Wednesday Update on This is Love July 25

Wednesday Update on This is Love

July 25 Episode

The Episode starts with Romi asking Karan to refuse for marrying Aaliya. He threatens Karan and asks him to see Adi, just he will become the groom. Adi says I don’t think he will agree with this. Mihika comes and stops them, asking did they go mad. She asks Romi and Adi to get in the car. She gets them home. Ishita scolds them. She asks Romi shall I manage Adi, Raman and you too, are you mad to do that. Romi says we have explained Karan with love. Mihika says I have seen you threatening him with love. Ishita gets Mani’s call and says what shall I tell him. She puts on speaker. Mani asks did you see, Raman has taunted me on Aaliya’s character, what did your son do, he is a goon to threaten Karan, this marriage will happen in 2 days, this is my last decision.

Adi gets shocked.
They cry. Adi says sorry, I don’t know how to save Aaliya from this marriage, I promised her I won’t let anything wrong happen, I love her Ishi Maa, even she loves me a lot. Ishita cries. She gets thinking and says all is not lost, we have a solution. She says why did I not think this before, I will talk to her, she will make everything fine, I will talk to her in morning. They ask who is she.

She says Aaliya’s Dadi, she is a strong lady, she loves Aaliya and her brother, Mani did not wish him to study abroad, but Dadi spoke to Mani and sent him abroad, if I explain her wrong is happening with Aaliya, I m very sure she will talk to Mani, he can’t refuse to her. Adi and everyone get glad. Adi hugs Ishita and says call her fast and stop this marriage. Ishita says I don’t have her number, her name is Shobana Venkatesh.

Mihika says I will try to find her contact number. They all try to find the number. Ishita asks Adi where are you going. Adi says I did mistake by not running with Aaliya, her phone is not connecting, if Mani does her marriage, she will not forgive me, I will go there. Ishita says no, that would be wrong step, we are trying to find Dadi, I will go and ask Amma, maybe there is any link, please don’t go there Adi. Romi consoles Adi.

Amma sees Chandra Nandini promo and likes it. She tells Ishita about it. Appa switches off tv and asks Amma to see Ishu. Amma says sorry, what happened. Ishita says Adi’s heart is breaking, I want your help, can you find out Shobana Venkatesh’s number, she is Aaliya’s Dadi, if she does not come, Mani will get Aaliya married in 2 days, we have less time. Appa says I will try to find out, don’t worry.

Aaliya is angry and had pasted Adi’s pics over her room walls. Shagun comes and asks whats all this. Aaliya says I want to show Appa that I love Adi. She asks Shagun to talk to Mani. Shagun says I can’t go against Mani, sorry I m helpless. Aaliya asks her to leave. Shagun goes out and sees Mani. Mani asks Shagun do you think I m wrong. Shagun says no, I don’t want Aaliya to feel we both are against her, I can keep an eye on her, you are doing right, Aaliya should get married soon. He says okay and goes.

Ishita says Amma is trying to find out Aaliya’s Dadi’s number. Raman comes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to make food well. Raman asks Adi why did he not get ready and takes Adi and Ishita’s class for not being responsible. Romi comes and says we shall leave. Raman says atleast someone cares for my business. Amma comes and says I could not find number yet. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla leave for school.

Shagun is at school and sends Pihu to class. She waits for Ananya. She gifts latest mobile to Ananya. Ananya refuses to it and says mumma scolded me for using phone. Shagun says Simmi told me to gift this to you, this is a secret and keep this a secret. Ananya asks did mumma told you, thanks aunty. She hugs Shagun. Shagun sends her. She smiles and says Simmi scolded my daughter, now we will see how Simmi keeps her daughter in discipline. Amma calls Ishita and says I got the number, talk to her. Ishita tells Adi that Amma has sent the number. She calls Shobana. Adi and Mihika wait. Ishita says she did not answer and calls again. Adi worries and says we can’t wait like this, can’t we go Chennai and get her. Mihika says no. Ishita says he is right, we can’t sit like this, we will go and get her.

Mani asks Aaliya to wear this saree, its Karan and her engagement. She argues for hurting her, and says I should have run away with Adi. He says fine, run away, but you won’t be happy, Raman does not like you, Adi will not go against Raman, he is afraid of Raman, if you think you will be happy, then go there. She takes her purse. He says listen one thing, when you step out of the house, I will kill myself. She gets shocked and cries.

Romi sees Raman and talks to Ishita on phone. He asks when is her flight. She says flight got late, I can just wait. Raman takes the phone from Romi. She says I really hope we reach Chennai on time, else we can’t convince Mani. Raman ends call. She thinks Romi disconnected as Raman came there. Raman asks Romi to focus on his work and let others focus on their work, its good if Aaliya gets married to someone else. Ananya hugs Simmi and thanks her. Simmi says so many thanks for pen set. Ananya says no, for that…. You are really good. Simmi asks are you fine, tell me whats the gossip today. Ananya says there is no gossip, I have to study. Simmi asks her to study and goes. Ananya says I will send my number to everyone. Simmi comes back to Ananya.

Ishita gets Ruhi’s call. Ruhi says we have less time, where are you. Adi asks Ishita to put on speaker. Ruhi says Pihu has sent her pic, I think its Aaliya’s engagement. Raman comes home and hears Ishita wishing Raman helped them in getting Aaliya’s Dadi. They all see Raman. Raman goes. Ishita says we will stop engagement.

Amma goes to Raman and says Ishu is supporting Adi, you did not like this, I m not playing any game, you are helping Mani by stopping Adi and Aaliya’s marriage, he is doing Aaliya’s marriage with someone else, Ishu and Adi went to find Aaliya’s Dadi, as she can stop this marriage, then Mani’s nose will get cut, think Raman. She goes. Raman gets thinking.

Mani talking to Karan’s family. Shagun brings Aaliya. Mani asks her to sit. He asks Shagun to give rings, we shall start ring ceremony. Simmi prays for Adi, that he reaches there on time. Neela says she is taking milk for Ananya, she is studying. Simmi says I will take it. Aaliya sits sad and does not forward her hand. Everyone look on. Mani forwards her hand, and says actually, she is shy. Karan holds her hand and is about to put the ring in her finger. Ishita shouts stop. Ishita and Adi come there. Mani gets shocked. Aaliya cries and hugs Adi. Karan and his family look on.

Simmi smiles seeing Ananya and asks her to stop studying now. She sees Ananya chatting and takes the phone. She asks who gave you phone. Ananya says you gave, okay it was your secret.
Simmi asks what secret. Ananya says you gave it. Simmi raises hand to slap. Ruhi stops Simmi. Simmi says she is lying that I gave her phone, am I mad to give phone, she is spoiling. Ruhi says I will talk to her, and sends Simmi.

Mani asks Adi why did you come here. Adi says you know Aaliya and I love each other, stop this, Mani says this day is special for us, go from here. Ishita asks Mani why does he want to separate them. She explains to Karan’s family. Shagun and Mani ask Ishita whats her problem and ask her to leave. Adi says we won’t go, this engagement won’t happen. Karan’s dad asks whats happening, do we have respect or not, why did you call us here if Aaliya is not ready. Mani says sorry, wait, I will see. He asks Adi to leave. Adi says I won’t go. Mani beats Adi. Aaliya cries. Aaliya’s Dadi comes there and they all get shocked.

Mani says you… She says its bad, you are managing my Aaliya like this. Ruhi asks Ananya not to cry and finish girl. She asks Ananya did she feel bad, its wrong to do chatting while studies. Ananya understands her mistake. Ruhi asks her why did she take expensive gift from friend. Ananya says mumma gifted this to me, this was our secret, why did she get angry then. Ruhi gets puzzled.

Aaliya hugs her Dadi. Dadi says you forgot Mani, by acting to be Aaliya’s father, you forgot you are not her real father, her Dadi is still alive, and can sometimes come to meet her, Aaliya regarded you her father after her parents died, what did you do, I m old and I could not keep her, I was wrong, I made a very big mistake, why are you getting Aaliya married against her wish. She says sorry, this marriage can’t happen now. Ishita smiles. Dadi apologizes to Karan’s family and says I m her Dadi, you go. Karan’s dad asks will you insult us. Dadi says its not insult, don’t make it an issue. Karan’s family leaves. Mani tries to explain. Dadi says its good that man worries for Aaliya and came to me on time. She looks at Raman and thanks him. Everyone turn to see and get shocked seeing Raman. Ishita, Aaliya and Adi smile.

Ruhi gets the news on call and is glad that Raman got Aaliya’s Dadi. Simmi hears this and says how did Raman get her so soon from Chennai. Ruhi says Aaliya’s engagement got broken. She tries to talk about Ananya. Simmi says she is lying, its limit, I don’t want to talk. She gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call and goes. Rruhi says what happened to Simmi, Ananya said Simmi gave her the phone, why is Simmi not accepting it, I have to find out.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask Ishita how did she like it. Ishita asks did you do this. Amma says you said if Raman helped, it would be good, I went to Raman and used reverse psychology, he listened to me, he speeded up the plan and got Dadi from airport. Ishita says you are great. Amma says I was with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says my Madhubala is james bond. Raman comes and says now Aaliya’s marriage stopped, come. Ishita thanks Raman for getting Dadi. Raman says I did not do this for you, don’t thank me, I want to see Mani fallen over his face, he will get defamed. He goes. Ishita asks Adi why is he upset. He says how will things get fine, it got more spoiled. He sounds upset and leaves.

Later, Raman sees Adi in his room and recalls slapping Adi. He cries. Mr. Bhalla says everything will be fine, I understand your state, I went through same, when Shagun left you, you use to cry all night, I used to cry seeing you. Raman says I don’t like Aaliya, she is not right for Adi. Mr. Bhalla asks him to listen to Adi’s heart, when you both hear each other’s feelings, everything will be fine.

Aaliya rests in Dadi’s lap. She thanks Dadi and says if you did not come, this engagement would have happened, if I did not marry Adi, I would have done something. Dadi says don’t worry, I have come. Shagun acts sweet and says I tried to explain Mani. Dadi talks straight and says I don’t listen to one I don’t know, go from here, you are Mani’s wife, Aaliya does not need you. Shagun goes. Dadi says I will make everything fine, don’t worry Aaliya.

Romi says you did great, how did you do this. She says Amma and Mrs. Bhalla did this. He asks how. She tells him everything. He says Amma did great, we could not ask for Raman’s help directly, atleast he agreed this way. They laugh. Raman says you both are having fun right…. They get tensed. Raman says you are laughing as you fooled me and used me, I know who did this. He asks Ishita to stop playing these games. Ishita says Raman…. Raman goes. Romi and Ishita worry.