lucky. He says eat. She says make me eat. He says fine don’t eat, I will take it back. She says I m hungry, please make me eat. Khuda…………….plays………………. Shlok looks at her.