Wednesday Update on This is Love 18 March 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 18 March 2020

Arijit coming to Raman. He recalls kidnapping Raman after hitting him by his car. He says Mr. Raman Bhalla, this is just the beginning, you have tolerate a lot, I m injecting a drug, you will be lying like a dead body. Raman is unconscious. Arijit says Ishita will find you and then she will think you are dead, I will make sure that you get punished for your sins. Karan asks what, your fights were a drama, I can’t believe this. Ruhi asks did you leave any option for us, we wanted to make you realize that this is not the time to fight but to support Ishita, we had to go there and plan this, so that you realize that you should care for Ishita. Karan says Yug started it. Yug says you were jealous of me.

Aaliya says shut up, you are still fighting, only we knew, someone

wants to trap me, its all well planned, its possible he is the same person who is messaging Ishita by Raman’s name. Yug says someone knows we are worried and targeting us. Karan says that’s why he targeted us to break Ishita’s support, who is this man. Ishita asks where shall we find Raman, we should go to police, they can check CCTV and find out the car. Mani says florist said the CCTV is not working. She says even the CCTV camera of our building wasn’t working, how can this happen, someone intentionally did this to trap Ruhi and Aaliya, maybe he has Raman, he will get alert and know that we know Raman is alive.

Mani says yes, Raman is with him. She says he can harm Raman and frame us. He says yes, we have to relax, we can’t look tense. She says he knows hat I m not in stable state of mind, as I believe Raman is alive, I know what to do. He says I will think what to do now. She says we will look for Raman secretly, I have a plan. He asks what. She tells him. Simmi says Ishita will get tense if she sees you like this. Ruhi says yes, we will go to the kitchen and help. Ishita comes and greets everyone. She says I m so happy, I feel Raman will be coming back today. Simmi says great news. Mihika says this parcel is for Ishita. Ishita asks who has sent it. She checks it and shows to them. They all see the mangalsutra.

Ishita says this is unbelievable. Ishita says Raman is amazing, he has sent this when he is coming, make me wear it. Mihika says you can’t wear it, please understand, Raman is gone, he won’t come back. Ishita pushes her and says who are you to say this, you are jealous of me, your husband is abroad, you don’t want my husband to come back, you are my enemy, I m sure that Raman is alive, why do you want to prove that I m mad, you won’t beieve this, you are enjoying. Mani comes. Ishita says I will put an end to this. She takes a knife and catches Mihika. Everyone asks Ishita to stop it. Ishita goes to room and looks for something. Ruhi and everyone ask what are you finding, what happened.

Ishita asks all clear Mani. He says yes, I didn’t find anything, we are just checking if there are hidden cameras. Ishita says yes, I m sorry, I had to out up this act. Mani says we feel that Raman is alive, a cab driver told us…. He tells everything. Ishita says I had to believe like this, sorry, I wish that you all put me in an asylum. Karan asks why. Ishita says we have no option.

She says I will behave such, I have to stay far from here to find Raman, someone is keeping an eye on us, Raman is alive and missing. Mrs. Bhalla says how can Ishita do this. Mihika says no, it was my fault, I should have made her wear the mangalsutra. Simmi says no need to blame yourself, she couldn’t accept Raman’s death, we should understand her. Amma and Appa come. Amma says I have made Ishu’s fav dish, where is she, what happened. Aaliya asks how will you stay away. Ishita says I will manage, I want to find Raman. Karan asks are you sure that Raman is alive. Mani says yes, Raman had met with an accident, someone is watching us, I don’t know if Raman is kidnapped. Ishita says that man shouldn’t know this, Raman’s life could be in danger.

Ruhi asks how can you go to asylum and look for dad. Ishita says the asylum superintendent is my friend, she will help me escape, I will look for Raman, kidnapper won’t know it, I need your help. Yug asks what will we tell the family. Ishita says they will agree when you convince them, it is possible. Mrs. Bhalla says she is in room with the children. Amma asks Mihika why are you crying. Arijit comes and says I have come here at a bad time. Mr. Bhalla says no, Ishita is unwell. Arijit says I will call a doctor. Mrs. Bhalla says no need, Mani is with her. Arijit thinks does Ishita know about Raman. Ishita says I spoke to her, they will prescribe and help you. Karan says it won’t be easy to stay there. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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