Wednesday Update on This is Love 24th June 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 24th June 2020

Simmi and Mihika getting food for Appa. Appa says I was going to make coffee. Mihika says its good Amma isn’t here, she would have got upset seeing them. Appa says yes, I didn’t tell her, I sent her for treatment, I will make coffee. Natasha wakes up Sunil. Mihika says I got breakfast for Appa and Bala, you both can join us if you want, don’t hesitate, you have to take medicines also. Sunil thanks Mihika and says we will have breakfast with you. He goes to freshen up. Mihika asks Appa to make two cups extra. Simmi says no need, give our coffee to them, I have to talk to Mihika. They leave. Ishita asks why are you upset.

Simmi asks why did Mihika get sweet towards Natasha, I don’t care for Natasha and Sunil, I m waiting for senior surgeon. Mihika says I was trying to behave cordial so that she trusts me and shares something, we can try, there is no harm, I will keep her distracted, Simmi can check her belongings, we can get her medical file. Ishita says yes, we can call doctor and know, be careful. Mihika says yes, I want a right chance.

Aaliya asks did you notice something, look at Mihika and Simmi. Ruhi says yes, go and ask them. Aaliya asks what are you doing there. Simmi says we are waiting for Sunil to leave. Mihika says we want to find about Natasha and her husband. Aaliya says we will tell her that we can’t keep my project samples here, we will keep it there. Simmi says yes. Ruhi says perfect. Aaliya says I will get it.

Arijit waits for a call. He calls and asks what happened, how much time, just hurry up, remember, Shardul Sinha’s name should be there on reports. He gets a message from Neeti’s hospital. He says I have to pay charges, I didn’t go to meet Neeti yesterday. He leaves. Simmi, Ruhi and Aaliya come. Appa asks what’s all this. Aaliya says I have to keep some clothes packets here. Appa says its your house, get it. Simmi signs Appa and says we will keep it. Aaliya says sorry to disturb, we have to keep this here. Natasha and Simmi argue. Mihika says enough Natasha, this is our house, we don’t care if you doubt on us, its not our mistake if the women have sent all the clothes, they completed the consignment with hardwork. She says sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, we really need space, come to Bhalla house and rest.


Natasha says no, I m fine. Aaliya and Simmi make the suitcase fall. Natasha gets hurt. Simmi says sorry. Mihika says she will need ice. Ruhi says fridge isn’t working properly here. Mihika takes Natasha. Simmi, Ruhi and Aaliya check Natasha’s bags. They don’t get anything. Natasha comes back and says you didn’t get anything right, you think I m so foolish to stay here and make some mistake, you can check again, but clear the mess, I don’t like the mess.

Raman asks Ishita to make the woman out. Ishita says police is with her. Raman says I will call commissioner and see. Sunil says don’t call commissioner so soon. Natasha and Sunil say you got brainwashed by them. Raman scolds Sunil. Police comes. Natasha says I have called them, I knew you may attack us. Simmi asks what do you have. Natasha says I have DNA test report. Sudha and Karan come. Natasha says you mean you got Raman for the DNA test. Raman scolds Natasha. Inspector asks how can you get DNA test done. Natasha says he is my husband and denying it, I took his hair sample for testing. Raman says when you tried to hug me forcibly. Natasha says the report has come, I called the police so that this report gets opened in front of the entire family.

Inspector checks the DNA report. He says what….. it has clearly written that he is Raman Bhalla. Everyone smiles. Natasha and Sunil get shocked. Sunil asks how can this happen, he is Shardul. Natasha says no, Ishita has changed the report. Ishita asks are you mad, I didn’t know you are going to get the DNA test done. Inspector says you got the test done in the lab of your choice, he is Raman. Natasha says he is my husband, Shardul. She scolds inspector. He says stay in limits, else I will arrest you. Ishita says you got the proof, get out now. Natasha says we will sort our problems, I won’t go. Raman asks her to leave. She cries and screams. She says I won’t lose so soon, I will come back to get my husband.

Inspector says call us if she troubles again. Sudha says we should not waste time and do marriage preparations. Ishita says we will divide the work, everything will be done. Raman sits sad. Ishita asks what happened, why are you upset. He says I m worried, Natasha could have changed the report, everyone would have doubted me, I m scared, if I m proved wrong then… I have to leave this house and family. Ruhi hugs him and says we all know you are our dad, no need to give us any proof. Yug says yes, we are with you, no one has any right to ask you anything. Mrs. Bhalla says you are my Raman. She hugs him. Everyone smiles.

everyone hugging Raman. Ishita asks Raman to stop listening to others and believe himself. Sudha says yes, we will give a public statement about Raman’s face change. Raman says no need, when my family is with me, I don’t need anything else. He asks what did you all decide for marriage. Yug says we will keep some theme. Karan says that’s a brilliant idea. Arijit asks what, you mean DNA report had Raman’s name, no, I can’t believe this. Natasha scolds him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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